Nov. 16th, 2014

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Title: And also with you.
Author: reckonedrightly
Pairing: genderqueer!Jim Moriarty/Irene Adler
Length: 6,513 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: violence, underage (characters are both 15 years old), cissexism, misgendering
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: "And then there’s him and he’s him, he’s Jim, he’s the default and now when he looks in the mirror there is nothing between himself and himself. He’s there, he is sharp, his corners meet his corners and he is so damn well pressed it’s like he was never folded."

Jim is a he like God is a he; Irene Adler is always the Woman.

Reccer's comments: I think I've probably read this fic twenty times by now – every time it blows me away with its razor-sharp dialogue, language flowing like poetry, flashes of humour and stunning views on gender and sex. There's enough reference to the canon events of A Scandal in Belgravia to make this canon-compliant; it just feels so real, like this is exactly what must have happened between Jim and Irene. I love how they are matched word for word, that neither of them is really smarter or stronger than the other, and how they're constantly trying to trick each other into making a mistake. It feels very true to these characters. What I love most about this fic is the references to wee!Jim's childhood as an Irish child moving from female to male and inbetween. There is so much beautiful loveliness to sample in this story, and so much ugly violence, and it all works together incredibly well.

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(dear mods, could I get a "pairing: moriarty/irene adler" tag, please? <3)


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