May. 16th, 2014

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Title: all the honey in the hive
Author: scioscribe
Pairing: Gen
Length: 2,157 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None apply
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: You’ll tell me I’m mixing my metaphors, but I’m only trying to be precise in describing your confusion.

Reccer's comments:
Most of the fics I’ve recced thus far this month have been fluffy and domestic. This is absolutely not. This is a Sherlock-is-relapsing fic, and it is absolutely gorgeous, twisting and thorny and razor-sharp.

This is a literate and literary fic, referencing Milton and switching effortlessly between second first* and third person while never leaving Joan’s point of view, and when I first read it it reduced me to cursing inarticulateness. It is carefully measured and so much more heartbreaking as a result. It’s the sort of fic that inspires me to work on my own writing, in the hopes that someday I might move someone else as I have been moved.

*See comment from [ profile] unovis.


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