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Title: Piecroft Chronicles (Locked to AO3 users)
Author: iwantthatcoat
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes/Sherlock Holmes
Length: A Practical Affair, 19,114 words; Flowers and a Fruitbasket, 5,339 words.
Rating: Explicit
Verse: Sherlock BBC

A Practical Affair (aka Piecroft Won’t Let Me Bring the Lottery Tickets: A Tale of Self-Love)
Author's summary: Sherlock has the same ridiculously high standards for himself in his new sex life with John as he does elsewhere in his personal and professional life. He lacks experience, and though he knows John won't care one bit, Sherlock still does. Fortunately, there is someone who understands exactly what he needs to do and why...and he won't even have to explain himself. Which is a good thing, because Mycroft won't let him. It would break timetravel regulations, after all. A Timetravel Selfcest Fic.

Reccer's comments: This story’s premise could have been just a simple ground for hot PWP (Sherlock is insecure about his lack of sexual experience now that he’s got together with John, so he goes back in time to meet his younger self and get sexual experience with his preself) and that would have been more than fine. But the author digs in to really explore the feelings and ethical challenges, and it turns into a deeply emotional story about memory, lack of memory, self-love, self-knowledge, and hard choices.

Bratty, desperate, lonely, honest university-age preself!Sherlock is so compelling here, as an amoral moral center. The interrogation he does of the older Sherlock is absolutely gripping. The prolonged sexual explorations between older Sherlock and his younger self are intensely erotic, made all the more so by their sharp, clear-eyed analytical edge - and by the unexpected emotional vulnerability both versions find themselves feeling. The relationship between the Sherlocks takes full control of the story, and it’s an amazingly skillful dance of arousal and gut-punch.

Flowers and a Fruitbasket

Author's Summary: From A Practical Affair: "If it were the following year, I just might have deleted this information, but for now, you can thank the good folk at the College of Medicine for not noticing the non-medical student sitting in on their Thursday morning lectures on body systems."

"God yes, thank you," he stammered. "I'll send them flowers."

Sherlock, true to his word, has sent the Department Chair some flowers upon his return to the present-- a reward for allowing his past self to have audited some very helpful anatomy lessons. Imagine his surprise to see an email from his preself requesting he head back in time yet again, and to bring that doctor he wasn't allowed to so much as hint at the existance of with him. (What beats timetravel selfcest? A timetravel selfcest threesome! Coming soon in the third instalment of the Piecroft Chronicles ) But first things first... what does he tell John? Part Two of the trilogy.

Reccer's comments: The extremely hot and satisfying second tale brings John and Sherlock together at last. Bit-not-good Sherlock hadn’t been planning to tell John what he’s done - but telling a selectively edited and artfully embellished version of the truth turns out to be better than letting John think Sherlock had practiced on someone else. It’s hot, it’s complex, and it’s a little bit bittersweet as these two awkward, damaged men still fall short of perfect bliss - it’s good to see John being able to see through Sherlock’s deflections, in a loving way. Did I mention it’s hot?


MODS may I have a tag for pairing: sherlock holmes/sherlock holmes?
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Title: Curse of the Were-Tuna
Author: WhoGroovesOn
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 46,916
Rating: Explicit
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: John couldn’t help but feel as though the large tuna beyond the glass was staring at him, which was weird because it’s not like fish had eyelids, they always seemed to be staring at things.

Reccer's comments: The author says this isn't crack, but I think it's a shining gem of the crackfic genre - a premise that seems ridiculous on the surface treated with absolute commitment, until it becomes vivid and real. Take the plunge into this splashy tale of piscine lycanthropy and you'll never see a fishtank quite the same way again.

When wounded army vet John Watson applies for a job as an aquarium security guard, he has no idea what’s about to happen after dark.

This underrated author has a spectacular sense of worldbuilding, and this fic is suspenseful, sexy, vivid, hilarious and surprisingly touching. The plot twists come fast and furious, and I especially love this very inventive version of Moriarty and Moran (who are both female in this story). Fishnappings! Sushi-related threats! Weird and eldritch magic!

