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Title: All the Best and Brightest Creatures
Author: wordstrings
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 188426 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: Sherlock sent Jim Moriarty to prison for killing Carl Powers at age ten. This is the story of the consequences.

Reccer's comments: Quite simply, one of the most beautiful stories I've ever had the privilege of reading, in any medium. The prose is gorgeous, the emotions are heart-stopping, and the love is transcendent. Sherlock's character arc is stupendously well-written, as are his alternate history with a terrifying Moriarty and his growing relationship with John, and the OCs and secondary characters are vibrant and fully fleshed-out. It's a living, breathing world of its own, and a pretty astonishing feat of storytelling. It's hard to properly praise this story without sounding hyperbolic, but if you've never read it, or have been waiting for it to be completed, now's your chance. It deserves every bit of its fandom fame.
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Title: If you'll have us
Author: fifthnorthumberland
Pairing: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes/Mary Morstan
Length: 1349 words
Rating: Gen
Warnings: No warnings apply
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Three weeks after their wedding, they give Sherlock a ring.

Reccer's comments: Written between The Sign of Three and His Last Vow this short fic is an amazing description of how John and Mary include Sherlock in their marriage and how Sherlock becomes a natural part of their family and gets more and more comfortable with giving and receiving physical affection.

This is one of my absolute favourite John/Sherlock/Mary fics. It shows the relationship as organic, communicative (sort of, at least), respectful, and loving, but still hints at insecurities they have about the relationship. It also give hints about Sherlock's asexuality without stating it or making an issue out of it.

It's a really fluffy, feel-good fic that will leave you all warm inside!

Extra note: This fic has (since I read it last) become part of a series, which was a happy surprise when I went back to find the link for this rec.
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Title: Toplock Talent Search
Author: [ profile] anarfea
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Irene, Sherlock/Jim/Molly
Length: approx. 25,000 words
Rating: explicit
Warnings: top!Sherlock (the reason the fic exists)
Verse: BBC Sherlock
Author's summary: “It’s frankly alarming,” said the Sherlock in the fishnet top, “watching you simper and fawn and make puppy eyes over John like a … sad, gay baby.”
Sherlock’s mouth fell open. “I am not a sad gay baby!”
“Yes, you are,” said Irene.
“Well, what is he, then?” sputtered Sherlock. “Splaying his legs open so everyone can see his cock through those trousers. Sitting there leering at the rest of us like some sort of superior … Dark fuck prince.”

Currently a WIP. Last updated July 2015. There should be one more chapter according to the author. However, as chapter three to five are pretty much stand alone's you can really go ahead and read!

Reccer's comments: This fic is proof of the human mind’s remarkable talent to turn something vile into something hilarious. Written in response to the vagaries imposed upon last year’s 221B con by a this fic has the show’s characters discuss fanfic, gender politics, sexual roles, ship wars, and fandom, as they search for the perfect incarnation of Toplock.

The author masterfully plays with tropes and head!canons as exploited in the series by Moffat and Gatiss, by fanfic writers (the author included) and readers and shows that the pen, especially when wielded with a humour that manages to cast everyone in a satirical light, truly is the strongest weapon ever invented.

The fic heads off with lots of clever banter flying around the living room. Anthea presides and has a hard time keeping the various characters in their respective incarnations in check. We get to meet DarkFuckPrince!Sherlock, GayBaby!Sherlock, JustTransport!Sherlock, Angry!John (well, he doesn’t get laid, obviously), Saint!John and BAMF!John, Virgin!Sherlock and all these incarnations, traipsing around 221B’s living room together, are totally IC. As are Irene, Mycroft, Anthea, Mrs Hudson, Jim and Molly and even Sebastian Moran. Because no fic featuring Jim is complete without a truly creepy Moran in the background. Fie Moftiss.

