Apr. 5th, 2014

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Title: Circus
Music Title & Artist: "Circus" by Britney Spears
Vidder: Dunalqua
Pairing or Character: Holmes-centric
Verse: Granada
Link: Circus vid link

Reccer's Comments: (A quick note: the link I've provided was the closest I could find to an "announcement page" for the vid, but it's obviously not an LJ, DW, or IJ site. If for any reason you don't want to use the sachinindia link, the vid is also directly available on YouTube if you search "Circus Sherlock Holmes." I have not had any problems with the sachinindia site).

OK, so, I find this vid completely adorable. It's three minutes of pure celebration of Jeremy Brett's expressions, which never fail to make me happy. The marriage of Britney Spears and Granada Holmes may seem bizarre at first, but this vid really captures the larger than life sense of fun those episodes had, and the sense that every move Holmes made had DRAMA written all over it :)

It also has some fun visual puns and episode in-jokes which I've enjoyed: it plays with the verse "I'm ready to brake/break," first with a shot of Holmes skidding to a stop (ready to brake), then with a close-up of him preparing to break the statue in The Six Napoleons (ready to break). For the verse "everybody gonna trip" the vidder playfully focuses on Holmes dismounting from a horse and half-way tripping over his cane, which has gotten tangled with the horse's reins (one of my favorite little flubs in the episodes, just for how gracefully Brett works his way around it). There are a lot of charming visual choices to match the lyrics, but at the end of the day this is largely just an excuse to revel in Brett's face and movement for a few minutes. It certainly makes my week-end brighter :)
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Title: What’s in a girl’s heart, also here at AO3
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] trishkafibble
Pairing: none
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC/Cabin Pressure crossover

Reccer's comments: This brilliant manip makes my day every time I look at it.

It’s part of a cooperation between me and this brilliant artist for the Sherlock Big Bang round in 2012 (I checked with the mods whether I was allowed to rec this. I was. Thank you, mods). I was completely chuffed when the artist first sent this to me and sat staring in silent admiration at the screen for about fifteen minutes straight.

What we see here is the moment when Sherlock finally discovers why Molly has been less than accommodating lately, with regard to supplying him with body parts. I think it’s very smart to show us his outraged features in the reflection of Molly’s laptop screen. And I greatly admire the reflection of the ceiling lights above his head. Molly’s desktop is an explosion of fun accessories, every bit as girly and fluffy as the design of her blog. The pictures of Toby have been replaced by pictures of a wholly different creature but traces of Toby remain, in the mouse pad and some silly, fluffy statues. I just love the mug with the picture that combines both Molly’s and Martin’s other big passions in the form of the cats in aeroplane seats.

Then there are all the pictures of Martin, and Molly and Martin, and even one of Toby and Martin, which must be my favourite. The photo frames make me LOL every time, they’re so much like Molly with all the hearts and flowers, except for that very special one Martin presented her with of course. And then there’s the Toblerone Martin got for her at Zurich Airport. Planes, and hearts and cats abound in a frilly abundance of special Molly/Martin love.

Yet you nowhere get the idea that this was photo shopped and not an actual scene being filmed. So the picture is not only fun but an extremely clever piece of photo manipping as well. In the post the artist has also included some of the pictures she used to create her work. They help you to even better appreciate the piece. When I think of the endless patience and love that must have gone in creating this wonderful picture, with all its pictures in the picture, my mind just boggles.


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