Also, it’s set in the London Aquarium and was written long before any pivotal scenes occurred there on the show.

Excerpt: Mycroft was the one who became the killjoy for the tuna pair. A few days after the discovery of their morse code capabilities Mycroft appeared at the window of their tank. Dressed formally as usual, umbrella and all, he sat down facing the glass and proceeded to unfold the paper under his arm.

After floating by a few times trying to read the news, Sherlock darted to John, fin flicking a short message, S - T - O - P / C - O - D - E.

The urgent message made John want to see what Sherlock had read on the paper and managed to catch Mycroft before he folded it away. There on the offered page was a small article questioning “Are Sea Life’s Fish Intelligent?” Below was a little black and white picture of their tank and, sure enough, the black shapes of John and Sherlock within. The paper itself was one of those silly “Are aliens cavorting amongst my sheep?!” types, but still, the fact that someone had written in to say they’d seen the fish at the aquarium doing code and talking to each other in an intelligent manner was unsettling. And who knew who else would see it and start watching a little closer.

MODS: may I have tags for fem!moriarty and fem!sebastian moran, please?
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Title: No Strings Attached
Author: Elster
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Length: 2700 words
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: To save John from being spirited away Under the Hill, Sherlock challenges the fairy queen to a fiddle contest.

Reccer's comments: This is an elegant, lovely little story - written back in 2012 - that impresses me with its emotional heart. As is typical with this author's work, there were many small turns of phrase that quietly surprised me. Sherlock is aware that he has no chance of beating the Fairy Queen in terms of the beauty or perfection of the music, and his solution is characteristically stubborn and true.
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Title: City on the Head of a Pin art on DeviantArt (large version), or on tumblr (can click to enlarge)
Artist: alicexz
Pairing: Gen portrait, Sherlock Holmes
Rating: not rated, I would say G
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Reccer's comments: I'd like to end with this gorgeous portrait of Sherlock raising raven wings through the shadows. Inspired by a long-time favorite fic, Mad_Maudlin's A City on the Head of a Pin (previously recc'd on this comm back in 2011 here), this painting plays beautifully with light and a dramatic palette of blues and blacks. It's a striking image.
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Title: Look west from London
Author: fahye
Pairing: Molly Hooper, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 4500 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: There are almost no lies in the way that Molly presents herself, only omissions.

Reccer's comments: *deep breath* Okay. This is the most quietly horrifying and heartbreaking story in this fandom that I have ever managed to read and admire. I am generally a wimp, but this story is so perfectly crafted that I was willing to let it haunt me. A supernatural variation on the Reichenbach Fall in which Molly remains the key to arranging Sherlock's resurrection, though at a terrible price. Written with complexity, clarity, and stark emotion, this fic hits hard. The ending hurts, but the whole is darkly beautiful.
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Title: The Serpent's Gift
Author: [ profile] snarryfool / ancientreader
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 5,300 words
Rating: T
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: A wounded soldier dreams of the Wild Hunt. Written for the 2016 Spook Me! ficathon, for the creature prompt "beast."

Reccer's comments: Ancientreader writes such beautiful, polished prose that her works are always stunning compositions. This most recent fairy tale taps into old European legends to weave a series of lyrical, dream-like encounters that hold onto their atmosphere of mystery even while gradually escalating toward emotional clarity. John, wounded and feverish, finds himself at the border of an unknown road in a foreign reality, watching a demon hunt of hellhounds and dark riders as they pursue both beast and man. Being John, he instinctively and fearlessly intercedes. But what will it really take to save Sherlock from the hunt? A spell-binding Halloween fable.
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Title: Cat
Author: Odamaki
Pairing: Gen
Length: 2,615
Rating: G, G, so very G, I don't think there are even any curse words which is kind of surprising when you consider that this is a John Watson-centric fic
Warnings: none
Verse: BBC Sherlock
Author's summary: John's leaving home to become a witch. It's a rough start but a black cat seems to be on his side.
Reccer's comments: Happy Halloween! I adored this sweetly poignant, ultimately happy story. John's thirteen and a half. He's a witch, an orphan, with a homemade broom for flying on and a cloak made out of an old blanket. He has six months to find his magic, or it'll be gone, so it's time to head for London, where ...

