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Title: The Vampires of London
Author: consultingdetective
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 72K
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Major character death
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: Over one hundred years after the first battle, a series of murders have caught the attention of London's police force and Sherlock Holmes. While most of the city has forgotten the vampire that once walked its streets, the descendants of the Van Helsing, Harker, and Seward families have not.

Reccer's comments: Perfectly timed to coincide with the recent announcement that Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, and Sue Vertue will be teaming up again to bring Dracula to the BBC, this unites Sherlock Holmes and Bram Stoker’s Dracula in a casefic full of classic Gothic horror, secrets, ancient magic, and the past coming back – sometimes quite literally – to bite. The fic delights with twist after earth-shattering twist, simmering Johnlock UST, and John Watson as the baddest BAMF to hit the streets of London since 1897. The OCs are deliciously wicked, and in true ensemble style, secondary characters such as Mycroft, Molly, Moran, Lestrade, and even Sally Donovan all have crucial and prominent parts to play. There is a modicum of gore and major character death, but it’s not a sad ending and I mean, without spoiling… vampires. ;)
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Title: Flesh and Blood
Author: Indybaggins
Pairing: Mycroft/Sherlock
Length: 12909 words
Rating: Explicit
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: Mycroft becomes a vampire, and Sherlock finds it intriguing, until it becomes all too real. Hunger, addiction, desperation... and giving in.

Reccer's comments: If I'm going to cop to reading an iddy distilled-essence-of-fanfiction incestuous vampire AU, I could cop to a lot worse than this little gem. Indybaggins gets right down to the deliciously physical nitty gritty of Mycroft being turned (for Queen and Country!) and explores the tension between addiction and denial, need and refusal, and the inextricable link between monstrous hunger and animal eroticism.

I'll just be over here dabbing my face with a cool washcloth.
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Title: The Starving Faithful
Author: nothingislittle
Pairing: Johnlock
Warnings: Blood play, Knife play and sex in a church
Verse: Sherlock BBC,
Author's summary:"Hungry. He’s hungry for Sherlock. There’s no other word for it. He wants to devour, be devoured, kneel and be kneeled for, pray and be prayed to. He goes to church and takes communion and crosses himself and recites the liturgy but he doesn’t believe in any of it. He believes in Sherlock. He’d sacrifice everything for him, to him — he wants to see everything that has kept them apart burning on an altar before him, Sherlock just visible through the flames, holding the matches. This is what he thinks about on his walk, during Mass, at meals, in the night when he should be sleeping. He is consumed."

Reccer's comments:This was such a *delicious* and naughty fic. It hit my kinky sex at a church perfectly. I have such a thing for that plus a hungry John never getting enough of Sherlock...wanting to devour him *swoons*

More than a pwp she created a gorgeous relationship between them and it's filled with obsession, passion and love. They have a dark twisted relationship. The images she conjured up - of Sherlock reciting prayers and psalms by heart, John whispering amen into his mouth, Sherlock on the altar - were so vivid and raw that they were at once visceral as well as gut-wrenchingly erotic. I've always felt that there is something darkly sensual about religious worshipping and I loved Hozier's "Take Me To Church" quote at the beginning and Margaret Atwood's at end.

This is a must read if you are after some kinky super hot sex that makes you forget to breath. :)
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Title: like a lost lamb returning to the fold
Author: Sarah T
Pairing: Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 3,222
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Incest, bloodplay, blood drinking and all that sort of stuff that goes hand in hand with 'Vampire AU'
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Fragment of a vampire AU.
Reccer's comments: This fic is a scintillating little peek into that most marvellous of guilty pleasures, the Vampire AU. What makes it stand out is the quality of Sarah T's writing, which is consistently wonderful whatever her subject matter and this is no exception. It has a sort of clean lyricism to it which I really love. Here, the dynamic between Sherlock and Mycroft as seen through the eyes of John is what I find most compelling - the lovely, quiet intimacy of their actions have such a delicious eroticism to them, and the way a slightly reluctant John is at first shocked and then intrigued and finally utterly seduced by the two of them (because really, who wouldn't be?) is wonderfully done.

'"John likes to be frightened," Sherlock whispered. "Just a little. Just enough."'
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Title: Cross-wired
Author: PrettyArbitrary
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 7,168 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: extreme violence
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: John reads Sherlock's diary. It turns out that this is not his first mistake.

