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Title: Smitty [series]
Author: NairobiWonders
Pairing: Joan Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 9440
Rating: T
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: "What Smitty Saw" - A just for fun fic, humor (hopefully), joanlock. "A Small Plus" - a sort of continuation...I swore I would never do a pregnancy story with these characters. It always seemed so OOC to imagine them as parents but cadencelili asked about it and started me thinking that perhaps with this lighter version of Sherlock and Joan it might work. It's just for fun so uhm ... Here goes.

Reccer's comments: The trials and entirely amusing tribulations of poor Officer Smitty, who has the consistent bad luck to inadvertently interrupt Sherlock and Watson - here in a previously-established, if secret, sexual relationship — in various compromising positions. That said, the author's teen rating is appropriate; sexual content is implied, not explicit. The second story is a pregnancy AU with both comic and serious elements (one of which neatly explains why Sherlock and Mycroft look nothing alike). It ends with the baby's birth; this is not kid!fic. There's a little bit of everything else though: some fluff, some case work, some curtain fic, some bickering, some hurt/comfort, some romance. The series is listed as incomplete, but both stories are finished, and nothing's been added in almost 2 years.

excerpt )
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Title: Deathfic 1899
Author: Haldane
Pairing: Various, but all one-sided.
Length: 1,493 words
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Major character death
Verse: ACD, Granada
Author's summary: Death. Fic. 1899. What it says on the tin.

Reccer's comments: Well. You may be looking at that warning and that summary and thinking, ‘This really isn’t for me.’ But this is death played firmly for laughs. The story begins with what seems to be a retelling of The Blue Carbuncle. However, things quickly take a very different path…

This is so well-structured—the joke builds and builds. There are so many wonderful lines, and the story is laugh out loud funny. Just perfect.
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Title: Tiny Little Pieces
Author: [ profile] missdaviswrites
Pairing: John Watson/Mary Morstan
Length: 1594 words
Rating: G
Warnings: No Warnings Apply
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: They watched to the end of the DVD; Sherlock smiled and winked at them and John flicked off the screen again. "So. That's Sherlock." He gave her a smile that was even more forced than the one Sherlock had just displayed. "It's funny. I'd almost forgotten what he sounded like."

Reccer's comments: I really like this one. There are so few fics about revolving Many Happy Returns (that I’ve found) and this one is heart breaking and sweet. A perfect missing scene.

MissDavis shows John’s grief in a raw and honest way, and the fic gives background to Mary’s comment “Do you have any idea what you’ve done to him?” and depth to John and Mary’s relationship.
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Title: And Silver In Our Lungs
Author: paperclipbitch
Pairing: Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes, Jamie Moriarty/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 1500
Rating: author said T; I'd call it M for description of sex
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: The London rain falls like an inevitability, and Irene Adler is waiting for her lover.

Reccer's comments: Um at this point, do I need to warn for season-one spoilers in the comments? I suppose to be safe I'll slip this under a read more. If anyone seeing this hasn't watched s1 and is still unspoiled, I recommend staying that way until you finish it.
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Title: i'm half-doomed, and you're semi-sweet (what a match)
Author: everybodylies
Pairing: Sherlock/Irene, Sherlock/Joan
Length: 6900
Rating: Gen
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary:
The love story of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson.

It takes years.

Reccer's comments: Written halfway through season one, this fic is an inadvertent AU in its vision of the course of the relationship between Holmes and Watson, how Irene Adler fits in, and how Moriarty is defeated. There are a few unplanned delights for the reader familiar with all four seasons of the show (as of the time of this rec), from a client's stray comment at the start, "Jamie? Murder somebody?" to the repeated exploration of the ways Joan chooses time and again to stay and Sherlock's shaky efforts to have faith that she will continue to do just that.

mods: can we have a tag for character: holmes' father? [in this case it's not the same as character: Morland Holmes (Elementary), but that tag might be needed eventually too.]
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Title: A 2015 Sherlock Advent Calendar
Author: Odamaki
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson; Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade; Sally Donovan/Molly Hooper (implied); Sally Donovan/Philip Anderson; James Sholto/John Watson; Mycroft Holmes/Molly Hooper
Length: 35,000 words
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Posted on Tumblr for the 25 Days of Fic-mas challenge. As many Christmassy Sherlock ficlets as I can manage between now and Christmas, based on the tags as follows: Shopping for gifts, Hot cocoa, Winter wonderland, Christmas cards, Ghost of Christmas past, Naughty and nice, The Nutcracker, Baking, Making a Christmas list, Scrooge, Mulled wine, Ugly Christmas jumpers, Warming up by the fire, Trimming the tree, Christmas party, Family traditions, Christmas without you, Mistletoe, Christmas songs, All wrapped up, Christmas movies/specials, Snowed in, All I want for Christmas is you, St. Nicholas, Christmas morning. Completed.