Once Anthea has waved her magic wand and decided upon the various pairings we follow those to the rooms allotted them for yet more talk, debate, argument, conference, exchange, review, conversation,consideration, dialogue, consultation, seminar, discourse, deliberation,symposium, colloquy, confabulation not to mention examination, investigation, analysis, scrutiny and dissection that will have you screaming with laughter and chuckling over so much cleverness. Then in each chapter the whole delicious concoction gets topped off with some scorchingly-hot sex, with Sherlock topping of course. Yes, even GayBaby!Virgin!Sherlock gets to do the topping.

What really blew me away in this fic however is the encounter in chapter four, between JustTranpost!Sherlock and a beautifully brave and tender Irene. Even if you don’t read the rest of the fic, read this chapter at least for the wonderful insight into their relationship. You won’t regret it.
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Title: Light Our Own Fires
Author: BlackEyedGirl
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 7,800 words
Rating: M
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Sherlock won't give up looking for Moriarty; John is losing patience. Neither of them are coping as well as they would like. (Post episode 1.03, The Great Game)

Reccer's comments: This is another of the first stories I read in the BBC fandom, and I still find it wonderfully emotionally complex and intriguing. Like many authors in the hiatus between S1 and S2, BlackEyedGirl imagined a scenario in which the bomb at the end of The Great Game did explode -- Sherlock and John each emerge alive and to some degree traumatized, but the fact that they shared the same inciting experience does not mean that they understand one another's reactions to it. They are each aware that the other is hurting, but they don't know how to talk about it and they misread one another repeatedly while still doing their best to protect each other.

John, in particular, is very worried about Sherlock's seeming obsession with catching Moriarty, and he thinks it is a sign that Sherlock is captivated by the challenge he represents even though it is likely to get both John and Sherlock killed. The truth, of course, proves to be more complex than that.

This is an insightful character study, an ambiguous but beautiful romance, a journey through the aftermath of trauma and a story that kept surprising me the further I read. There were a few lines and turns of phrase that felt like they swept a rug out from under me.

(That being said, the story is unbetaed and there are a few SPAG errors, if that kind of thing bothers you. But it really is cleanly and cleverly written, and I encourage you to give it a try.)

I hope you'll enjoy it.
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Title: The Discernment of Spirits
Author: merripestin
Pairings: John/Sherlock, John/Sarah
Length: 7056 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: none
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: John was supposed to bring the suspect back to this hotel room to look at some fake Ming Dynasty pottery.

Sherlock wasn't expecting John to run into Sarah, finish off the case, and bring her back to the hotel for sex.

John wasn't expecting Sherlock to bug the room.

Reccer's comments: This fic walks a tightrope throughout and never falls off.  It's ostensibly about sex, but really about intimacy, and it stays true to Sherlock's asexuality while also examining the depth and complexity of his feelings for John.  It's an excellent character study, humorous, melancholy, and lovely, and it has the three-dimensionality and fine-grained attention to detail of all merripestin's work.
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Title: The Traffic Lights series, consisting of two stories, Traffic Lights for the Colour Blind and The Sky for the Reaching
Author: lavvyan
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 14,600 words for the two stories combined
Rating: T
Warnings: suicidal ideation
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: 1) Traffic Lights for the Colour Blind: In which it's not the war John is missing, Sherlock needs to find new ways to hang on to his flatmate, and Moriarty tries to get himself a pet of his own. Features also: guns, tea, the reason Sherlock Holmes won't take the tube, cell phones, a budgie, and one obnoxious older brother. 2) The Sky for the Reaching: In which John isn't quite living in a war zone, Sherlock experiments, and Bill Murray (not the actor) wants to get laid. Features also: pins, sponges, the question of whether or not Sherlock Holmes likes to cuddle, nightmares, a case, and seventeen steps.

Reccer's comments: This story series begins in a dark place but ends in amazing light. It was written after Series 1 and portrays John as being a little too in love with danger and as quietly managing a persistent death wish. Sherlock is still wedded to his self-image of high functioning sociopathy, and his early management of John's risky tendencies is cavalier at best. But the stories chronicle the ways that these men begin to find their peace as well as their war in one another. Though the series is not long, it manages to include vintage BAMF John and a few words and gestures from Sherlock that simply took my breath away. The second story in particular becomes an asexual and dazzlingly unconventional romance. This series never fails to make me happy.

