Apr. 27th, 2014

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It's easy, it's fun, and we're always interested in new blood and different choices. The comm is open to recs for old and new fic, vids, art, podfic, and meta, for any version of Sherlock Holmes. We ask for between four and twelve recs for the month -- seen anything interesting coming out of the new season of Sherlock? Of the current season of Elementary? Of the gold standard, Doyle's original canon? Tell us about it. Sign up here! 

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Title: Not You
Author: KerkerianHorizon
Pairing: Background John/Mary
Length: 1,500 words
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: Sherlock's behaviour towards the end of his Best Man speech was odd, even for him. John wants to find out why.

Reccer's comments: This was written directly after The Sign of Three, so it doesn't take into account that for some reason or other, Sherlock and John haven't met for ages after the latter's wedding. Here, John goes to see Sherlock as soon as he's back from his honeymoon. Just to be safe, he brings along a bottle of wine because he's learnt during their disastrous stag night that it's easier to get Sherlock to talk once he's consumed a bit of alcohol. Of course Sherlock immediately deduces the purpose of the bottle, but he nonetheless complies and they talk.

I really love the basic notion behind this story that it's so much easier to make grand vows of love and friendship on a special day like a wedding than to keep them and to talk about feelings in everyday life situtations, especially where two  tight-lipped British men are concerned. The ordinariness of their surroundings and the occasion as well as the small-talk they make highlights their boundless friendship and loyalty all the more keenly. The understated way in which Sherlock shows how much he cares about John, stating that he composed a waltz for his wedding because he wanted to give him "something slightly more distinguished than a salad spinner" is absolutely gorgeous.

Also, I'm so happy that John is depicted as stubborn in the best of ways, not giving up until he gets Sherlock to talk, even though he doesn't feel like talking any more than Sherlock does, simply because he realises that it's important for both of them to really be on the same page again. This is the only S3 story I've read where John and Sherlock actually close the whole Reichenbach and less-than-successful reunion chapter for once and for all, by honestly admitting that Sherlock's still struggling to re-adapt to life in London and that John's still having trouble to re-integrate Sherlock into his life with Mary. This leaves you with the good feeling that these people, even if they're not married and romantically involved, now finally understand each other and can move on together towards a bright new future.


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