Reccer's comments: I feel very lucky to get the chance to rec this month, as I have been reading so much wonderful fic thanks to all the holiday fests and challenges recently. This anthology by Odamaki was one of my favorite stories to follow this December -- I was stunned by the richness, poignancy, and variety of these vignettes.

Every chapter was rewarding, and I was especially touched to read about Lestrade struggling to find a way to reconnect with his adolescent daughter; James Sholto approaching Christmas with a determination to surpass the limits placed on him by physical disability and emotional isolation; and an absolutely breath-taking magical realism AU, running across multiple chapters, which followed Sherlock and John through an intricate, absorbing and unique rendition of the Nutcracker fairytale.

I hope you enjoy this lovely collection as much as I did, and if you like, the author has devoted the final chapter to providing easy navigation links identifying the pairing and main characters of each chapter and also marking the magical realism chapters so that you can easily seek out or avoid whichever vignettes suit your taste. A beautiful wintery gift to the fandom from a very talented author.
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Title: With Your Warm Wet Mouth
Author: PhoenixFalls on AO3
Pairing: Marcus Bell/Joan Watson
Length: 972 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None apply
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: Joan is going to drive Marcus crazy. He's pretty happy at the prospect.



Sex in the workplace! A secret relationship! Marcus Bell nursing a semi! Joan's skills! No, but really. There is a lot of hotness with so few words.
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Title: Some Business of Her Own
Author: [ profile] amindamazed
Pairing: background Holmes/Watson, background Russell/Holmes, background Russell/other
Length: 4,692 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none apply
Verse: ACD Books, Mary Russell Books
Author's summary:
There are many things Holmes and I have never explicitly discussed, and the exact nature of his relationship begun with John Watson before I was born was one of them. Still, I can observe and deduce as well as the next detective, and in addition to theology and chemistry Oxford gave me an education in the wide reaches of human behavioural variability. I’ve long known that the bond between the old friends was forged from rare metals. Though perhaps not so rare as so-called polite society would admit, given Mrs. Summer’s ready assumption. Other than Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson, and the occasional elderly irregular, however, I’d never had opportunity to meet someone who’d known them both so long before I did, and more to the point who knew them as the partners they were then. Her certainty as to the nature of their partnership was more data than I’d received in some time.

Reccer's comments: I hadn’t yet read the Mary Russell stories when I first encountered “Some Business of Her Own,” but I loved it for its post-canon Kitty Winter and for its depiction of the Holmes / Watson relationship: two men who loved each other well and still do, even though they retired apart. (Oh, the simile near the end of falcon and falconer...!) People unfamiliar with the Mary Russell stories might find the first five paragraphs slow, but the rest stands well enough on its own.

Now, however, that I have the first half-dozen Mary Russell novels behind me, I consider this story a very necessary fix-it for my more persistent frustrations with the series, most notably the repeated coshing of Watson. Here, [ profile] amindamazed has given us a Mary Russell who is a bit older, and consequently just coming to understand how young she still is and how seriously she might have underestimated what she had no experience to value.

Mostly, though, I love this story for the deep respect it shows to its entire cast, its insistence that the value of one relationship doesn’t come at the expense of another, and its bittersweet optimism about love.

I closed my eyes and imagined soaring myself, a solitary gull perhaps, or an arctic tern on a voyage from pole to pole. The fierce pull I felt to make my own way was dear to my heart, more dear perhaps than those whom I loved. Except it wasn’t a choice I had to make. There was no dichotomy here, to be myself and to love. I was sure Holmes had found the same truth, for all he’d put it some other way. Or not put it any way, at all. Watson was his wordsmith, and I was my own. We didn’t need to speak for each other.

(Mods: may I please have character tags for Mary Russell and Kitty Winter?)
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Title: The White Tower and the Winding Stair
Author: CherryBlossomTide
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mycroft Holmes/Molly Hooper, Irene Adler/Kate
Length: 25,500
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Sherlock BBC (AU)
Author's summary: Molly reads a lot of fairy tales and she knows very well how this story is supposed to go. The Princess in the Tower is rescued, either by the handsome Prince or the plucky young stable boy, and then they fall in love. What definitely isn’t supposed to happen is that the handsome Prince and the stable boy fall in love with each other, while the Princess is instructed to marry the Prince’s legendarily cold-hearted brother. But life rarely goes Molly’s way.