I also love the author's writing style with its many casually insightful turns of phrase. Lavvyan hits so many lovely character notes, the familiar domestic scenes feel fresh. (I believe English is not lavvyan's first language, which makes their elegant prose all the more impressive). A lovely series.
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Title: Green Improbable Fields (also on AO3)
Author: [ profile] parachute_silks (evadne on AO3)
Pairing: Mary Morstan/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (friendship)
Length: 2,100 words
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: Sherlock works out what he needs to be happy. But he knows he doesn't deserve it, and he certainly never expects to get it.

Reccer's comments: This gorgeous little story was written after Season 1 and shows Sherlock and John as platonic soulmates through the years, starting from their traumatic experiences at the pool. Sherlock understands quite soon that all he wants from life is John's companionship; it takes John a little longer to realise that this is what he really wants too. In that it's a quiet and understated but perfect little love story. The line between friendship and romantic relationships is drawn very fluidly here, so that everybody can read into Sherlock and John's relationship what he wants to.

What I particularly like about this story is the many little nods to themes and motives that were introduced in S1, the authentic and sympathetic portrayal of both Sherlock and John, the tranquil, slightly melancholy mood that pervades it and the slightly removed, timeless atmosphere. There is something nostalgic and sweet about it, and in its essence this story still rings true. Even though it neither incorporates S2 nor S3 canon, it still feels like something that might happen to Sherlock and John as the show progresses through the years.
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Title: An Impossible Shape: the Triangular Geometry of Flawed Hearts (Remix of the series Not Your Average Threesome 'Verse: John/Lestrade + Sherlock by thirdbird)
Author: alltoseek
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Greg Lestrade/John Watson
Length: 2,145
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: A triangle with shifting angles, its lines changing length as the energies between its three points waxed and waned… the three lines that made up the triangle, the vectors of energy all flowing down toward one point. One of the lines was weakened; it collapsed; the whole thing fell apart.

Lines, points, vectors and graphs… pages of notes with rough geometrical designs sketched out, notated in neat, minute handwriting… sketches and equations… numbers and angles and degrees, isosceles and scalene, sine and cosine and tangent… J=90, S=190, G=150. “It’s soothing to put it in those terms… it was at first. Until all the angles started going wrong. Now it’s nothing but a nightmare and a headache. It doesn’t work,” Sherlock said. “It’s an impossible shape.”

Reccer's comments: This is something a little unusual—a piece of found poetry. It’s literally a remix: phrases from the original stories have been taken out and then slotted together again to make something new and rather splendid. The poem is a sestina (I must admit this went right over my head initially) and I suppose it's also a kind of concrete poem. The piece is presented as a graphic image (the text is also posted separately after it), and there’s more to the poem than just the verses. Extra little lines are tucked in between. There are equations that act as comments on the verses; names are circled and lines come out from them to connect verses together. It all suggests Sherlock’s thought processes. I find the structure of the poem very satisfying—it’s like standing in the middle of a poem.

The poet says the piece will much more sense if you’re familiar with the series that’s been remixed, and that’s probably true. But when I first read the poem, I wasn’t terribly familiar with the stories—I’d read a couple of them but certainly couldn’t remember them in detail. I think the poem works as a moving piece of art even if you haven’t read the stories yet. This is an intelligent piece that also contains a lot of heart.
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Title: A Cunning Plan
Author: mific
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Length: 1552 words
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None
Verse: ACD Bookverse and comic strip 'Hark! A Vagrant'...and a smidgen of Sherlock BBC, Ritchie films, & Granada
Author's summary: Things go awry when Watson hatches a cunning plan to rid himself of stupid Watson and gay Watson.

