Sep. 16th, 2014

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Title: It’s complicated (chap. 1, chap. 2, chap. 3, chap. 4, chap. 5)
Author: [ profile] r_scribbles
Pairing: past Sherlock Holmes/Victor Trevor.
Length: ca 16 500 words
Rating: Teen and up.
Warnings: Discussion of underage sex and possible dub-con.
Verse: Sherlock BBC.

Author's summary: No coherent summary available, but a patchwork of the chapter summaries sounds like this:

This story contains the mystery of a stolen Mercedes, talk of Facebook Etiquette, and Sherlock taking off his trousers. Twice. And telling us what kind of shampoo he uses. John comes out with some impressive Swears. Sherlock is an Air Kisser and a Shy Pisser. Lots of Mycroft being badass. John making Fake Sex Noise and Sherlock thoroughly abusing the Welsh language.

Reccer's comments: The summary, though the patchwork is my work, the words and descriptions are all [ profile] r_scribbles and the fic is written with just the same humor and sass. That last part, about Sherlock thoroughly abusing the Welsh language, is by the way how I think about this fic in my mind library and I smile every time I do so because this fic is delightful.

This is my absolute favourite of the “pretending to be a couple”-trope, partly because it’s not an excuse to get the boys together, but mostly because it’s such a fun, yet moving, fic. It’s a touching story about friendship and the ridiculous things you sometimes end up doing for your friends. It’s a post-pool fic, so parts (like Sherlock’s family history) have been jossed, but that doesn’t take anything from the fic. It doesn’t portray Victor Trevor in a very good light, so know that going in if you’re a Victor fan.

I put in links to all five chapters because there is no “next chapter” or the like at the bottom of each.


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