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Title: BBC Sherlock - Rubiks Cube
Music Title & Artist: "Rubik's Cube" by Athlete
Vidder: Loony Lovegood
Pairing or Character: Sherlock/John
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Link: This is a YouTube link: Rubiks Cube vid

Reccer's Comments: This vid kind of leaves me speechless. The song is so painfully perfect, the sound of it a gentle mix of hope and melancholy.  The vidder has found images and visual parallels that really touch my heart. The vid builds up to the Reichenbach climax with all the emotional weight the story deserves. This is a vid about both Sherlock and John chasing the solutions to their cases while a more important mystery builds silently between the two of them. They each search their own feelings, trying to understand themselves, but they run out of time before they get to share any sort of answer.

It's a beautiful, beautiful summation of the first two series of this show, and only has about 50 views! I hope you will give this vid a try, it deserves more attention and I believe you won't regret it.

Excerpt of the song's lyrics:

The world is too heavy
Too big for my shoulders
Come take this weight off me now

Thousands of answers
To one simple question
Come take this weight off me now

Oh I'm like a kid who just won't let it go
Twisting and turning the colors in rows
I'm so intent to find out what it is
This is my Rubik's cube
I know I will figure it out.


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Title: BBC Sherlock Theme (Indian Jam)
Music Title & Artist: The BBC Sherlock Theme, originally composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, here with new arrangement/composition by Tushar Lall; Samay Lalwani is playing percussion and Prathamesh Salunke is on flute.
Vidder: Filmed and edited by Tuhin Mukherjee & Amitesh Mukherjee under the auspices of the Indian Jam Project.
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Link: This link goes to the Indian Jam Project's Video page -- if you scroll down, you will find a link to the BBC Sherlock Theme toward the bottom of the page. BBC Sherlock Theme (Indian Jam) vid

Reccer's Comments: This is a lovely, intriguing rendition of the opening music to the BBC Sherlock series. According to their website, the lead composer of the Indian Jam Project, Tushar Lall, "is attempting to knit classical Indian tones into the script of western music to showcase the beauty of Indian Music. It is a one of a kind concept where fusion of Indo-western styles of music produces a concoction which is deeply emotive as well as thought-provoking, showing that music transcends boundaries and has no language." Take two and a half minutes to give your ear a treat and appreciate this beautiful reminder of our multicultural fandom.
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Music Title & Artist: Peter Murphy - A Strange Kind of Love
Vidder: Barbuzuka
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Verse: Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson (1980)
Link: on youtube (no announcement post)

Reccer's Comments: I began the month with a Whitehead/Pickering rec, and I'm in the mood to be self-indulgent and end the month with one, too.

I was under the impression that there weren't any Whitehead/Pickering vids on the internet anymore, but then a friend sent me this and I about died with glee. I love their stupid smiles, and their stupid shared glances, and their stupid touching, and Holmes' stupid trolling of Watson, and Watson's stupid inability to stop watching Holmes. There is not one single thing that is sophisticated about my enjoyment of this vid: it just makes me happy.

(And please let me apologize in advance for the poor quality of the footage: this vid was made a while back -- as you can tell by the older vidding style -- when the only footage generally available was a set of not-pristine VHS rips. But even with the blurry footage and wonky color: it makes me happy.)
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Music Title & Artist: Dixon's Girl - Dessa
Vidder: stardust_rain
Pairing or Character: Joan Watson, Sally Donovan, Soo Lin Yao, more
Verse: Elementary, Sherlock BBC
Warnings: fast cuts; canon-typical violence against women; blood, corpses, autopsy
Link: Dreamwidth announcement post
Author's summary: You gotta be big to treat pretty girls bad. A kinda-sorta crossover. (or: Breaking the fourth wall with Joan Watson and Sally Donovan.) A meta-vid.

Reccer's Comments: Joan Watson occupies a unique position in film-and-screen Holmesiana, being both a Watson and a woman of color. I've seen meta about how she fits into the long, long history of Watsons, but "Dixon's Girl" positions her as an heir to other female characters of color in Holmesiana: in this case, Sally Donovan, Soo Lin Yao, and General Shan, all from Sherlock BBC, one of the vanishingly few Holmesian adaptations with named women of color.

There are many layers of discussion in "Dixon's Girl": references to the backlash against Lucy Liu's casting; a takedown of the argument that Joan should not to be celebrated because she is 'just' a Watson; a critique of some elements common between the two shows...