Take a moment to admire the amount of world-building Odamaki accomplishes in a small fictional space. A number of commenters have already expressed the hope that she writes more in this verse, and I myself am at this very moment attempting to cast a spell that will encourage her to do so.

Read on the AO3.
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Title: The Case of the Fleeing Frenchman
Author: PenelopeWaits
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, past Sherlock Holmes/OMC
Length: 26,000 words
Rating: E
Warnings: period-typical homophobia and anti-Semitism (the story begins in 19th century France)
Verse: Sherlock BBC, crossover with the myth of the Flying Dutchman and specifically Wagner's opera on the subject
Author's summary: Captain James Watson and his son John have been protecting each other and their beloved Harriet for years. Where will true safety reside when a handsome sailing ship and her haunted captain arrive and he makes a shadowy proposal? This is a crossover with the myth of the Flying Dutchman. John is Senta.

Reccer's comments: I have no familiarity with the Flying Dutchman myth or opera, but it turned out to be a perfect fit with the Sherlock characters. Reminiscent of both Beauty and the Beast & Brigadoon, with ghostly, century-spanning piracy and self-sabotaging love thrown in, this tale is a delight! The author has done a marvelous job of capturing the feel of a small seaside town and the risky lives of fishermen, and they have drawn each of the characters with depth, mixed motives, and originality. Particularly complex is Harry, whose secrets we gradually uncover but who keeps managing to surprise. The John of this story never went to war, but he and Sherlock help each other to win their oldest battles nonetheless.

Sexy, exciting, with heart-felt pining and beautiful action sequences that capture the wonder and danger of sail, this is a gem that I hope you will enjoy as much as I did!

(Editing to add: for those worried about the warnings, or about Wagner, I should add that the author wrote this fic in critique of Wagner's racist attitudes and changed the original story in order to make the injustice of those views a central theme).
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Title: Mineralogy in Slow Motion
Author: Entanglednow
Pairing: Gen
Length: 8,000 words
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: All John wants is somewhere to spend the next few months, while he's blind as a bat. Just the next few months. The doctors were optimistic.

Reccer's comments: Entanglednow was certainly one of the very first authors - if not THE first - I ever read in the Sherlock fandom, and I continue to be impressed with the wonderful and offbeat stories they write. Their work is always skillful, creative, and intriguing. This story introduces us to a version of Sherlock who comes with new secrets attached, secrets which some readers will surely guess quite early on while others will be surprised when the reveal comes. I won't say anything to spoil it, only that this is very much an AU and that Sherlock is, as usual, the real mystery. And John, although blind, sees everything that really matters.
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Title: Toplock Talent Search
Author: [ profile] anarfea
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Sherlock/Irene, Sherlock/Jim/Molly
Length: approx. 25,000 words
Rating: explicit
Warnings: top!Sherlock (the reason the fic exists)
Verse: BBC Sherlock
Author's summary: “It’s frankly alarming,” said the Sherlock in the fishnet top, “watching you simper and fawn and make puppy eyes over John like a … sad, gay baby.”
Sherlock’s mouth fell open. “I am not a sad gay baby!”
“Yes, you are,” said Irene.
“Well, what is he, then?” sputtered Sherlock. “Splaying his legs open so everyone can see his cock through those trousers. Sitting there leering at the rest of us like some sort of superior … Dark fuck prince.”

Currently a WIP. Last updated July 2015. There should be one more chapter according to the author. However, as chapter three to five are pretty much stand alone's you can really go ahead and read!

Reccer's comments: This fic is proof of the human mind’s remarkable talent to turn something vile into something hilarious. Written in response to the vagaries imposed upon last year’s 221B con by a this fic has the show’s characters discuss fanfic, gender politics, sexual roles, ship wars, and fandom, as they search for the perfect incarnation of Toplock.

