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I'm sorry that this is so late, the links were really slow to appear tonight. Right now I'm waiting for the uploads to finish, as soon as they're up I'll get these posted.

I've been going through comics and getting them bagged and boarded for sale. I dropped off my Hulk comics tonight at my local comic book store for them to price and let me know if they want them. Fingers crossed they'll want them.

I have the MP4, and MKV files for you this week. They're almost finished uploading. Once they're done, just follow the links below and then click to download.

Supernatural 14.19 - Jack in the Box MP4 File

Supernatural 14.19 - Jack in the Box MKV File

Hope that everyone is doing okay. I'll check back in tomorrow. :)

*hugs you hard*

Poem #15

Apr. 16th, 2019 10:03 pm
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Today, here's a poem written by yours truly. I don't write poems very often, and when I do they're usually fandom-centric. But this is just an everyday life one, prompted by a friend some years ago.

Objects Lost and Redeemed

Among the scatter-brained, few items remain
long enough to make their mark.

We’re natural contributors, by which I mean
any object of everyday use can be seen
loitering on bathroom counters in our wake,
or trundling along on any bus we take,
holding our seats after we disembark.

There for the taking, should anyone need
a pen, a pinky ring, or a quarter to feed
to the meter on their way home. In a way
it feels like good fellowship, these stray
contributions I’ve made to mankind. The sheer
number of umbrellas I’ve lost at this point could steer
flotillas of strangers through storms.

It’s nice to think my forgetfulness forms
a shelter to keep someone from rain.

Poem #14

Apr. 15th, 2019 03:35 pm
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Unfortunately topical today. I can't find the translation that I grew up with, so I'm settling for this one.

Notre Dame
by Osip Mandelstam, translated from Russian by Robert Tracy

Where a Roman judge framed laws for alien folk
A basilica stands, original, exulting,
Each nerve stretched taut along the light cross vaulting,
Each muscle flexing, like Adam when he first woke.

If you look from outside you grasp the hidden plan:
Strong saddle-girth arches watchfully forestall
The ponderous mass from shattering the wall
And hold in check the bold vault’s battering ram.

A primal labyrinth, a wood past men’s understanding,
The Gothic spirit’s rational abyss,
Brute strength of Egypt and a Christian meekness,
Thin reed beside oak and the plumb line everywhere king.

Stronghold of Notre Dame, the more my attentive eyes
Studied your gigantic ribs and frame
Then the more often this reflection came:
From cruel weight, I too will someday make beauty rise.

That was pretty disappointing...

Apr. 15th, 2019 04:56 am
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We only got $52.50 for four boxes of books, many of them first prints. I really regret that I didn’t pull my Charles de Lint books to try and sell them on eBay instead. I did rescue a bunch of Disney animation art books, though. I’ll try and get them posted and photographed today. Plus get more comics, and hopefully, jewelry posted as well.

I got pictures of our Denon stereo receiver taken last night. I’ll get them edited and post it for sale today, too. I’m going to try and sell it locally first, I’ll post it to eBay if that doesn’t work. I’m hoping to get about $150 for it, it’s what we paid for it through the estate sale a couple of years ago. It still sells for $500 on Amazon.

I’ve also got jewelry to take to Clothes Mentor to try and sell today. Hopefully they’ll take some of it. No matter what, I’ll keep plugging away at dealing with this mess. We’ve got til Thursday to pay for gas and electric, next week on our auto insurance. That’ll leave our water bill to deal with today to see if I can get an extension on it until we’re paid again.

I’m going to close and try and go back to sleep for a couple of hours. Wish us luck, please guys. As always, thanks for listening.


Poem #13

Apr. 14th, 2019 07:44 pm
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Whereas at morning in a jeweled crown
I bit my fingers and was hard to please,
Having shook disaster till the fruit fell down
I feel tonight more happy and at ease:
Feet running in the corridors, men quick-
Buckling their sword-belts bumping down the stair,
Challenge, and rattling bridge-chain, and the click
Of hooves on pavement—this will clear the air.
Private this chamber as it has not been
In many a month of muffled hours; almost,
Lulled by the uproar, I could lie serene
And sleep, until all's won, until all's lost,
And the door's opened and the issue shown,
And I walk forth Hell's mistress...or my own.