Reccer's comments: First read the relevant panels from Hark! A Vagrant (here and here) for this to make sense. This fic is an hilarious, crackstastic meta-commentary on all the different versions of Watson and Holmes. The plot, such as it is, involves ACD Watson trying to get rid of "stupid Watson" and "gay Watson," so he can have Holmes to himself. Also, there is jam. Jam makes everything funnier.
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Title: You Promised Me Two Years
Author: faviconprettyvk
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: 42,302 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Major character death
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: John isn’t scared of Sherlock or of the adults around them. But he is scared of this Message. He is scared he’ll be there, in two years, right next to Sherlock, watching and unable to do a damn thing when he dies. Because the true Message was, “Don’t expect to make a career out of this interpreter thing. I’ll die in two years.” For the first time in his life, John wishes he’d never taken the Cassandra Tests.

Reccer's comments: This is a wonderfully creative teenlock/boarding school AU in which Sherlock is a Prophet (like an oracle, not a religious leader with a following) who speaks only in riddles, and John is his interpreter. This is what a conversation between them looks like:

Excerpt... )

Part of the fun of reading this is trying to figure out all the associations of Sherlock's words, and how John gets to the meaning within them. But it's not all as cryptic as this. Sherlock's proclamations are usually clarified in the text, either by John or another of the characters who are able to understand them (and there are several).

The main reason that I'm reccing this, though, is the story of the prophecy given in the summary. How does it affect the course of John and Sherlock's lives? What does it mean for their relationship? And, most importantly, can anything be done to change Sherlock's fate?

Moriarty of course can't help becoming entangled in it all, and I loved how the author sprinkled in bits and pieces from the first two Sherlock series, without rehashing any of the actual cases or plots.

The resolution was a fantastic tying-together of several threads, and without wanting to spoil the ending, all I can say is don't be scared off by the character death warning. It is all for a purpose.

By the way, I'm tagging this with asexual Sherlock, although it's never stated, as he seems to me to be portrayed that way in this fic. There is sex, though, and it's not dub-con. I'm also giving this an underage tag as Sherlock is 16 at the beginning when he and John begin their relationship, although no actual sex happens until he is 18.
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Title: Behavioural Modification LJ
Author: [ profile] bendingsignpost
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: 23,726
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: Whatever it took, he was going to make this work.

Reccer's comments: “You do realize you’re prostituting yourself for tea, don’t you?”
This sounded humorous, an excellent, funny opening line, until I read on. The sentence echoed repeatedly in my head, as each new appearance of or reference to tea added to its weight and sharpness (a double-edged blade). From comedy to near-tragedy.

Homoromantic asexual Sherlock is my personal headcanon and best of all he is treated as a complex human being here, rather than a fetish object. John is not a one-dimensional savior, which does him justice as well. Their sex is sometimes sad, sometimes beautiful, but always represented with a refreshing air of reality.

[ profile] bendingsignpost has nailed Sherlock, a brilliantly-voiced (unreliable) narrator, whose romantic and sexual past has twisted his notions of the proper way to conduct a relationship. Add to this a fantastic characterization of Molly, outstanding dialogue, a glorious passage of violin playing, and an ending that feels so well earned.

Note: If you love this, I enthusiastically recommend Ben's recent posting of the "AU of [his] AUs", AKA No Fixed Point. "Behavioural Modification" is one of the fics given the AU treatment. I'll say no more and leave it to the lucky recc'er who gets to do a formal rec of NFP...
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Title: Black. Two Sugars
Author: solrosan
Pairing: Gen
Length: 5760 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: Everyone seemed to assume that Molly was in love with Sherlock Holmes, and it was so much easier to go along with it than to correct people.

Reccer's comments: I thought after my last rec, this time I would mention an oft-overlooked gem. I just found it the other day and was instantly smitten with this author's characterisation of Molly. It's one I'd never come across before, and it was done beautifully while still keeping her in character.

It turns out that Molly and Sherlock have something in common; it's this 'something' that allows their acquaintanceship to eventually blossom into true friendship. This view of both Sherlock and Molly fits neatly into canon events; I know I'll never watch the episodes in quite the same way again.

