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Title: Promises
Author: language_escapes
Pairing: Gen (background Watson/Mrs. Hudson)
Length: 21,770 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Verse: Шерлок Холмс | Sherlock Holmes (TV 2013) [AKA New Russian Holmes]
Author's summary: Just weeks after they foil Moriarty’s plot against the queen, another case comes to Holmes and Watson, this time in the form of a dead girl found along the banks of the Thames. Case fic.

Reccer's comments: This was one of the stand-out fics from the Winter ‘16 [livejournal.com profile] holmestice exchange for me, but it didn’t seem to get the attention it deserved. It’s understandable in a way—it’s a rare ‘verse, and the content warnings may have put some people off too. To begin with the warnings—the author states: nonexplicit, background dubcon; PTSD flashbacks; adaptation-typical gore. If it helps, the gore refers to descriptions of bodies after death, and the dub-con is talked about as having happened but there are no specifics and no descriptions.

Regarding the ‘verse itself: I think as long as you’re prepared to just go with it and accept the differences from the ACD original, you won’t find anything confusing. (I myself had only seen a clip of the series before reading the fic.) The concept of this ‘verse is that these are the real people and the real world behind Watson’s stories. So it may seem bizarre at first that Watson has married Mrs. Hudson, but she isn’t the elderly, motherly Mrs. Hudson we traditionally think of. And Holmes is not an idealised hero. People don’t automatically defer to him simply because he’s Sherlock Holmes; he isn’t in charge of justice the way the ACD Holmes is. We are used on the whole to seeing the ACD Holmes handing criminals over to the police, or giving them a second chance and choosing to let them go. But this Holmes doesn’t have control over either of these situations.

The plot concerns Holmes and Watson trying to bring to justice a man who has been sexually abusing women and then going on to murder some of them. The case isn’t a mystery: the name of the criminal is given to Holmes fairly early on by one of the victims, Kitty Winter. And if it weren’t for all the damage he’s done to so many people, I would describe the murderer as an incidental character—he takes no active part in this fic. This is the point of the story I suppose: it isn’t something that glamorises murder and its perpetrator—the focus is on the victims, both living and dead.

Admittedly this is a bleak story. However, that is balanced by the sheer quality of the writing, how well-drawn the characters are, and how engaging the story is. I always think the hardest thing for a writer is to remove themself entirely from their work and leave the reader alone with the characters. And this writing is so unobtrusive. There is no barrier between the reader and the story—you’re right there in the middle of it.

And even though there is no happy ending, I don’t think the story is entirely without hope. Watson is more pessimistic than Holmes, but we come away knowing both men will always carry on doing the best they can in a highly imperfect world.
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Title: Deathfic 1899
Author: Haldane
Pairing: Various, but all one-sided.
Length: 1,493 words
Rating: Teen and Up
Warnings: Major character death
Verse: ACD, Granada
Author's summary: Death. Fic. 1899. What it says on the tin.

Reccer's comments: Well. You may be looking at that warning and that summary and thinking, ‘This really isn’t for me.’ But this is death played firmly for laughs. The story begins with what seems to be a retelling of The Blue Carbuncle. However, things quickly take a very different path…

This is so well-structured—the joke builds and builds. There are so many wonderful lines, and the story is laugh out loud funny. Just perfect.
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Title: Albion and the Woodsman
Author: Glenmore
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 54,437 words
Rating: Not Rated (I would rate it Mature)
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: Post Series 3. Sherlock and John are devastated after Mary Morstan makes her final moves. Sherlock relapses at the crack house, John walks around the world ...and a lot happens in between. Parentlock, in the good way.

Reccer's comments: If you are the type of reader who, like me, generally avoids first-person storytelling, then do yourself a favor and make an exception for this one. It's one of those rare fics that successfully paints Sherlock Holmes as a devoted single parent. The story is in turns funny, heartbreaking, and heartwarming.