...but it's also very much a vid about longing and hope. About rooting for Sally Donovan and Soo Lin while longing for a thing that you feel like you'll never have, and the hope that with Joan Watson, you might finally, maybe, get to have it.
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Music Title & Artist: "Love Game" by The Vitamin String Quartet (Lady Gaga cover)
Vidder: redscullyrevival | GeekyKristie
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes & Joan Watson
Verse: Elementary
Warnings: blood, corpses, drug paraphenalia.
Link: tumblr announcement post (and on youtube, because tumblr URLs are exceptionally fragile)
Vidder's Summary: Different kinds of love, different kinds of games; the evolution of relationships.

Reccer's Comments: A beautiful study of the progression of the S1 partnership, from its origination in a paid sober companion and her resentful client, building through the tricky business of learning to work with each other instead of against each other, to the ultimate triumph of teamwork and trust against a manipulative mastermind. The music is by turns prickly and lyrical as the vid details the frustrations and rewards of the developing partnership, and the absence of vocals allow us to observe the dynamic on our own terms. Various events of the S1 arc are obliquely referenced, but the vid relentlessly returns to the painstaking slog of the work, to the hours upon hours, casefile after casefile, that these two spent building their partnership.

There's a cry you sometimes hear in the Elementary fandom that no one is here for the cases, that we care more about the partnership, the character development and backstories, and less about the whodunnit of the week. (Unsurprising! By the end of the current season, we'll have seen twice as many cases as were in the original canon, and even those original sixty cases had more than a few retreads and what-were-you-thinkings among them.) Even Holmes himself has commented this season that he's come to re-evaluate the relative importance of the work in his life. "Love Game" was made immediately after the S1 finale, but its casefile-centric perspective of the Holmes and Watson relationship makes it fascinating to rewatch as the first seeds of that long, long arc:

When you and I first started, I quickly recognized your merits both as a detective in your own right and that you facilitated in my own process. I’m better at the work I do because of you, but over the years the relative importance of those those two values has flipped. I now value the work that we do first and foremost because I do it with you.
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Music Title & Artist: "Everybody Loves Me," One Republic
Vidder: Caesarevich
Character: Sherlock Holmes
Verse: шерлок холмс | Sherlock Holmes (TV 2013) (aka New Russian Holmes)
Link: tumblr announcement post

Reccer's Comments: A central premise of the 2013 Russian series is that the cool calculating machine we know from canon is a fiction: when Dr. Watson sat down to write about his brilliant, passionate, cocksure, hot mess of a flatmate, his editors refused to publish it until he knocked down Holmes' rough edges, revising him into an idealized hero that everyone could love.

The song choice here is obviously a play on that premise: this is a vid about that unrevised, passionate, cocksure, hot mess of a man, the one whom everyone doesn't love, but who operates in perfect confidence that surely everyone will love him any minute now. (LISTEN JOHN LISTEN TO MY DEDUCTIONS ABOUT YOUR FATHER'S WATCH) Of course, we-the-fans-of-the-series love him anyway, and this vid gives a taste of why.

It's also a lovely bit of editing, dynamic and energetic, with a strong sense of character and motion. At only 25 secs, it's a quick watch, and it never fails to make me laugh.
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Title: Untitled
Music Title & Artist: "History Maker" by Dean Fujioka (theme song from Yuri on Ice)
Vidder: vanetti
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Verse: BBC
Link: +Here on the vidder's tumblr

Reccer's Comments: This fanvid requires some additional context to fully appreciate. The music is the theme song to a Japanese anime, Yuri on Ice, which has been described by the Anime News Network as portraying "two complex characters of the same gender who harbor a directly sexual and romantic attraction to each other". In other words, a connection has already been established to a gay romance. In the fanvid, the song therefore urges an interpretation of Sherlock and John as couple both in the past (TAB) and present day, with the implication that their portrayal as a gay couple would be groundbreaking and make history. The song and the video are upbeat, optimistic, uplifting and empowering, and just made me feel really good about everything.
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Title: Fix You
Music Title & Artist: "Fix You" by Coldplay
Vidder: givemeanimeanyday
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson, unresolved John Watson/Mary Morstan
Verse: Granada
Link: There is no announcement post for this vid, so this link goes to YouTube: Fix You vid