To say much more here would be spoiling, so I went ahead and put a bit of a teaser behind the cut. It's not spoilery, but might intrigue you enough to give this underrated fic a read:

Excerpt )
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Title: (Beyond) The Science of Horizons
Author: thetreesgrowodd
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: 11,403 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: In the downtime after a disastrous case, Sherlock is depressed and John is ailing. That's when Sherlock discovers an amazing new ability that manifests when he strokes John's skin. Whether or not it's all in his head is insignificant.

Reccer's comments: This is a gorgeous inside-Sherlock's-head view of what happens to him after a very difficult case, when he struggles with severe depression. In this story, Sherlock is asexual, but he is deeply in love with John and finds himself transported to a transcendental mental state when they touch. John takes comfort in the intimacy as well and acquiesces to it all in his usual stride.


"Sherlock, what is this?" John asks quietly.

Sherlock can't voice one single word of what he's experienced. He can't because he's a rational person. He supposes there are terms like meditation and hallucination and lucid dreaming. Explanations to be made, but...

"I don't mind it," John says, vulnerably. "I won't make you stop. It's just..."

He can either act like a Real Human Person and make up some lie (probably too late for that, to be honest) or he can be Sherlock and tell the truth. No, make that part of the truth. "I like touching you."

"Alright," John says. "I like it too."


The descriptions of Sherlock's raptures are beautifully poetic, and the depictions of his depressive mood achingly real. I think what I liked the most, though, is how both men try to continue to function outwardly, forcing themselves to do 'normal' things, while their inner world is plagued by demons and horrors. And in the end, what saves them is this strange, inexplicable connection, and the fact that they don't try to explain it, but just accept it and let it heal them.

Another interesting facet of the story is that 'The Recent Case' which started it all is never fully detailed, but we get snippets and flashbacks that allow us to understand in part the anguish and trauma which both men experienced (no serious physical injuries though). Trigger warnings for depression, suicide, and graphic violence.
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Title: Skeletons
Author: flawedamythyst
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 57712 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Canon Implied Character Death
Verse: crossover Sherlock BBC/Nightmare Before Christmas(could be spoilery)

Author's summary: Sherlock's refusal to talk about his past hides far more skeletons than John could ever have guessed at. Halloween-esque AU.

Actually a fusion with another (well-known) fandom, but I feel that knowing which in advance spoils some of the story, so I have put it behind a spoiler-cut in the End Note. I don't feel it's necessary to have knowledge of that fandom to read this fic.

Reccer's comments: This was included in a recent 'Open Rec' weekend, but since it's now complete I wanted to rec it again here with a bit more detail.

I love all of this author's stuff. Her characterisation of Sherlock is very true to my own view of him. The author deftly balances staying true to Sherlock's personality while showing his very human side as well.

When John first moves in, Sherlock is adamant about one thing in particular: No celebration of any holidays inside the flat: no cards, no decorations, no mention of the holiday at all. John thinks, well, that's a bit odd, but okay, it's Sherlock, whatever. Things get a bit more strained between them when Sherlock continues to refuse to divulge anything about his past, even as their relationship starts to deepen. John tries to take it in stride, figuring there must be a good reason for all of it.

There IS a good reason for all of it, which is foreshadowed by a certain character(from that other fandom) showing up at their flat on Halloween, looking for Sherlock, Mycroft... and the skull.

There's quite a bit of light-hearted humour and fluff, but also some angst as well... and, of course, Johnlock :D  The ending is very satisfying indeed. 

Excerpt )
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Title: Breakfast at 221B
Author: AJHall
Pairing: Gen., somewhat Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 2885 words
Rating: M
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary:
"Anyway. Enough of my embarrassing sibling brothel stories. Tell me yours."

A Sherlock conversation, over breakfast.

Reccer's comments: I have no idea how this hasn't been recced before, as it's a beautiful, brilliant one-shot that seems much longer than it actually is because it is so full of emotions and touches on a wide range of subjects (especially for a fic that is essentially one conversation between John and Sherlock over breakfast). It's absurd and meaningful and a little bit sad and I don't really have the words for this fic, just the language and the dialogue and the characterization is amazing and spot-on. As well, this is a fic that touches on the subject of Sherlock's asexuality, which is not something you see all that often. I can't recommend this enough!

