Dec. 2nd, 2014

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The end of the year, and a month of much seasonal fest goodness: December, at last.

Welcome to this month's crew: [ profile] rachelindeed, [ profile] dognmonkeyshow, [ profile] swissmarg, [ profile] nathaniel_hp, and [ profile] tripleransom. Thank you so much for volunteering, and we look forward to your posts.

Many thanks as well for the brilliant and tantalizing posts of our November reccers: [ profile] pyjamapants, [ profile] holyfant, [ profile] obscuriglobus, and [ profile] k_e_p.

Sign-ups are now open for January.
As always, we take the first five who sign up for the month. All are welcome, though you must be a member of the comm to make posts. We ask that reccers make between four and twelve recs for the month, and wait three months before posting again.

We welcome recs for old and new completed fic, vids, art, podfic, and meta, for any version of Sherlock Holmes.

Sign up here!  Info and Guidelines here.

Please contact a mod or leave a comment with any questions.
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Title: Read My Mind
Music Title & Artist: "Read My Mind" by The Killers
Vidder: Di Wey
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, and we see many ensemble characters in passing
Verse: Granada
Link: There is an announcement page on LJ for this vid, but unfortunately the streaming links on that page don't seem to work anymore, so I will also provide a working streaming link on YouTube.

Reccer's Comments: Here we are in lovely, chilly December, so why not spend a few minutes basking in the warm glow of Granada's Holmes and Watson? I love a lot of Granada vids, but this one might just be my favorite. Its video quality is not the best (I wouldn't recommend watching it full screen), but the editing is superlative. There are so many delightful matches between the song lyrics and the episodes' visuals, from concrete images ("green light," "trampoline") to delightful thematic ironies ("you never returned that call" is perhaps my favorite; you will see why!) The repeated chorus -- "can you read my mind?" -- is both a perfect, playful motto for Holmes, and a beautiful fit for the genre of the vid itself, in which the dialogue falls away and the actors' gestures and expressions are allowed to sing :)


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