The author masterfully plays with tropes and head!canons as exploited in the series by Moffat and Gatiss, by fanfic writers (the author included) and readers and shows that the pen, especially when wielded with a humour that manages to cast everyone in a satirical light, truly is the strongest weapon ever invented.

The fic heads off with lots of clever banter flying around the living room. Anthea presides and has a hard time keeping the various characters in their respective incarnations in check. We get to meet DarkFuckPrince!Sherlock, GayBaby!Sherlock, JustTransport!Sherlock, Angry!John (well, he doesn’t get laid, obviously), Saint!John and BAMF!John, Virgin!Sherlock and all these incarnations, traipsing around 221B’s living room together, are totally IC. As are Irene, Mycroft, Anthea, Mrs Hudson, Jim and Molly and even Sebastian Moran. Because no fic featuring Jim is complete without a truly creepy Moran in the background. Fie Moftiss.

Once Anthea has waved her magic wand and decided upon the various pairings we follow those to the rooms allotted them for yet more talk, debate, argument, conference, exchange, review, conversation,consideration, dialogue, consultation, seminar, discourse, deliberation,symposium, colloquy, confabulation not to mention examination, investigation, analysis, scrutiny and dissection that will have you screaming with laughter and chuckling over so much cleverness. Then in each chapter the whole delicious concoction gets topped off with some scorchingly-hot sex, with Sherlock topping of course. Yes, even GayBaby!Virgin!Sherlock gets to do the topping.

What really blew me away in this fic however is the encounter in chapter four, between JustTranpost!Sherlock and a beautifully brave and tender Irene. Even if you don’t read the rest of the fic, read this chapter at least for the wonderful insight into their relationship. You won’t regret it.
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Title: There Is No Death
Author: lyricalprose (fairylights)
Pairing: Gen
Length: 4,300 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC, fusion with Star Wars
Author's summary: "He's a freak, you know." Donovan's sneer bleeds into her voice. "A Jedi washout. Such a nutter that even the damn mystics didn't want him." John and Sherlock - a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

Reccer's comments: Here we are at the end of the month, and given that a new, good Star Wars movie has recently come out to restore fandom love for that galaxy far, far away, let's celebrate with this thoughtful, interesting piece. It explores Sherlock and John from their pre-series experiences through 'A Study in Pink,' all re-imagined to fit beautifully within the Star Wars universe. I find Sherlock's history particularly interesting here, especially his brush with the Dark Side and the battle within him between his addictions and his determination to control his own mind. A fascinating character study that traces an iconoclastic Jedi drop-out and a war-torn rebel medic who wind their way through great perils only to find each other and begin their shared journey with, dare I say it, a new hope.

Please note, the story is marked as the first in a series, but the intended sequels never arrived, so it is a standalone. However, it works wonderfully as a oneshot, and I hope you will enjoy it!

As always, I have really enjoyed sharing some of my favorite stories this month, thank you all and thanks to the mods for keeping this comm alive <3
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Title: Homo Faber
Author: saki101
Pairing: pre-slash Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 13,000 words
Rating: Teen (but there is a small NSFW image at the beginning of the story, a production still from the stage production of Frankenstein which includes nudity)
Warnings: descriptions of wartime injuries and surgeries
Verse: Sherlock BBC, fusion with Frankenstein
Author's summary: In which Sherlock's mother's maiden name is Frankenstein and Dr Watson has been invalided home towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars... What if Dr Frankenstein had had Dr Watson to keep him right? Excerpt: “We are all egoists,” he said. “Every child likes to hear the story of his beginnings, the tale of his parents’ courtship, the events surrounding his birth, the parts of his story he cannot know himself.”

Reccer's comments: It's hard to pick just one of saki101's works to recommend this month, but here we go. This is a lovely variation on the Frankenstein tale which turns the novel's original themes on their head by dwelling on the wonder and beauty of Dr. Frankenstein's victory over death rather than on its unnaturalness or horror. Saki101 sets the scene on the beautiful grounds of a hospital and sanitorium where Dr. Watson joins forces with Sherlock Holmes to heal the wounded minds and bodies of traumatized veterans returning from the Napoleonic Wars. Having seen so much terrible mortality, Watson welcomes Holmes's reanimated man as a precious and worthy patient, while Holmes himself recoils in guilt from the mauled, imperfect life he created.

