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Title: The Domesticated Detective series
Author: sans_patronymic / [ profile] sanspatronymic
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Length: currently 15K words in three stories
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Verse: ACD canon
Author's summary: Holmes's inability to attend to basic domestic chores causes friction between him and Watson. Featuring musings, squabbling, and eventual makeup sex.

Reccer's comments: Holmes and Watson have retired to Sussex together, and while living out his life with John Watson should be the stuff of Holmes' dreams -- nay, is the stuff of his dreams -- there yet remain all the pesky domestic details that must be solved again, and again, and once again after that. Such as the dishes. The everlasting dishes, which were washed yesterday, and must be washed again today, and will certainly need washing again tomorrow. For, as Holmes tells us in the opening of the second story, "The Sisyphean Art":

These recent years have brought to light many interesting truths regarding the complexities of human relations, and foremost is this: It is one thing to live with a man and quite another to set up a household with him.

This series is exquisite in its detailing of the frustrations and grace of a marriage: not only how a petty fight about making the bed can spiral beyond all reason or a sink of dirty dishes can drive one to despair, but also how well-earned exasperation from one's partner in one moment can transform to forgiveness and compassion in the next. The author has tagged these "domestic fluff," which is accurate enough, but also fails to capture the rindokulousness of being human, and the wrench of being loved far better than you (or really anyone) could possibly deserve.

And the writing is gorgeous, too.


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