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Welcome to the comm!

221B Recs is a community for reccing fan works based on any and all incarnations of Sherlock Holmes, from the original books by ACD to the new BBC and CBS shows.

We hope you enjoy the recs posted here! If you'd like to participate by reccing something, you need to be a member and to sign up to rec. 221B Recs works on a monthly cycle, so if you sign up you commit to posting recs for one month. More information on this, as well as our rules, can be found below.

(Please note that this is not a comm for asking for recommendations!


- To sign up go here

- To make recs, you must be a member of the comm. (Otherwise we can't give you posting access.)

- Up to five people can sign up for each month.

- You can sign up to rec as many times as you want. However, we ask that you wait 3 months after your last turn before signing up again. We want to host a variety of tastes and as many participants, old and new, as possible.


- Please make between 3 and 12 rec posts during the month you signed up for. The maximum isn't set in stone, if there's one more you absolutely have to rec.

- You can rec fic, art, videos, and podfics. We also allow recs for "meta" content, and recs have been made for music as well.

*Recs for podfics need to include the story itself (Use the extended template at the bottom of this post). You may post a rec for a podfic if the story alone has been recced before, as long as you (also) comment on the podfic quality.

- Any Holmes Verse is fair game.

- No self-recs please.

- Please try not to repeat recs. If you're unsure if something has been recced before please consult the spreadsheet. We won't delete double recs if they happen, but the goal here is to rec as many different things as possible. We accept podfic recs for previously recced fics (see above).


- Please use our rec templates, which can be found at the bottom of this post and on the
comm profile.

- Only one rec per rec post (exceptions are connected fics, remixes, or series).

- Don’t change the font and don’t use large pictures or headers in your rec posts.

- If you rec more than two connected fics in one post, put the following recs under an lj-cut.

- Please tag your posts! 
The required aspects to tag are pairing (if it applies), relationship genre (i.e., gen, slash, or het), and verse (the source: ACD books, Sherlock BBC, Granada, etc.). Also tag for "meta" content. While it's not necessary to tag all the characters mentioned or the content, please do if you feel it will help readers searching.
Let us know if you need a new tag that's not on the list yet, in the questions post or the tags post.

- Use html to create links to stories and lj users. If you’re unsure about the coding, it’s posted at the bottom of this post and on the
comm profile.

- Warnings should not be copied from the authors' original headings, nor are they needed for every rec. Warnings should be given for rape/non-con, extreme violence, underage sex, or character death only. Other content that may be considered alarming or that a reader may wish to avoid may be mentioned in the reccer's comments at her or his discretion. Do not put slash, het, asexuality, or other information about relationships under "Warnings."

- Remixes: If you rec fic, art, or a vid that's a remix, please identify the original author and work that was remixed after the remix work's title. This information should come after "Title" in the heading.

- Don’t rec recent Works In Progress. Ongoing series of connected stories, where each fic in itself can be seen as finished, are *not* considered WIPs. They may be recced together in one post.

- If you want to rec a WIP you can do so ONLY if the story has not been updated in over six months AND you need to put up a clear warning that it hasn't been updated since date X.
(This does not apply to recs made in comments in the weekly "Open Recs" post.)


Fic & Art Rec template:

For art recs "length" obviously doesn't apply. You may substitute "prompt" for "summary".

Vid Rec template:

Podfic Rec template:

html code for posting links:

Don't take out the quotation marks!

Code for user names (substitute name for "221b_recs" -- comm names and user names treated the same):
for DW: <user name=221b_recs>
for LJ: <user name=221b_recs site=lj>
for AO3:<user name=221b_recs site=ao3>
for Tumblr: <user name=221b_recs site=tumblr>

Date: 2017-05-01 12:30 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] venturous
I am so glad you set up the comm here! Dreamwidth is lovely and drama free.

Date: 2017-06-04 09:13 am (UTC)
swissmarg: Mrs Hudson (Default)
From: [personal profile] swissmarg
Could you make this post sticky?


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