Reccer's Comments: I feel so lucky that there are so many wonderful Granada vids out there -- it's a tribute to how well the series has aged and how much it is still loved by Holmes fans. This vid is a favorite of mine, with well-chosen edits that highlight the inescapable melancholy of Brett's Holmes before showing the way his darker moments are transformed into energy, warmth, and joy in Watson's presence. It shows how Holmes helps Watson heal from the disappointments and loneliness of his life as well. A lovely tribute to their friendship and to the actors who created this wonderful series.
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Title: Hallelujah
Music Title & Artist: Hallelujah (cover) by Imogen Heap
Vidder: hotandcoldcollision
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson (the pairing is however you see them in canon)
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Link: No announcement page exists, so this link is to YouTube: Hallelujah vid

Reccer's Comments: This vid was made within a week of the airing of the BBC series 2 finale, The Reichenbach Fall. The whole fandom was riding high on emotion, and this vid remains my favorite response to the Reichenbach storyline. I love its slow pace, its deliberation and simplicity. The vidder selected just the right images for every line of the lyrics, and Imogen Heap's rendition of this iconic song is so haunting and soulful. Even years later, this creation still touches my heart.
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Title: We Were Young
Music Title & Artist: 岁月轻狂(Echoes Of The Rainbow) by 李治廷
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] kasuko1412
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes/James Moriarty
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Link: Announcement post
Vidder's summary: Jim and Sherlock met each other at an early age. They were made for each other, but, they can only be together in the next life.

Reccer's Comments: A sweet and sad story of two boys meeting, growing up, and growing apart. Or do they really? The video is beautifully edited, with good picks for young Sherlock and young Jim, and splendid use of other material featuring Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott.

It's a really emotional watch.

Last, I hope I got the title of the song and the name of the artist right. If I didn't, please tell me and I'll edit it.
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Title: Something Good (Will Come From That)
Music Title & Artist: Would You Like to Take a Walk? by The Sunshine Boys
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] sanguinity
Pairing or Character: Holmes & Watson
Verse: 54 different adaptations - see full list at vid page
Link: AO3 | tumblr
Reccer's Comments:
For me, this is the ultimate Holmes & Watson vid. [livejournal.com profile] sanguinity summarized it as "100 years of moving pictures about Holmes & Watson," and that is exactly what it is and yet it conveys none of the sheer majesty that is the result. As I noted above, sanguinity used 54 different adaptations as source material -- all the biggies are there, BBC Sherlock, the Ritchie/RDJ movies, Granada, Elementary; the less common but still not unexpected adaptations like both Russian Holmes series, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, and Young Sherlock Holmes; several different Holmesian cartoons like The Great Mouse Detective, Sherlock Hound, and Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century; silent movies and web series like Herlock and entirely fanmade 'verses like 221B Baker Towers; and adaptations from Japan, China, Korea, India, and Brazil in addition to the Anglophonic and Russian adaptations we're more familiar with. It's very, very tempting to call the vid "all the Holmeses and all the Watsons," but I don't recommend doing so because sanguinity will immediately pop up to explain exactly how many Holmeses & Watsons didn't make the cut.

But the sheer genius of the vid, beyond its scope, is how much a love letter it is, not only to Holmes & Watson but to fandom and fannishness in general. Because the way sanguinity put all these sources together, arranged around themes like walking arm in arm, or Holmes torturing Watson with his violin, or Reichenbach, highlights how in conversation they all are with each other. All the adaptations are, after all, fanworks of one original canon; and cut together like this there is a amazing sense of Holmesiana being one enormous, chaotic, joyous fandom, spanning decades and continents. The effect is delightful, overwhelming in the best way, and utterly charming.

And once you've watched the vid a couple (hundred) times, I strongly recommend reading the commentary posted as chapters 2 & 3 at the AO3 link. The process of sourcing and making the vid (and the various ways sanguinity cut down the multitude of adaptations into something manageable) is fascinating. But more than that, watching so many adaptations in a fairly close time frame (and with an eye to using them for a vid) gave sanguinity a unique perspective on how Holmes & Watson get interpreted in visual canons. She discusses how technological changes affected adaptational styles; the rise and fall of various tropes (it apparently has not always been the case that it is "always 1895"!); diversity in casting; and the relative shippiness of different adaptations. Reading about the vid is just as rewarding as watching the vid itself, even at 9,000 words. :)
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Title: and you let her go
Music Title & Artist: Let Her Go - Passenger
Vidder: neopuff on Tumblr
Pairing or Character: Joan Watson/Marcus Bell
Verse: Elementary
Link: Posting on Tumblr

Reccer's Comments: This is only a 51-second vid, but oh, this hits my short/small-things-that-pack-a-major-punch sweet spot SO MUCH.