— Edna St. Vincent Millay
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OK so, everybody reading this knows my RL has been full of upheaval this past year and I am frankly sick of talking about it for the moment.

Fandom is my happy place and a huge source of restoration and rejuvenation for me. I'd be much less capable of weathering storms without it.

This year, I went to 221B Con for the first time - yeah, yeah, late to the party but believe me, there were reasons. Some had to do with terrible things that happened to friends of mine there, some had to do with conflicting work schedule (which isn't an issue when the Con happens the first weekend of April. If it's the second, no can do. Thankfully, it's the first weekend next year too, so Lord willin' and the creek don't rise, I'll do it again.)

I had a wonderful time - got to spend time with friends I only ever see at con, got to put some beautiful faces to some beloved internet names, felt wholly welcomed and like I was among my people. I was on four panels - AUs, Occult Detectives, Polyshipping, and the late-night fanfiction panel.

I will say that I am grateful to Sherlock S4 for this: It seems like most of the most toxic elements in the fandom flounced the fuck out, leaving what remains a much friendlier and happier place.

The toxicity at this con largely came from a different source: good old-fashioned homophobia, sexual harassment, and male entitlement. A traditional old-school cishet male Sherlockian took advantage of the desire of queer/feminist new-school Sherlockians to connect and be heard and understood, to be an absolute gross creeper. He claimed to want to understand what we do and we why do it, and he lied about truly wanting to learn. He smiled in the face of queer fans while writing vile homophobic and insulting things on Twitter (like he thought people wouldn't see it? what?)n He only wanted a voyeuristic window into our sexual inner lives, and to receive attention and emotional labor while violating boundaries left and right.

(I shouldn't even have to say #NotAllOldMaleSherlockians, but just in case, here's a masterpiece of shade by Brad of Sherlock Peoria:

This has got me thinking a lot about who we share our erotic imaginations with, and how, and what the boundaries and rules of that sharing are, and how harmful it is when those subcultural mores are violated.

A victim-blamer would look at this situation and say, "Well what did you expect, with your x-rated fanfiction and fanart and your sexy cosplays and your flirtations with each other?" A non-victim-blamer would say, we get to decide who this is FOR. We get to share our imaginations without lust being projected onto the creator of the works. (For me, the idea of reading an erotic story and feeling like I have any sexual entitlement/connection to the writer because of that makes about as much sense as thinking watching porn means I'm gonna want to fuck the cameraman.) And we flirt and hook up with each other, when that happens, in a sense of equality and common cause.

A sense of being desired in a way I did not wish to be, I won't lie, has been a contributing factor (though not the only one) in a block I'm struggling with. And the block has gone on so long I've started to doubt my worth to my fandom community. What good is a fic writer who isn't writing? At 221B Con, I got a lot of reassurance on that. There was a LOT of appreciation for the contributions I've already made, and a lot of kindness about the nature of the struggle. For that, I can't even express my gratitude.

Not bad for a 34 year old comic, huh?

Apr. 14th, 2019 02:28 am
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I’m working my way through some of my comics, to either post them for sale on eBay or take to them to one of our local comic stores to see what they could give me. My books are in good shape, I’ve always stored them boxed, with a lot of them bagged and boarded as well. I was working on re-bagging a box of Incredible Hulk comics tonight. They ranged from 1985 through about 1992. Here’s a picture of one of them, from Dec 1985. Not bad, huh?

“Hulk )

We spent today gathering up books to take to Half price books. I’m taking all my Charles de Lint books, my Stephen Kings, Our Jim Butcher Dresden File books, all our Harry Potter books, etc. We’ve got about three boxes of books to take. Tomorrow we’ll start going through our DVDs and CDs to cull them, too. I know we won’t get much for them, that I might make more through eBay, but we need whatever we can make off them right now.