The story ultimately celebrates the compassion that motivates pioneers in medicine to push back against death itself, and sometimes - miraculously - win. It also shows the quiet but consuming ways that Holmes reanimates Watson himself, and is guided to greatness, acceptance and love in return. A beautiful story.
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Title: Heroic
Author: sprl1199
Pairing: pre-slash Sherlock/John
Length: 6,000 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: "The first time John saw the Aristotelian Avenger, the other man was in the middle of facing down the Crimson Curmudgeon." John/Sherlock pre-slash, Superhero!AU, Crack. Oh, such crack.

Reccer's comments: This is such goofy, ridiculous, light-hearted fun. It reads like a spoof of the Marvel-style superhero genre, but really it is most reminiscent of the delightful Pixar movie "The Incredibles." I love the breezy style and the unapologetic silliness of the whole thing, and the author mixes in a nice touch of sweetness and caring between Sherlock, who is ostracized from the hero community, and John, who stands alone in being willing to work with him. Sherlock's superpower is the rather Douglas Adams-esque ability to deduce poorly-functioning magics out of existence in a puff of logic. This is lucky for John, since his only weapon is a gun that will only work against "purely evil" villains, and he never seems to meet anyone quite that simple.

A joyful romp that puts a smile on my face. I hope it will brighten your day if you, like me, are currently snowed in :)
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Title: Beneath These Skies
Author: bendingsignpost
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Molly Hooper, Bill Murray, Mike Stamford; gen
Length: 37,000 words
Rating: M (for violence and themes)
Warnings: references to past rape, trafficking, and torture, depictions of attempted genocide
Verse: Sherlock BBC, fusion with Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn
Author's summary: An ex-soldier-turned-healer, a priest, and an unhorsed knight flee for their lives after the invasion of their homeland. John didn't expect the road to safety to be easy, but the addition of a petite mage and a scowling former prisoner to their small band opens his eyes to horrors beyond imagining.

Reccer's comments: Bendingsignpost is one of my favorite BBC Sherlock authors. He excels at layered world-building, subtle characterization, well-paced reveals, and powerful prose. His John POV is among the best in the fandom, in my opinion, and I particularly appreciate the way he keeps the characters' emotional expressions trimmed down and indirect without reducing their profundity.

Though basically all his stories are widely read, in comparison to his other works this one has been relatively overlooked. I imagine there may be several reasons for this. It is gen. It is a fusion with a video game universe. And it has some serious warnings attached. But, although it is at times a grim story that deals with very dark subjects, pretty much all of the most disturbing themes are dealt with indirectly through implication and we only glimpse the aftermath. I found it much less harrowing to read than I had initially feared. The elements taken from the video game are a constellation of magical creatures and a political setup for war; to me it simply read like magical realism and my unfamiliarity with "Fire Emblem" was no obstacle at all to my immersion into the story, the political, natural, and supernatural contours of which Ben sketches with great skill.

A romance in the context of this story would have been inappropriate given the level of trauma Sherlock is dealing with, but the power of the relationship he forms with John is striking -- their mutual trust grows quickly, they work well improvising together in the midst of danger, and they wind up protecting each other and making sacrifices to save each other in ways that pay tribute to the depth of their connection. In addition to the lovely character work done on its two protagonists, this story reaches further to examine the ambiguities of warfare, where basically decent people can find themselves in the ranks of an army bent on atrocity, and where even justified battles for self-defense can descend into indiscriminate slaughter. A compelling, imaginative, well-grounded story that leavens its sadness with touches of humor and the healing that comes through friendship and loyalty.
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Title: Bound to You
Music Title & Artist: "Bound to You" by Christina Aguilera
Vidder: duchesscloverly
Pairing or Character: Mystrade, Johnlock
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Rating: NOTE: although I would not call this vid anything above PG13/T at most, it does contain footage of bedroom kisses and implied sex which makes it NSFW
Link: Bound to You vid