Reccer's comments: This is twisty and gorgeous and richly disturbing, a dark fantasy played out in the intellectual light of credible psychology.
When John finds a diary detailing the graphic tortures Sherlock would like to inflict on him, he’s freaked out… mostly. Except for the part of him that’s insanely turned on. He can’t get it out of his mind, and reads more, and matters go on from there.
Most people with a BDSM kink occasionally experience a moment of self-doubt along the lines of ‘Oh fuck, maybe the bit of me that wants this is kind of broken… but WANT anyway!’ and while John’s longings in this fic are particularly extreme, they are used to explore that feeling, and how you live with it, to the full.
Probably my very biggest kink is for having John and Sherlock both be utterly weird beyond any conventional boundaries, and yet somehow form a loving relationship that works for them. Skulls and flowery hearts should decorate this fic.

Excerpt )
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Title: That Tired Old Metaphor, Alchemy
Author: anactoria
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 10,163
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none needed by comm rules
Verse: BBC Sherlock

Author's summary: I want this, all of it. I want to dissect you and know all of you; I want to caress the dark and ugly parts just like the red muscle of your heart; I’ll hold them in my hands and wonder at them, because they are so much rarer than mundane goodness. So much more interesting, and that’s why you can’t let anyone else have them, only me.

Reccer's comments: This is recently posted, and very lovely. It immediately became one of my favourite BDSM fics in the fandom. It’s based around quite a familiar trope – the idea that sub!Sherlock likes pain/submission because it makes his mind go quiet – but where lighter fics use that as an endpoint, it’s really just the starting point for anactoria’s deep-sea dive into the subject. The whole story is Sherlock POV (the narration beautifully taut and in-character), and takes us through an intense real-time bloodplay scene which is punctuated with flashbacks that cumulatively show how John and Sherlock’s relationship developed through caution and misunderstanding into something so mutually vital. Throughout, Sherlock is both obviously compelled by need and also his unstinting, caustic self.

Excerpt )
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Title: Restless Things
Author: [info]redhandsredribbons
Pairing: John/Sherlock, Jim/Molly
Length: 35,879 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Extreme violence, non-canon character death, dub-con
Verse: BBC Sherlock
Author's summary: John Watson and Molly Hooper are each paid a visit after Sherlock's fall. John, a visit from a very alive Sherlock, who's investigating the bizarre murder that's drawn him back to London. Molly, a visit from a very alive Moriarty, who only plans on a quick little interrogation—until he wonders if Molly's not quite as boring as she seems. (Johnlock first time fic/case fic.)

Reccer's comments: I almost didn't read it because of the Jim/Molly pairing, but I can't turn down anything with Johnlock in it, so I gave it a try, and I am so glad I did. This has something for just about everyone. You want Johnlock feels? This has Johnlock feels. You also like het? This has het. Do you want casefic with your smut? This has case. And smut. Can you not get enough creepy!unbalanced!Jim? This has creepy!unbalanced!Jim. Are you a fan of Molly? This not only has Molly, but BAMF!Molly, which. Obviously. There is even oblique Mycroft/Lestrade, although I don't want to get your hopes up on that count because it's really just a brief mention. Still.

Right, let's back up. First, a brief synopsis. As the summary says, both Sherlock and Jim survived the Fall, and both have come back to pick up their sidekicks to continue their 'game'. In Sherlock's case, it's not surprising that he's come for John, but no one was expecting Jim to choose Molly. Not even Jim. But things – and people – are not always as they seem...

Excerpt contains unrealized threat of violence )

I loved Jim in this. Well, not that I was rooting for him or anything. He is completely bonkers. And creepy and evil and utterly manipulative and I gobbled up every scene with him.

The John/Sherlock part was a slow build-up to an eminently satisfying resolution. I appreciated that John was just as much of a dick as Sherlock, and not just the wrongfully slighted, long-suffering, secretly pansexual, all-round do-gooder. The banter between the two of them was the perfect blend of aggression and affection. And the pillow talk at the end, OMG! I was giggling so hard.

If you read this at the AO3 link, there are several wonderful illustrations embedded (this was written for the 2012 [ profile] johnlockbigbang). However, they are spoilerish, so you may want to refrain from scrolling through the entire work before you read. Also, while we're on warnings, see how I put 'extreme violence' up there under the official warnings for this rec? Yeah, there's a reason for that. There was one scene that I couldn't even read all the way through. I got about halfway and said, 'Okay, I get it, the guy's toast,' and skipped to the next page. There's also torture (less graphic, but still present) and gore and basically a huge list of trigger warnings at the top of the fic, so just be aware.