Reccer's comments: Molly is one of my favourite characters and I think she is quite difficult to write well. In canon she’s such a mass of conflicting qualities: she can seem timid but she’s also bold, brave and able to stand up for herself; she’s socially awkward but is highly intelligent with a successful career; she can seem innocent and unworldly but as part of her job deals with the aftermath of violent deaths; she can be misled because she wants to see the good in everyone but is also observant and can see things as they really are.

Here I think the author has captured her perfectly—perhaps ironically as this is an AU. The fic is set in a fairytale-like world but a realistic one in which there are no magical solutions, and happy endings for good people are not inevitable. Molly is a princess by birth who has to learn how to be one in practice. She discovers how to be independent while at the same time gaining many friends: though Molly takes centre stage this is an ensemble piece—the cast taking on new roles but everyone recognisable and in character.

This is first and foremost a great story—you want to keep reading and find out what happens next. But it’s the quality of the writing that’ll bring you back to read it again. This was one of the submissions for the Summer 2015 [ profile] holmestice exchange and it was one of the highlights of the fest for me.
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Title: The Very Best of Times
Author: Moranion
Pairing: Mary Morstan/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mrs. Hudson/Margaret
Length: 24,009
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: N/A
Author's summary: John and Mary get divorced, but it doesn't really go the way divorces are supposed to go. In fact, nothing happens the way it's supposed to happen, but it still works out.

Reccer's comments: I do realise that Mary is a controversial character (understatement of the year: first place in its category). I like Mary and find myself able to sympathise with her but I appreciate that a story that shows her in a positive light may not appeal to everyone. However, this is an exceptional fic that certainly deserves an even wider readership.

The author has attempted something a bit different I think. The situation we are presented with at the beginning is that John and Mary love each other, John wants to trust Mary, and they had both wanted to try and save their marriage—however, it doesn’t survive. The author does say in their notes that they wanted to write a story in which John and Sherlock get together but Mary isn’t dead or a villain. And perhaps oddly, the major appeal of the fic is that nothing terribly dramatic happens: this is mainly the story of three extraordinary people having to deal with the traumatic but still everyday experience of one relationship breaking down and a new one beginning.

It’s a sweet, ultimately feel-good fic but it’s never sentimental. There is one of the loveliest descriptions of a first kiss and first time between John and Sherlock that I have ever read. And by the time we reach the conclusion we are knee-deep in happy endings but none of them feel forced or artificial. It’s just a really, really delightful fic.
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Title: Arcana
Author: rosa_acicularis
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Sherlock/fem!John
Length: 46159 words
Rating: Mature
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: Sometimes, her grandmother has said, in the simplest, strongest of magics that’s all that’s required – a sacrifice and an intent. Her blood, and his words: I want to forget.

In which Joanna Watson is a witch, Sherlock Holmes is himself, and every spell has its price.

Reccer's comments: I really have never read another fic like this one.  The descriptions of magic and the feel of it in this fic are truly astonishing; it's one of the best magical stories I've read anywhere, published or not.  The language is frequently so beautiful that it stole my breath (as did the UST!), the razored loveliness of the emotions and relationships cuts like mirror-glass, and the worldbuilding is indelible.  It makes my mouth fall open in wonder every time.  It's a stunningly beautiful piece of storytelling, and I remain a bit gratefully in awe of it.

Warning: this is a WIP and hasn't been updated since June 2013.  [ profile] rosa_acicularis hasn't forgotten about it, but please don't let its status put you off; the current chapters stop at a natural pausing point, and while there's no true resolution yet, there's no cliffhanger either.
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Title: Seven Times a Night in Baker Street
Author: achray
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Janine
Length: 4176 words
Rating: Explicit
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: “What if we experimented? Kept count? Would you be…amenable?”

“Oh my God,” said Janine. “I’m never letting you go.”

Reccer's comments: As soon as I read this, it became my head canon.  It fills in the gaps in Sherlock and Janine's relationship (and does a much better job with it than the show did, imo), and deals believably and respectfully with Sherlock's sexuality and everyone's agency, while still being a Johnlock fic at heart.  Its Sherlock POV is excellent, and Janine is nobody's fool.  It takes the mess of Series 3 and makes something intriguing and incisive and poignant from it.

