Oct. 18th, 2014

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Title: portrait of the detective as a young woman
Author: coffeesuperhero
Pairing: Gen
Length: 2139
Rating: Gen
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: The truth is, Joan Watson has always loved a good mystery. This was written before "M" aired, so spoilers up through 1x11, "Dirty Laundry."
Reccer's comments: What it says on the tin: a collection of moments as Joan grows up, highlighting her life-long attraction to mystery stories and determination to work hard and succeed. Jossed, as it was written in the middle of season 1 and extrapolates to her staying on as a detective, but the backstory works regardless. The scenes portray Joan alone by choice - reading a favorite Poe story, seeking solitary study space because getting the best grade in the class is more important than the camaraderie of her not-so-driven friends - but also soaking up the companionship of a kindred spirit like dry soil after the first rain. The concluding section is now AU and introduces her partnership with Sherlock at the moment she decided to stay on after her sober companion contract ends. It features a charming negotiation of her terms with Sherlock. I don't think I've read another fic that introduces the Holmes & Watson partnership at this moment, without reference to who they were when they first met; feels lighter without the weight of malpractice and addiction. Not that their histories are denied by implication; it's simply not the view from this window into Joan's life. I always love good backstory and in particular exploration of why Joan wants to work with Sherlock as the show still hasn't said much about that.


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