The ending was another one of those stroke-of-genius things, both the main climax and then the little extra epilogue-type scene tacked on at the very end, where I just sat there for several minutes afterwards nodding and going, 'Yeah. Yeah. I can totally see that. Sequel please?'
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Title: A String of Empty Houses
Author: [ profile] manic_intent
Pairing: Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty
Length: 10 088 words
Rating: Mature
Verse: Sherlock BBC / ACD book 'verse
Author's summary: Sebastian is busy getting his lip split open when he first meets Jim Moriarty.

Reccer's comments: I first fell into this pairing after reading this rec, and the reccers comments pretty much sums up for me why this pairing works. The Sebastian Moran in "A String of Empty Houses" is now basically my head-canon for the BBC series, and I'm just waiting (hoping/dreaming/praying) for this Sebastian to show up in season 3. An exquisitely written fic with many insightful details (a bunch of it canon, coming from the books) has Sebastian and Jim fleshed out so well, that you basically end up rooting for the bad guys. Sebastian is a beautiful beast, and Jim is beautifully cracked; you will have no difficulty imagining these vignettes of their life running alongside the television episodes up until the Reichenbach Fall. It is also accompanied by a lovely piece of art by dramatis-echo.


The post-it notes are the worst.

The so-called foremost consulting criminal in the world walks like a cat, and to a mind used to juggling entire illicit empires locks are at best a minor irritation. Often, Sebastian wakes to his SoHo loft littered with tiny, gaudy rectangles. Sometimes they're filled with unrelated quotes drawn from an esoteric range of literature, or arranged in cartoonish smileys. Usually, for some reason that his uncomplicated hunter's mind cannot immediately fathom, they're blank.
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Title: The Ceremony of Innocence (part 4 of The Cold Song series)
Author: [ profile] eldritchhorrors
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: ~10,300 this part (~50,000+ total)
Rating: hard R for graphic descriptions of violence (NC-17 other parts)
Verse: BBC
Warnings: See author's warnings for each chapter.
Author's summary: Sherlock is tested to the shattering point, but some things must be broken before they can be fixed, and some things can never remain hidden...especially from ourselves.
And then Sherlock made this noise.

It was a terrible thing. As terrible as the assemblage in front of them. John had last heard that kind of agonized whimper from a five year old boy just outside Kandahar. He’d lost his entire family in a roadside bombing, the only survivor. They’d found him wrapped around his mother, half her head gone, lap a soup of viscera and blood. He’d made that sound, a keening low in the back of his throat, when John had separated him from the corpse.

He’d never have expected it from Sherlock.

Reccer's comments: Tags of this entry are for all parts of the series, not just this one.
The first three parts were rec'd previously here but the writer just posted an additional chapter that is so powerful, it definitely calls for a re-visit to the series. With this series alone, [ profile] eldritchhorrors has become a favourite writer. The way in which they incorporate music and language and story into their fic is a tremendous achievement and makes for a very emotionally hard-hitting, dynamic series. [community profile] a_lliteration

Previous chapters:
01. I Hear Those Voices That Will Not Be Drowned
02. Within This Frail Crucible of Light
03. A Light Shines In The Darkness
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Title: Numina
Author: [ profile] thisprettywren
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: 10,000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, knifeplay, breathplay, self-destructive behaviour, general darkness
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: John's never really been one to shy away from responsibility, but some are easier than others.
Reccer's comments: This fascinating, suspenseful, and tender tale examines what too much being at home does to Sherlock, then turns 221b Baker Street into a small battlefield as Sherlock races to solve an important puzzle.

So, John had left tools. Clues. Something. Where, though? He turned, looking for obvious signs (disturbances, things shifted from where they’d been that morning) but he couldn’t see anything, but he’d been distracted, wrapped up inside his head—the whole problem, stupid— couldn’t remember how things had been before now that it finally mattered.
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Title: Autopsis
Author: [ profile] spikeface
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: ~8000
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Violence, knifeplay
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: One month, four days and twelve hours after John Watson shoots a murderer in the chest, Sherlock finally comes to understand his urges.
Reccer's comments: In this hot exploration of the sharp edge of Sherlock’s psyche, [ profile] spikeface takes on the how-they-got-together trope with skill and panache. Sherlock here has dark depths, but John is definitely a match for him: he's the opposite of a weak victim. The story includes an intriguing exploration of what, exactly, a sociopath might find irresistible about John.