(Mods, could we get tags for Sherlock/Janine and for Series 3 fics?)
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Title: A Prince Worth Waiting For
Author: [ profile] dioscureantwins
Pairings: Molly/Sherlock, Molly/Khan, Molly/Martin Crieff
Length: 13,000 words
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC, fairytale AU; crossovers with Star Trek, The Hobbit and Cabin Pressure
Author's summary:“So you think you can all come barging in here, kill my dragon, ruin my chances of a true prince rescuing me and do a disappearing act?”

Reccer's comments: I'm going to be a lazy reccer today and simply paraphrase my comment on this fic from the most recent round of [ profile] holmstice: I'm not normally a fan of fairy tale retellings but [ profile] dioscureantwins makes it really work here, turning many fairy tale conventions on their head. The humour throughout is masterful and she makes Molly conscious of the ridiculousness of her crush on Sherlock without demeaning her in any way. For me, Molly is the most difficult Sherlock character to get right so I applaud anyone else who does, and the writer gets her right down to her toes here. A wonderful read from start to finish.

Request to the mods: I will need tags for: Molly/Khan and Molly/Martin Crieff
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Title: Neither a Soldier Nor a Gentleman
Author: Francesca_Wayland
Pairing: Sherlock/Irene
Length: approx. 97,000 words
Rating: mature
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Missing series of scenes from A Scandal in Belgravia. How does Sherlock actually escape from the Karachi insurgents himself, and what happens when an adrenaline-filled Sherlock finds Irene waiting for him in his hotel room right after his audacious rescue?

Reccer's comments: How does Sherlock actually feel about Irene? We never really find out, do we? Though lots of people far cleverer than I have argued very convincingly in the end he’s not interested in her at all.

This author, however, takes whatever it was between them very seriously and boy, does she add to it to build a most convincing case for some thrilling adlock. Thrilling indeed, for this fic is a glorious ride, as well as a beautifully detailed character study, and an all-consuming romance with some lovely loving porn to top it all off.

Irene is every bit as enigmatic, apparently fickle and unreadable as she is in that wonderful episode and Sherlock, though fighting for his mental equilibrium and trying to give her as good as he gets, is hopelessly lost when she pulls open her full bag of tricks. But perhaps he should just trust her and accept that she’s fallen as hard for him as he has for her?

A beautiful study of two people falling in love, and both too proud to admit it, even to themselves.
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Title: The Queen of Gondal Series
Author: AJHall
Pairings: SH/JW, SH/OFC, JW/OFC, Mycroft/OFC, Lestrade/Donovan, Lestrade/OFC
Length: approx. 204,000 words
Rating: from teenage to explicit
Warnings: see below
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: The dying King of Gondal lays a solemn trust on John Watson, court physician; at all costs to keep the fourteen year-old Crown Princess Charis out of the clutches of the corrupt Heir of Gondal. Which means arranging her marriage to Sherlock, heir to the neighbouring throne of Gaaldine, Gondal's traditional enemy. John escorts the Crown Princess to her wedding, acutely aware of the pressure of history and unspoken - unspeakable - secrets which he had thought buried forever.

AJHall’s introduction to the series: This is a quasi-historical AU of the BBC Sherlock series set (more or less) in three fantasy kingdoms devised by the Bronte children.
The time period is roughly the late seventeenth century and readers should bear in mind that this saga contains the doings of a set of supremely dysfunctional more-or-less European Royal families steeped in the "divine right of kings" ideology of monarchy, filtered through an early nineteenth century Romantic/Gothick sensibility and then depicted using the freedom of expression afforded by the early twenty-first century internet.
Furthermore, if the Greek myths contemplated it, some member of the Royal houses of Gondal, Angria or Gaaldine has probably put it into practice somewhere.

Reccer's comments: One of the perpetual mysteries of the Sherlock fandom, and one I fear even the world’s only consulting detective will never be able to solve, is this series lack of recognition and applause. For this series contains everything to lift a girl’s heart and have her enthralled for days on end.

Imagine a swashbuckling, dashingly attractive Crown Prince who’s too clever for his own good and eternally testing the patience of his brother, the brooding crafty King who has to slalom between his Council and the eternal threat for war. Add an ever patient, loving battle-hardened doctor who has sworn to obey his liege lord even though doing so nearly breaks his heart.

Is that enough romance for you? Then take treason, double-dealing, life at court, grandiosity, magnificent balls, conspiring abbesses, golden-hearted whores, gossipy and cunning landladies, murder and mayhem, loyalty to the death and every trick the human heart is capable of and you’ll have an inkling of the contents of the fic for starters.