Reccer's Comments: One last 11th-hour rec! I am in awe of fanvids that combine footage from multiple sources to create their own stories, I just can't imagine how time consuming it must be to find disparate shots and clips of dialogue that can be edited together holistically to create new scenes and plots. This vid is a beautifully organized and triumphant piece of magical realism. Here is the author's summary of the story which the vid tells:

"Mycroft and Sherlock were cursed to live forever. If they fall in love the curse will be broken. If their feelings are not returned they will die. Unable to cope with the idea of living forever alone they try to dissuade the other from forming attachments to John Watson and Greg Lestrade. Unfortunately they can’t help themselves and when the curse starts to weaken them they have no choice but to admit their secret."

Not only does this vid succeed in intelligibly unfolding the brothers' long history of emotionally barren immortality and their tentative blossoming romances, it manages to incorporate and build upon the lyrics of the underlying song to help tell the story ("How do you know that you can trust him?" Sherlock asks, just as the music affirms "I've found a man I can trust." The 1973 section is particularly unexpected and clever, in my opinion.) As the story plays out, when Lestrade and John prove unwilling to believe that the Holmes brothers are immortal, they decide to prove it by dying and returning to life. The panic and abandonment which result are painful to watch, but the story ends on a lovely note of hope, love, and anticipation.

This whole thing is just tremendously creative and meticulously crafted. Bravo!
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Title The King is in His Counting House
Author: Rhuia
Pairing: Lady Amalthea (Unicorn)/Molly Grue, Sherlock/John
Length: 2500 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Verse: unspecified; author has tagged it "Sherlock Holmes and Related Fandoms." It is both a crossover and fusion with Peter S Beagle's The Last Unicorn.
Author's summary: Quests may not simply be abandoned; prophecies may not be left to rot like unpicked fruit; unicorns may go unrescued for a very long time, but not forever.

Reccer's comments: Hi everyone -- I'm on vacation with family this week, but I'll try to sneak in a few recs even though my phone typing resembles that of a drunken crab :)

I love Rhuia's writing, and this is a particularly lyrical, whimsical, surreal, faintly melancholy, gently romantic fairytale which fundamentally alters the story of The Last Unicorn while remaining completely true to its original characters and literary style. It delights with its turns of phrase and juxtaposes the ridiculous and the tragic with the same boldness as the novel, while ultimately fashioning, to my mind, a happier and more deeply human resolution. It's strange and beautiful.

For anyone worried that first billing is given to a non-Holmesian couple, don't be. Sherlock and John are equal protagonists. John plays the part of Prince Lir, while Sherlock is Schmendrick the terrible (and great) magician. The writing touches me, which is the best recommendation I can give any story.
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Title:Our Division
Music Title & Artist: "Like A River Around A Rock" by Marco Beltrami
Vidder: [ profile] indrikhole
Pairing or Character: Lestrade, Sally, Anderson, Molly, Sherlock, Moriarty & Irene (gen)
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Vidder's Summary: Lestrade, Donovan, Anderson, Molly vs Evil

Reccer's Comments: Lestrade, Molly, Sally and Anderson are investigating a series of suicides but something very strange and frightening is going on... you are as safe as you want to be. The video combines clever editing, a fast pace and will make you wish there was a fic based along these lines. It's a lot of fun to see the Yarders, and notably Lestrade play a heroic role, and the adaptation of canon footage is very skillfully done. There are definitely some moments that will make you jump.