(content notes: Gunshot at :27 mark.)
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Title: The Bedroom Hymns
Music Title & Artist: "Bedroom Hymns" by Florence + the Machine
Vidder: thisismycalling on LJ, gabygal7 on YouTube
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson; Sherlock Holmes, John Watson (the vidder says it can be taken as gen or slash)
Verse: Ritchie films
Link: Link to the announcement post on LJ -- (to play the vid, click on the links provided to youtube or mediafire)

Reccer's Comments: The title makes this sound steamy, but it's really more of an action vid with underlying emotion, much like the films themselves. It's wonderfully well-edited and fast paced. As for the music, the sound of this particular band really captures the percussive, wild energy of the Ritchie films. And I love what the vidder has done with some of the lyrics, comparing the ways that Holmes and Watson make sacrifices for one another ("I did this for you") and intercutting the many ways they come together, flesh and blood, in a battle, in a ballroom, and in moments of death and rebirth.
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Title: I Found
Music Title & Artist: I Found by Amber Run
Vidder: Eurippa See on Youtube / lifetenwaystillthursday on tumblr
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Verse: Sherlock BBC (TAB)
Link: Vidder's announcement on tumblr
Vidder's Summary: A short little fanvid to help with the emotions of having seen the Sherlock Special and also having to wait another year for another episode.

Reccer's Comments: I’ll be honest, I didn’t see The Abominable Bride as the gayest episode ever. I mean, yes, Moriarty and the gun, the moment in the greenhouse, but overall I didn’t feel like the whole point of the episode was John and Sherlock’s relationship. This video just might change my mind. It’s beautifully angsty and heartbreaking, depicting a yearning, lonely Holmes escaping what he believes to be unrequited love (or maybe just a love that’s impossible to consummate) through drugs. I especially like that this remains entirely within the Victorian era, and the final shot gave me shivers.
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Title: Sherlock: The Story of Redbeard
Music Title & Artist: None (voiceovers and background soundtracks only)
Vidder: beautifullytragic6
Pairing or Character: Sherlock Holmes, 'the other one', additional cast (Gen)
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Link: Vidder's announcement on tumblr
Vidder's Summary: This was partly inspired by a tumblr post I read the other day! The gist is that "Redbeard" is in fact Mycroft and Sherlock's older brother.

Reccer's Comments: Sorry for posting 2 recs in one day but I just watched this and cannot wait to share it! To put a twist on an old saying, I think this vidder could probably make a video of a phone book and I’d beg for more. This is far from a phone book, though. This is a gut-wrenching, high-tension, expertly edited work of art that in all honesty is probably better than whatever the writers on the real show will do with Redbeard. This is based on a fan theory (you can see it here, by @wellthengameover) that in itself is highly seductive and that’s what makes this fanvid even more exceptional for me, because the creator has basically brought someone else’s vision to life, gone out and found footage from several other sources – including Amanda Abbington in Cuffs, which is super awesome and the first time I’ve seen Cuffs used in a Sherlock fanvid – and made it one step closer to reality. Even if it turns out that Redbeard really was just a dog, and is never mentioned again, that doesn’t matter because we have this, we have the entire story here, and it is beautiful and emotional and real.

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Title: Eine Kleine Baker Street
Music Title & Artist: W.A. Mozart, "Eine kleine Nachtmusik"
Vidder: Digital Sherlock / Zuza Ritt
Pairing or Character: None - unless you count 221B Baker Street as a character
Verse: Sherlock (BBC)
Link: Vidder's post on tumblr
Reccer's Comments: The vidder has recreated the living room and kitchen sets of 221B Baker Street in 3D animation, in beautiful and painstaking detail. I can’t even imagine how long this took. There is just so much to take in, from the wallpaper, artwork, and furnishings to all of the clutter and bric-a-brac, including such iconic pieces as Sherlock’s violin, the skull, and even a bevy of paper swans. (Yes, I had to look that word up!) Not only that, but the whole thing is set in charming motion in a Fantasia-like dance to Mozart’s "Eine kleine Nachtmusik", with a large dose of humor and canon references.
The creator has also set up a entire tumblr blog with screenshots from the project, where you can view and appreciate each scene at your leisure: http://digitalsherlock.zuzaritt.com/.
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Title: Into the Fire
Music Title & Artist: "Into the Fire (Acoustic)" by Thirteen Senses
Vidder: Dunalqua
Pairing or Character: Holmes/Watson
Verse: Granada
Link: There is no announcement post, so the link is to Youtube: Into the Fire vid

Reccer's Comments: This vid owns my heart because it is a celebration of quiet, restrained, dazzling intimacy. The slight, graceful gestures, the glancing looks, the teasing smiles. Walking together down a busy street or a country lane, leaning toward each other, sharing a meal, touching a shoulder, lighting a cigarette, falling asleep. This vid wraps you up in the sheer warmth and beauty of these men's shared lives and the joy they take in each other and then unrepentantly punches you in the face with Reichenbach angst and walks away, its job well done.

