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Title: The Lying Detective (alternative) 
Author: 221b_hound
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, past Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Mary Morstan
Length: 20K
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: Mary was the bridge between them. Without her, is there still an 'us'? Perhaps, if John and Sherlock can survive the guilt, the grief, the game.

Reccer's comments: This is part of an AU series 3 & 4 that takes the basic plot of the episodes, adds Johnlockary, and changes a few other things, some minor and some more major. I’ve found it surprisingly engaging despite not being a Johnlockary fan and generally disparaging fics that re-hash the aired episodes in much detail. I also admit I haven’t read all of the parts, but you can dive in at any point, really, if you are familiar with the episode in question.

This one is a terrific slog through the depths of grief and despair in the wake of Mary’s death, made more painful and eviscerating by the fact that the Mary in this was genuinely likable and the three of them were involved in a loving and happy polyamoric relationship. (We only see one brief and sketchy flashback scene of the three of them in bed together, which is easily skipped if you are only here for the Johnlock.) At the same time, the Culverton Smith plot is revamped to work more authentically, a far cry from the broadcast “go to hell/save John Watson” scenario that viewers were confronted with.

The characters are all treated with respect and depth, with a marvelous ensemble cast involving several secondary characters in meaty and important roles. Harry Watson in particular is a shining star of an OC with a potty mouth and a heart of tarnished gold.

I really encourage anyone who was unhappy with series 4 – and especially the whiplash treatment of Mary’s character and gutting of John and Sherlock’s friendship – to give this series a try. It’s gutsy and bold, drawing on real emotion rather than flash and showmanship, and truly allowing the characters and their stories to touch hearts.
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Author: 221b_Hound
Pairing: Gen
Length: 1,160
Rating: G
Warnings: nonw
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Someone asked for Mycroft whump on the kinkmeme. The full prompt is: I'd like to see Mycroft getting seriously injured/ill in a way unrelated to one of Sherlock's cases. Maybe he's in an accident, maybe related to *his* line of work. The injuries are not life threatening but potentially life changing. Sherlock then looks after him (graciously or not, up to you)

And then I did a really horrible thing to Mycroft. I feel kind of bad about it now. But at least he got cake.

Reccer's comments: But Sherlock knows all of Mycroft’s most secret tells. Even the ones Mycroft doesn’t realise he has.

This isn't the first story focused on the Holmes brothers that I've recced and it probably won't be the last. I love reading about these two and all of the love that's there, if pushed way, way down by the both of them. Here, Mycroft suffers a debilitating injury and summons Sherlock to his side. While waiting for Sherlock, Mycroft ponders all that he's lost. Sherlock's arrival, and his reaction to what has happened, show that not all really is. If you like fics with a gentle take on Mycroft and Sherlock's relationship, this one will not disappoint. (Just a note to reassure: Mycroft's injury is not life threatening. And there really is cake.)
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Title: Cygnet
Author: what_alchemy
Pairing: None
Length: 1,033
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Mycroft Holmes, age fourteen, finds his way.

Reccer's comments: I'm a sucker for stories about the Holmes brothers. I love fics that dive deeper into their relationship and poke around in the corners to see what bites. And oh, this story does bite. Teenage Mycroft, away at boarding school, is the primary focus. He is lonely, he is in pain, but he is determined not to let that break him. We get a hint here of some of the forces that drove and shaped him into the Mycroft we see in the show. Mycroft is the star of this story, but the other Holmes brothers feature as well. Sherlock makes a heartrending appearance, while the Other One's presence is more ominous. Written post-S3, this is one of the many interpretations of the Holmes' family dynamics, but it's one of the best ones out there. We don't leave the story knowing all the answers, but like Sherlock, we can find comfort in Mycroft's inner strength.
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Title: Cake and Other Sins
Author: Indybaggins
Pairings: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes/Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 100.673 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: none
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: AU. Sherlock and John meet as competing bakers on The Great British Bake Off. There’s intense baking, lush recipes and enticing food. Mycroft, guilt, past sins in chocolate and gingerbread. And love. That too.

Reccer's comments: I've read the summary and I've read the warnings and neither had prepared me for this fic. There is crack in this fic, yes. But there's also plenty of angst. It's way more intense, disturbing and serious than you'd think upon seeing it's a Great British Bake Off AU.

I freely admit that while I appreciate this threesome and how John somehow balances things out, and I also quite enjoy Johnlock in here, this fic for me is won by holmescest and quite probably the most fascinating description of this relationship in fandom. Almost all fics that describe Holmes' brothers relationship somehow touch the subject of food, diets and fat jokes, but this is the one ties it all up into one perfectly twisted mix.

