Mar. 28th, 2017

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Title: Hounded
Author: Random Phantom
Pairing: Gen
Length: 23K words
Rating: K (suitable for most ages)
Verse: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Roxburgh and Hart, 2002)
Author's summary: My entry into Challenge 010 at the Watson's Woes livejournal; an AU story featuring an alternative ending to the 2002 Hound of the Baskervilles. Watson has to face the hound by himself; and the consequences change him in a way he never expected.

Reccer's comments: Ian Hart's Watson was a paragon among Watsons—competent, skilled, active, noble, and valiant—and in "Hounded" he continues to show his stuff. In this AU of the film, Watson gets to Sir Henry in time to save him from being savaged by the Hound, but at the cost of being savaged himself.

But not just savaged, because that dog wasn't just an abnormally large hunting hound. ;-)

What follows is a solid adventure with an ample dose of hurt/comfort. Watson retains his pawky sense of humor (and all the other noble traits we love him for), and Holmes rises to the occasion, determined to be the most loyal friend a new werewolf could want.

Happily, no familiarity with the Roxburgh film is needed, as "Hounded" goes AU from the film just before the film goes AU from the novel. If you already know the basic plot of HOUN, you're in great shape. Furthermore, the fraught Holmes-and-Watson relationship in the film is absent from this story, so again, no familiarity with the film is needed. (This Holmes reminds me more of Cushing or Brett than of Roxburgh; I personally do not consider this a fault, but ymmv.)

"Hounded" also has an incomplete sequel, "The Hour of the Wolf," which is a little angstier in tone than the original. It currently stands at 40K words, and was last updated in 2010. I found it a satisfying read, but I mostly just wanted more Holmes and Watson being good partners to each other — which it delivered, despite the incomplete plot arc.


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