Between med co-pays, prescriptions and having to pay several hundred on our taxes when we usually get a refund we’re really short this month. I got the house payment made and some of the bills but I don’t have what we need to pay our utility, water and auto insurance payments. I’ve got until this Thursday for the $328 for the gas and electric bill and the 24th for the $250 on our car insurance. I’ll call the water company on Monday to see if I can postpone the $199 we owe them until at least another week to give me time to raise the money we need. I’m going to try and get as much as possible posted to eBay and here and hope for the best.

I’m going to be posting our Denon for sale, too. It’s an AVR-X1100W 7.2 4K Ultra HD stereo receiver. It’s from 2014 but is in great shape. I’m hoping we can get about $150 for it. That’s how much I paid for it at an Estate sale four years ago.They’re still listed on Amazon for $494. I hate to sell it but, again, we need the money.

Wish us luck, please. We could really use it right now.

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Hail Satan?, directed by Penny Lane. Produced by Magnolia Pictures. Copyright 2019. (Seen April 11, 2019.)

I have to admit: it’s hard for me to be unbiased in this review. I’ve been a fan of the Satanic Temple for a while now, and a strong supporter of their cause. While similar to the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Satanic Temple has been much more political in their battles to support the separation of church and state in the United States. Add in that this movie was mentioned on Pop Culture Happy Hour’s “What’s Making Us Happy?” segment in March, I knew going in that I was most likely going to enjoy this film.

Read my full review here.

Poem #12

Apr. 13th, 2019 03:40 pm
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In Praise of Pain

A brilliance takes up residence in flaws—
a brilliance all the unchipped faces of design
refuse. The wine collects its starlets
at a lip's fault, sunlight where the nicked
glass angles, and affection where the eye
is least correctable, where arrows of
unquivered light are lodged, where someone
else's eyes have come to be concerned.
For beauty's sake, assault and drive and burn
the devil from the simply perfect sun.
Demand a birthmark on the skin of love,
a tremble in the touch, in come a cry,
and let the silverware of nights be flecked,
the moon pocked to distribute more or less
indwelling alloys of its dim and shine
by nip and tuck, by chance's dance of laws.
The brightness drawn and quartered on a sheet,
the moment cracked upon a bed, will last
as if you soldered them with moon and flux.
And break the bottle of the eye to see
what lights are spun of accident and glass.

The Middle Name Meme

Apr. 13th, 2019 03:31 pm
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Why not? :)

Answers all have to start with the first letter of your middle name. No googling!

Animal.............. Emu
Girl's name.......Emily
Boy's name...... Elliot
Color.................. Emerald
Food.................. Enchilada
Something you wear..... Earphones
Drink.................. Earl Grey tea
Place................. Ethiopia
Restaurant....... Eddie's (a local grocery store with great deli sandwiches and lemon bars!)
Reason to be late..... Entropy
Job title............ Editor

Join in, if you like! Making lists is oddly soothing :)
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A fun middle name meme via [personal profile] shadowycat:

Answers all have to start with the first letter of your middle name. No googling!

(I'm adding two challenges for you below to liven up your lazy Saturday afternoon.)

Animal.............. Lynx
Girl's name....... Loretta
Boy's name...... Lupin
Color............... Lilac
Food................ Lingonberry
Something you wear..... Leather
Drink............... Lemonade
Place............... Lower Ninth Ward
Restaurant....... La Mediterranee
Reason to be late..... Laziness
Job title............ Librarian

Ha! That was surprisingly difficult. I don't think my brain stores things that way.

Challenge #1: Can you beat my time? This took me 2 minutes and 30 seconds, not including creating the links or writing the rest of the post.

Challenge #2: Can you guess my middle name? You can find a hint in my responses. I tend not post too much personal info here, but if'd you'd like to guess and you guess correctly, I'll let you know via DM.

And the text box, if you'd like to play along:


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