Excerpt: "Mycroft spent £3478 on prostitutes over the last month," Sherlock said. "And fourpence. Why fourpence, do you suppose? Can hardly be VAT. Oh. Obvious." There came the sound of tapping on a keyboard. "Tripartite summit in Dublin last week. Eurozone. Currency conversion."

John contemplated life from behind the mercifully ample pages of the Observer. Clearly he was in for a Sherlock conversation. He could not, if asked, have defined how "a Sherlock conversation" differed from "a conversation with Sherlock", but he knew the difference between the two was as wide as the gap which supposedly yawned between genius and madness. He could tell the difference between those, too. At least when the wind was southerly.

"Poor sods," he said. "Hope they got danger money."
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Title: Horse and Carriage Series (link leads to master list)
Author: [ profile] flawedamythyst
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: Various, each part from drabble length up to 14K; total for the series as of this posting is 52K
Rating: PG for all parts so far
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Asexual!Sherlock/John. Author's summary for the first part: “In fact,” said Sherlock, finally sliding his phone away into his pocket, “I think I've worked out a solution to that.” He sat forward, putting his fingers together in a way that usually signified one of his more brilliant moments of genius. “We should get married.”

Reccer's comments: A wonderful offering from the well-known fandom author [ profile] flawedamythyst, this AU series (it was begun before series 2 aired and thus ignores Reichenbach) covers Sherlock and John's life together over the course of 30 years. The gist is that Sherlock and John get married, in all seriousness, even though Sherlock is asexual and John is heterosexual with a functioning libido.

The special thing about this series is how Sherlock and John settle into their marriage, how John's attitude in particular towards it evolves, what it shows about the deep bond between them that goes beyond the physical, and how they handle physical intimacy without betraying either of their fundamental natures. I especially like that Sherlock remains a true asexual and never negotiates physical favours that would make him uncomfortable.

Some of the parts are fluff, some made me ache, and some made me laugh out loud. You won't miss the smut, with all the wonderful feels this series brings.
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Title: I Don't Know What More To Ask For | AO3
Author: [ profile] halotolerant
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 4813 words.
Rating: R.
Warnings: No major warnings apply. Minor warnings in the fic's headers.
Verse: BBC!Sherlock.
Author's summary: Post-Reichenbach Fall. "And now that, once more, he does not have John Watson, the situation has arguably returned — after six hundred and two days of abnormality — to a resting state."

reccer's comments; S2 spoilers )
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Title: as if not spoken to in the act of love
Author: coloredink
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length: 8,300ish
Rating: Explicit
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary:Sherlock endures the indignities, bodies squirming against one another, the sweat, the saliva, because of John's jam in the fridge and sour-breathed kisses in the morning.

Reccer's comments:This is such a lovely fic dealing with Sherlock's desire to be anything for John and is so heartbreaking and realistic. I kept the author's dubcon warning because Sherlock and John seem to disagree on this point, and the exploration of that disagreement is lovingly handled.
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Title: They're Gonna be All Right
Author: [ profile] impishtubist
Pairing: Possible Asexual Sherlock/Lestrade
Length: 5,100
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: John tries to figure out just what Sherlock and Lestrade are to one another and realizes that not everything can be so neatly defined. A series of moments.

Reccer's comments: I'm on a definite Lestrade fix at the moment and there are definitely not enough Sherlock/Lestrade fics out there; the tv series just set these two up so perfectly for delving into their complex relationship. Here [ profile] impishtubist brilliantly uses John as the outsider to try and get to the bottom of just what the relationship is between Sherlock and Lestrade  through a series of short vignettes and with very believable interactions. And the brilliant thing about this fic is even at the end, you are still trying to work it out.
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Title: Unusual Symmetry
Author: [ profile] mresundance 
Pairing:  Sherlock/John
Length: 1818
Rating: hard R
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary:  John understands Sherlock.
Reccer's comments: poignant, lovingly observed, this fic explores how John's gentle acceptance allows asexual Sherlock to let him in.

Unusual Symmetry


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