I feel I have to say that even if these pairings are your cup of tea, this fic might not be, might be too much in the wrong direction. However it just might hit all of the right buttons and you will realize what a gem it is and how quite possibly it's the most perfect, most twisted love story ever written. Plus, there will be cakes.
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Title: The Slash Man
Author: Engazed
Pairing: Sherlock&John friendship, Molly/Lestrade
Length: 281455 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic depictions of violence, rape/non-con
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: Sequel to Ten Days. After ten days of unspeakable torture at the hands of Sherlock's worst enemies, John Watson has returned to Baker Street to live with a man whose death, no matter how fake, still haunts him. But his recovery is not easy, his friendship with Sherlock is strained, and a dangerous but hidden menace continues to threaten them both.

Reccer's comments: This is an intense, gripping case fic that had me at the edge of my seat throughout. Seeing how it's an epic novel length, that's truly saying something. It's the sequel to another fic that I recced almost two years ago, Ten Days. If you haven't yet read Ten Days and don't want any spoilers for that fic, then stop reading NOW.

This story isn't quite as disturbing as its prequel, since it isn't our favourite doctor being put through the ringer this time. The Slash Man contains more lighthearted, even some humorous, moments to break up the overall dark tone of the story, but it's still gut-wrenchingly powerful.

This story takes place Post-Reichenbach, after Sherlock's return, and goes AU after Series 2. It begins two weeks after the end of Ten Days. You'll most likely need to read that one first to understand what's going on. John is recovering from his traumatic ordeal, residing once again at Baker Street and reunited with the once-dead detective. What sets this fic apart from others of its ilk are two things. One is how the author portrays the consequences of Sherlock's decisions on the supporting characters. It's a perfect example of how the actions of one man can send a ripple effect through numerous lives. John is not the only one with scars. The second is the author's skillful weaving of a tale that is equally plot-driven and character-driven. There are plenty of heartwrenching, emotional scenes, but never at the cost of a well-written, exciting mystery.

Before starting this story, the reader should be aware that it ends with quite the cliffhanger. The third and final part of what is to be a trilogy is in the works, but has not been posted yet. So it all depends on how patient you are for a resolution as to whether you decide to read this now or not.

Again, I can't recommend this one enough. Please do give it a try; I think you'll be glad you did.
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Title: With Patience He Stands Waiting
Author: emungere
Pairing: Mycroft/Moriarty
Length: 6918
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rough Sex, blood, implied off-screen torture
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Shortly after the Irene Adler business, Mycroft invites James Moriarty in for a chat. He sends four of his best, and he sends Anthea. That is as personal as his attention gets towards people in Moriarty's position.
Reccer's comments: How Mycroft is manipulated by Moriarty. A love story, of sorts, between two people who are cynical, and manipulative and it’s everything I want from this sort of pairing.

Moriarty's charm is seductive, and the way emungere portrays the open manipulation between the two of them. They both know what’s going on yet can’t seem to help themselves. The way Mycroft links Moriarty and Sherlock in his head is heartbreaking and wonderful. One of my ultimate favourites.

"Maybe," Moriarty murmurs, "you should've tried this first. Maybe you could've kept me as a pet. Your tiger on a leash. I know you've thought about it. You might've been good enough. Why didn't you try?"

The last question is accompanied by an almost wistful expression and a hand around his neck. Moriarty doesn't squeeze, not yet, but the threat is literally palpable. Mycroft swallows and feels his throat move against Moriarty's palm.

"Because if I had succeeded, I would eventually come to believe you were safe, and you will never be safe."

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Just a few words on our tags and tagging your recs.

Tags are useful search tools for grouping the recs by categories: by pairing, genre, content, and sources for the stories or other fanworks.

We ask that reccers attach tags that are relevant to the works they rec. You don't have to add everything that applies-- for example, not a character tag for everyone who might appear in the story, or every theme or content. But if Molly has a significant cameo, say, that you think people searching for her might appreciate, then by all means list her in a tag. Likewise if you think this is the addiction story people should read, then use the content: addiction tag.

The required aspects to tag are pairing (if it applies), relationship genre (i.e., gen, slash, or het*), and verse (the source: ACD books, Sherlock BBC, Granada, etc.).

The easiest place to see all of the tags available is in this list of tags.

Tagging is enabled only for the author of the post and the mods. Only the mods can add new tags. We have a beginning list up now, anticipating likely categories and characters. We'll add more as recs are made, if characters and pairings, for example, aren't covered already. You can request a new tag to be added by commenting here or by contacting one of the mods. Keep in mind, again, that we'll be adding character tags as additional characters appear in recs.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have been abbreviated as SH and JW in pairings and some other places (e.g., content: sick jw). Since this recs comm is open to all versions of Sherlock Holmes, it seemed the simplest way to identify the characters. Lestrade, Gregson, and Dimmock are listed as "inspector" following ACD book canon, and Moriarty is listed only once by his (their) surname alone. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is abbreviated throughout as ACD.

*We won't add a category for "slash-if-you-squint" or similar invitations for the reader to see subtext in a story. If the author hasn't labeled her work as slash, then it's genre: gen or genre: friendship.


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