Just to be aware there is some mild horror imagery including spiders, just for those who have problems with such things.
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Title: Like Spinning Plates
Author: Anonymous
Pairing: Gen, with particular focus on Sherlock and Mycroft, but also features Lestrade, Moriarty, and John
Length: 3,500 words
Rating: not rated, I would say PG
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC fusion with Antoine de St. Exupery's The Little Prince
Author's summary: none given

Reccer's comments: This is one of the very first fics I ever read in the BBC fandom, a kinkmeme entry from 2010 that has stayed with me for half a decade now. It is a haunting, lovely fusion in which Sherlock is The Little Prince, just arrived upon a world that is wholly new to him. The story splits itself into fragments of possibilities -- what might happen to this otherworldly child, and who might he encounter? The glimpses of his alternate futures are poignant and in most cases quietly tragic, but they are ultimately "what didn't happen," while the through-line of the tale follows "what did happen" to Sherlock -- he met Mycroft, the one person in the world who was prepared to recognize him for what he was.

In relatively few words, the author manages to create a story of complicated happiness in which we see just how many bullets Sherlock dodged on the way to his own unique destiny. I have rarely loved Mycroft more than I love him in this story.

(Note: If this is your first time reading a fic on the meme, please be aware that comments from readers are interspersed between installments of the story -- don't let the comments fool you into thinking you're at the end! The story isn't over until you reach part 5 of 5 and the happy conclusion).
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Title: Gentry
Author: goldenusagi
Pairing: Sherlock, Mycroft. The author says "basically gen with a hint of potential Sherlock/John."
Length: 3,100 words
Rating: T
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Sherlock and Mycroft came from a warm home with loving parents, though you’d never suspect it from looking at them. There is a reason.

Reccer's comments: All year goldenusagi and entanglednow have been writing a pair of stories every month in which Sherlock is a magical creature of some kind -- they post their stories on the last day of the month, so we get complementary, often wildly divergent tales that explore the dazzlingly different tones and directions that can grow from the same basic prompt. Their whole series is delightful and it's been one of my favorite fanfiction events to look forward to throughout the year. I hope they will keep going into 2015! This is goldenusagi's entry for September, when they were writing about Fae!Sherlock.

"Gentry" is a starkly beautiful, melancholy exploration of the Holmes children as changelings (fairy children substituted for kidnapped human infants). It explores the sense of abandonment, of inexplicable otherness, that defined Mycroft and Sherlock but also cut them off from human means of comfort and connection. It looks at the cold but unbreakable bond between them, based on a sense of kinship and mutual isolation. And in the end it raises the hope that Sherlock may be able to find his place in the mortal world.

It's a lovely, sad fairy tale, that ultimately uncovers a glimmer of hope.

(If you like it, I'd encourage you to also follow the link to entanglednow's story and appreciate the very different Fae!Sherlock entry that author has crafted! These stories are most fun if you read them in pairs, as they were written and posted.)
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Title: The Cleverness of Me
Author: Solshine
Pairing: Gen, focuses on Mycroft and Sherlock
Length: 4,500 words
Rating: not rated, I would say T for minor character deaths
Warnings: minor character deaths including a child
Verse: Sherlock BBC fusion with Peter Pan
Author's summary: Sherlock has always been incredible, has always been cocky, has always been childish. He just wasn't always Sherlock. This is the story of how Peter Pan left Neverland.

Reccer's comments: J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan is the perfect fusion for Sherlock: Peter canonically crows compliments to himself ("O the cleverness of me!"), dashes from adventure to adventure (most of which involve pirates), constantly forgets/deletes everything and everyone that fails to hold his attention, and takes terrible risks without any understanding of real life consequences. Neverland is an ageless, immortal Boys Own Adventureland where Peter gets to endlessly boss everyone about.

This story introduces Mycroft into that world. Dubbed "Brolly" by an absent-minded Peter who finds his umbrella more memorable than his name, he becomes the fiercest and most inscrutable Lost Boy because he is the only one who truly understands the dangers of Neverland and of the real world. He appoints himself Peter's protector, and ensures that his childish captain continues to emerge unscathed from -- and incomprehending of -- all the perils surrounding him.

But Mycroft can't protect Peter forever.

I find this a breath-taking reimagining of both Peter Pan and Sherlock; it captures the magical, melancholy tone of the original work as well as its clean elegance of phrasing. I have rarely loved Mycroft more.

Excerpt... )


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