Jun. 6th, 2014

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Title: On any given day
Author: nairobiwonders on AO3 and Tumblr
Pairing: none
Word Count: 392
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None apply
Verse: Elementary

Author's summary: You never know what you'll walk into when you drop by the brownstone. Short slice of life vignette, post-The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville so some spoilers for that episode, Ears to You and The One Percent Solution. Hopefully humorous.

Reccer's comments: A very much humourous slice-of-life-at-the-brownstone fic! Detective Marcus Bell visits the brownstone to give something to Sherlock and Joan. His reactions to the shenanigans going on there are spot on.
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Hi, all --

We're looking for reccers for July. As always, the comm is open to recs for old and new fic, vids, art, podfic, and meta, for any version of Sherlock Holmes. We ask for between four and twelve recs for the month, and that reccers wait three months before returning.

Sign up here!  Info and Guidelines here.

Please contact one of the mods with any questions.


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