In short, this is a tribute to the first Jeremy Brett series, and what a glorious tribute it is. The UST positively simmers, and I say that as someone who never particularly connected with David Burke's Watson (though of course I appreciate that many here love him and I would never argue with that.) He is not a personal favorite of mine, but watching this vid it is undeniable that both actors from the very beginning used their physicality to wordlessly establish a relationship between these characters of tremendous warmth and mutual fascination, and I cannot applaud them enough for the direction in which they took Holmes and Watson and the way they reached out to each other in their portrayals.

Dunalqua has only done two Holmes vids as far as I know, but they both knock me off my feet. This one is the more serious of the two, and I am so glad that they made such a beautiful work and shared it!
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Title: Qui Sait (Who Knows?)
Music Title & Artist: Qui Sait by Daniel Lavoie
Vidder: ElliCler
Pairing or Character: Holmes/Watson
Verse: Granada
Vidder's Summary: Okay, here's another vid that has been forgotten on my drive far too long and now I finally got to finishing it. The song is in French (Daniel Lavoie has taken over my brain) and the vid is painfully slow. Take the time to read the subtitles and admire the handsome Jeremy Brett =) The theme is, basically, depressed Holmes angsting over his (mis)treatment of Watson and other metaphysical issues. He has scary things in his head, Holmes.
Link: This is an older vid, and I have found no announcement post on LJ, DW, or tumblr, so this link is to Youtube: Qui Sait vid

Reccer's Comments: There are so many wonderful and interesting Granada vids, and this is among the most unusual that I have come across. It explores Holmes's discomfort with himself, his weariness of living inside his own brain, his fear that his heart and soul are inadequate, and his sense that he is fumbling his way through a dark and bleak, yet sometimes beautiful, universe. Watson is a light to him, but one he does not know how to shelter or share. Yet I feel that the vid ends on a hopeful note, with Holmes staring into his own face in the mirror with an expression of dawning revelation.

The vid is beautifully composed, lingering especially on shadows and often framing Holmes's interactions with light and darkness, flames and water. The lyrics of the song are vital to understanding the vid, but they are in French, so if you are not a French speaker, be sure to click the CC button in the bottom corner of the vid so that the subtitles will turn on for you.

A lovely and thought-provoking character study.
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Music Title & Artist: Christina Perri, “A Thousand Years”
Vidder: irondeficientbull | redhandsredribbons
Pairing or Character: Holmes/Watson
Verse: Multi (Rathbone, Granada, Ritchie, Sherlock, and Elementary)
Link: tumblr announcement post
Reccer's Comments:

From quiet moments at home to Reichenbach and back again, Holmes and Watson have loved each other for well over a century now, and will love each other for at least that long again to come.
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Title: I am a doctor, not a detective
Music Title & Artist: Dropkick Murphys, "I'm Shipping Up to Boston"
Vidder: Анна Неверова (Anna Neverova)
Pairing or Character: John Watson
Verse: шерлок холмс (2013) | New Russian Holmes
Link: YouTube: I am a doctor, not a detective (If there's announcement page, it's not anywhere I can find.)

Reccer's Comments:

Andrei Panin, from the 2013 Russian series, is one of my very favorite Watsons. This vid is a short tribute to his various mantles: doctor, author, boxing instructor, marksman, and -- as always! -- unreliable narrator. There are some technical imperfections in the vid (a few stray frames, some extraneous audio), but overall, it does a nice job capturing the humor and energy of the series, and it was able to make me laugh even before I went back and figured out what all the dialog was.

As it turns out, some of the jokes require knowing the dialog, so I put together a downloadable subtitles file for you. (As always, copious thanks to spiritcc and company for their work providing English subtitles for the series!) If an .srt file is not convenient, have a transcript behind the cut:

transcript )

Content warnings: blood, gore, guns.
Physical warnings: isolated bright flashes.


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