Aug. 18th, 2014

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Title: Nothing Else Matters also here at AO3
Author: [ profile] achray
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: approx. 19,100 words
Rating: mature
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Caution seemed characteristic of Sherlock now, along with the kind of careful thought about John’s likely reaction that he’d so completely failed to apply the one time it had really mattered.

Reccer's comments: Heroes don’t exist and neither do saints and if they did John Watson wouldn’t be one of them. That, I think, sums up the content of this fic in a nutshell.

This fic is a study in anger and the self-justification of that anger. Written before S3 the writer shows us a John who’s built himself a new life after Sherlock threw himself from a rooftop and who, when confronted with a suddenly very alive Sherlock, reacts with anger. Fully justified anger, at least in his opinion.

Of course Sherlock ignores the fact that John might have had a difficult time, having to come to terms with the death of his best friend and how John was unable to prevent it. No, the insufferable selfish git asks him to return to Baker Street and continue as if nothing ever happened. How dare he?

As the writer keeps us continuously locked in John’s head she very cleverly has us sympathise with John’s grievances, even though we know Sherlock actually did it because he had no choice and in order to protect his friends. He could explain it, after all, couldn’t he? But no, he goes chasing after criminals again, together with Lestrade, and he expects John to bloody well join them.

Anger can be such a convenient excuse not to look at what is actually right in front of your eyes. For of course the red veil gets ripped away, and John finds he may have even more to regret.
The ending however, is waveringly hopeful.

What I loved about this fic is John’s portrayal as a very human human being. Too often he’s written as the essence of patience and goodness, silently suffering next to a stroppy Sherlock. Here we’re shown he actually has less admirable character traits. I find that touch of human frailty and pettiness just adds to the appeal of his character.


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