One thing I especially appreciate about [ profile] spikeface’s style is her sparsity in terms of explanation. She leaves clues about the emotional details of the situation and leaves the interpretation up to the reader. It’s a lovely effect, very like a minimalist painting.
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Title: A Priori (& sequels)
Author: rubberbutton
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: ~6600 (For "A Priori")
Rating: PG13 - R
Warnings: Slave!fic, so: issues of consent (but no dub- or non-con)
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: In which vampires have enslaved humans and control, well, everything. Vampire!Mycroft insists his little brother get a slave -- even though it didn't work out with the dog -- and Sherlock chooses the one guaranteed to irritate his brother the most: an unassuming little doctor with an ugly past and absolutely no style to speak of.

Reccer's comments: I could flail about this series for DAYS on end! I'm rather surprised it hasn't been recced here already. The world building is one of the best I have ever seen - there are so many tantalizing glimpses of what this [rather horrible and blood-curdling] world is like, but it's never quite enough to satisfy your curiosity of what's going on. If the author put up 10 k of nothing but background info for the actual stories... I'd probably read it. Ah, who am I kidding. I'd definitely read it.
Considering that a) John's a slave and b) Sherlock a vampire it's quite amazing how in character they both are. And even though they have nothing in common and shouldn't be able to get along the author manages the transition in their relationship flawlessly.
I also really love Mycroft in this. You definitely would *not* want to meet him in the dark... No matter how much I like his character on the show - this darker, more ruthless side of him is kind of exciting. Of course... he has nothing on vampire!Moriarty.
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Title: The Khyber Knife
Author: [ profile] ariadnes_string
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: ~ 2K
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Knife play
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Did this mean he'd resolved his trust issues? John wondered vaguely, that he trusted Sherlock not to hurt him? He doubted it. The truth was probably far worse: that he wouldn't care if Sherlock did.
Reccer's comments:
This is a really intense fic! I wouldn't have called myself particularly into knife play before giving it a shot, even though I love power play. But it might have converted me... John willingly letting Sherlock cut him with a knife? That level of trust does things to me. And of course [ profile] ariadnes_string's writing is perfection, so I highly recommend giving this a try even if you're not 100 % sure about the knife play. She really gets John and Sherlock.

"Mmmm" Sherlock almost hummed, ignoring him, looking only at the knife as he passed the point of it over the fabric of John's sleeve, across his shoulder, bringing it to rest in the hollow of his throat.

Sally Donovan was right, some part of John informed him, he's gotten bored—he's going to carve you up with your own knife, find some ingenious way to dispose of the pieces, and gloat forever about the perfect crime. You should be shitting bricks right about now, John Watson.

But John wasn't scared. No, fear had very little to do with the way he was feeling at the moment.
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Just a few words on our tags and tagging your recs.

Tags are useful search tools for grouping the recs by categories: by pairing, genre, content, and sources for the stories or other fanworks.

We ask that reccers attach tags that are relevant to the works they rec. You don't have to add everything that applies-- for example, not a character tag for everyone who might appear in the story, or every theme or content. But if Molly has a significant cameo, say, that you think people searching for her might appreciate, then by all means list her in a tag. Likewise if you think this is the addiction story people should read, then use the content: addiction tag.

The required aspects to tag are pairing (if it applies), relationship genre (i.e., gen, slash, or het*), and verse (the source: ACD books, Sherlock BBC, Granada, etc.).

The easiest place to see all of the tags available is in this list of tags.

Tagging is enabled only for the author of the post and the mods. Only the mods can add new tags. We have a beginning list up now, anticipating likely categories and characters. We'll add more as recs are made, if characters and pairings, for example, aren't covered already. You can request a new tag to be added by commenting here or by contacting one of the mods. Keep in mind, again, that we'll be adding character tags as additional characters appear in recs.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have been abbreviated as SH and JW in pairings and some other places (e.g., content: sick jw). Since this recs comm is open to all versions of Sherlock Holmes, it seemed the simplest way to identify the characters. Lestrade, Gregson, and Dimmock are listed as "inspector" following ACD book canon, and Moriarty is listed only once by his (their) surname alone. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is abbreviated throughout as ACD.

*We won't add a category for "slash-if-you-squint" or similar invitations for the reader to see subtext in a story. If the author hasn't labeled her work as slash, then it's genre: gen or genre: friendship.


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