Feb. 27th, 2017

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Title: Smitty [series]
Author: NairobiWonders
Pairing: Joan Watson/Sherlock Holmes
Length: 9440
Rating: T
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: "What Smitty Saw" - A just for fun fic, humor (hopefully), joanlock. "A Small Plus" - a sort of continuation...I swore I would never do a pregnancy story with these characters. It always seemed so OOC to imagine them as parents but cadencelili asked about it and started me thinking that perhaps with this lighter version of Sherlock and Joan it might work. It's just for fun so uhm ... Here goes.

Reccer's comments: The trials and entirely amusing tribulations of poor Officer Smitty, who has the consistent bad luck to inadvertently interrupt Sherlock and Watson - here in a previously-established, if secret, sexual relationship — in various compromising positions. That said, the author's teen rating is appropriate; sexual content is implied, not explicit. The second story is a pregnancy AU with both comic and serious elements (one of which neatly explains why Sherlock and Mycroft look nothing alike). It ends with the baby's birth; this is not kid!fic. There's a little bit of everything else though: some fluff, some case work, some curtain fic, some bickering, some hurt/comfort, some romance. The series is listed as incomplete, but both stories are finished, and nothing's been added in almost 2 years.

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amindamazed: breathe deep and let go of things (elementary)
[personal profile] amindamazed
Title: In the Lab
Author: fogisbeautiful
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes & Mary Russell, with nod to future Holmes/Russell
Length: 940
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Mary Russell - Laurie R. King
Author's summary: Sherlock's thoughts when Mary Russell visits the cottage while they are "fighting".

Reccer's comments: I love alternate POV in general, but I'm particularly fond of getting a bit of Holmes' voice in this verse, given the ubiquity of Russell in most of the books. I consider her to be a highly unreliable narrator, both intentionally and unintentionally, which is one of the things I enjoy the most in the series. Every now and then King gives the reader evidence for that from other characters, but not often enough for my greedy soul. In this short scene, we get Holmes' side of the short unhappy meeting in Sussex and find that he's as distraught and lost in their all-too-successful plan of estrangement as Russell has been.

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