And the language! Oh my god, the wildly imaginative language that soars like the wild peaks of the mountains that separate the rival Kingdoms, speaks the flattering language of court officials, and is so wholly IC when dealing with the series' main protagonists. There’s humour as well, lots of it, both in the situations depicted and in the telling.

To round it all off all the OCs are just perfect, from the Crown Princess Charis herself to her mother Felicia (my favourite OC by far) and the lovely woman on whose breast King Mycroft can lay his weary head at night. The story is told from various POVs throughout, both Sherlock’s and John’s, as well as from that whole host of OCs who serve to shed new light on the characters we know so well.

What more can I say to make you sit down and start reading this? Perhaps you should just do so. You won’t regret it, I’m sure. Not one little bit.
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Title: 9:26 pm Friday
Author: makokitten
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Irene Adler
Length: 735
Rating: M
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: His schedule is almost always clear where she's concerned. She's not so generous with him. Pre-S1.

Reccer's comments:behind a cut to protect those who haven't finished Elementary s1 from a big ol' spoiler )
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Title: The Signal, The Notice Given
Author: cand86
Pairing: Gen; Tommy Gregson/Cheryl Gregson (background)
Length: 728
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: They're both talking about betrayal, but different kinds.

Reccer's comments: One of the few fics that focuses on Captain Gregson, providing a character study and possible backstory to explain the tension between him and his former partner in "One Way to Get Off," 1x07. I love this episode for many reasons, and the uncertainty about what went wrong between Gregson and D'Amico in the past is one of them. The history imagined here complicates the mistrust between them, suggesting a reason why Gregson was so willing to be in denial about her actions then, not wanting to dwell on the principles he was considering betraying at the time. A nice little bonus is a cameo by Detective Javier Abreu (last seen in the pilot).

ETA: in response to a comment, I added Het to the Pairing label as such relationships are a topic of consideration.
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Title: Complicated
Author: NyxEtoile
Pairing: Gen, Joan/Sherlock
Length: 50,000 words
Rating: T to M
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: [No series summary provided. Six stories cover friends-to-lovers developments after season 1 through multiple cases. The series is listed as not complete, but nothing has been added since October 2013, and it reaches a satisfying conclusion as is.]

Reccer's comments: I love the slow build of this series, a mix of case-fic and personal moments with a subtle but consistent weaving of character development and history. There's not a lot of case-fic for Elementary, but the first two longer installments of this series include some of the best. One with faint echoes in this reader's mind of the X-Files' "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," and another more explosive case, so to speak. The third long fic, which is also the last installment, brings back a familiar villain. Joan plays a central active role in working and solving all the cases. The three shorter pieces each bridge a transition from one level of relationship to the next. Both partners experience physical and emotional hurt over the course of the series and offer corresponding comfort to each other.

“I mean it.” She put every ounce of fear and worry and panic she’d felt in the last few seconds into those three words. “That is the last time you tell me to run and leave you behind.” His fingers flexed against hers, but he didn’t respond.

“This thing between us. The complicated. It’s strange and a little scary. But I want it. I want to see what we’ll become. Even if it’s never more then this. Even if it fizzles out in a year. Whatever happens I want to know. But it needs both of us to get there. So from here on out whatever happens we do it together. If I’m running then you’re running with me. If you’re standing and fighting then I’m right there next to you. That’s the only way this is going to work.”
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Title: What You Won't Do
Author: NoStraightLine
Pairings: John/Mary, John/Sherlock
Length: 1860 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: N/A
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: Sherlock's timing is terrible.

Reccer's comments: This is a whiskey shot of a fic: it's strong and heady and burns going down.  Sherlock goes to John and Mary's bridal shower; last-ditch efforts and unrequited love ensue.  This isn't S3-compliant, but whether you consider that a plus or not, it's well worth a read for the gorgeous erotic imagery and the unspoken emotion.
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Title: The Discernment of Spirits
Author: merripestin
Pairings: John/Sherlock, John/Sarah
Length: 7056 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: none
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: John was supposed to bring the suspect back to this hotel room to look at some fake Ming Dynasty pottery.

Sherlock wasn't expecting John to run into Sarah, finish off the case, and bring her back to the hotel for sex.

John wasn't expecting Sherlock to bug the room.

Reccer's comments: This fic walks a tightrope throughout and never falls off.  It's ostensibly about sex, but really about intimacy, and it stays true to Sherlock's asexuality while also examining the depth and complexity of his feelings for John.  It's an excellent character study, humorous, melancholy, and lovely, and it has the three-dimensionality and fine-grained attention to detail of all merripestin's work.


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