It is told from Sherlock's POV, and begins post-series 3. It starts out after Sherlock has been shot for a second time by Mary Watson, an event that leads to her arrest and to John needing to disappear for awhile in order to get his head together. He leaves for a year-long walkabout around the world, leaving Sherlock devastated and returning to drugs. Of course he cleans himself up, only to be confronted several months later by a pregnant stranger claiming that Sherlock is the father.

We get to watch Sherlock fall immediately in love with his son Albion, and then take to single fatherhood like a duck takes to water. As Sherlock grows into his new role, he continues to pine for John and wait for his eventual return. The way Sherlock refers to John in his absence by different epithets such as 'eleven jumpers Watson' and 'Three pairs of brogues Watson' kept me delighted and laughing throughout.

We are introduced to several OC’s, not the least of which is Albion himself. His nanny gives soldier!John a run for his money (once he returns), and even the mother who abandoned him manages to turn her life around and gain at least a smidgen of our respect.

There are struggles and lessons to be learned, not the least of which that 'happily ever after' does not mean what all the fairy-tales claim. Reality is much more complicated, but all the more rewarding because of it.

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Title: I Need You To See Me
Author: Mssmithlove
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 12,625 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: After going back to war, John is yet again invalided home, this time with a broken ankle and a chunk of his memory missing, unable to recall the last five years he's spent being Sherlock Holmes' partner and husband.

Reccer's comments: Amnesia fic is one of my favorite tropes, and this one hit me right in the feels. So angsty and beautifully written, I felt Sherlock's pain so viscerally. It does have a happy ending, but *god* the journey towards it is so painful. Totally worth it, though.

From the beginning of John's diagnosis, Sherlock is convinced that the situation is hopeless, that John could never fall for him twice. Even when John starts to rejoin Sherlock on cases and expresses his happiness to do so, Sherlock cannot allow himself to hope that *his* John is not irretrievably lost.

And just when Sherlock has come to terms with the possibility that his John Watson is gone forever - then we get a beautiful resolution that both makes sense within the narrative and is emotionally satisfying.

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Title: The Walking Man
Author: suitesamba
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 2200 words
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: When it was all over, when the east wind had blown through and they picked themselves off the pavement, Sherlock said enough.

Eighteen years later, the real journey begins.

Reccer's comments: So we'll start things off with a Series 4 fic already! If you don't want any spoilers for series 4, best to stop now.

Even though this one was written before The Final Problem aired, it still fits in very well with the canon we ended up with. It's a quietly lyrical piece, more of a character study than anything else, that takes a quote from The Lying Detective and shows how Sherlock puts it into practice. Your life is not your own.

In only 2200 words, the author shows how Sherlock and John remake themselves into the men they need to be so that after eighteen years, they can finally come together as they were always meant to. Told from Sherlock's point of view, we get a sense of how he has made fruitful use of this long period of waiting, and how it all pays off in the end.

A little preview )
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Title: Out There
Author: DiscordantWords
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 131695 words
Rating: Teen
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: FBI Special Agent John Watson, medical doctor and army veteran, is assigned to assist eccentric genius Sherlock Holmes with paranormal investigations on the X Files project.

Reccer's comments: This fantastic X-Files fusion made me giddy with fannish glee.  I was wary at first, since I love both fandoms and wasn't sure if a mashup would work, but it actually works incredibly well, not least because DiscordantWords is such a skillful writer.  Seeing the way the two universes were mapped onto each other with creativity and confidence was immensely fun, and Sherlock and John and their relationship are the stars here.  Watching their growing trust in and necessity to each other is just as compelling as Mulder/Scully was back in the day, and I was rooting for them every step of the way.  It's an immensely entertaining, engrossing, and well-executed fic.  Happy new year, and happy reading!
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Title: All the Best and Brightest Creatures
Author: wordstrings
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 188426 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Graphic Depictions of Violence
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: Sherlock sent Jim Moriarty to prison for killing Carl Powers at age ten. This is the story of the consequences.

Reccer's comments: Quite simply, one of the most beautiful stories I've ever had the privilege of reading, in any medium. The prose is gorgeous, the emotions are heart-stopping, and the love is transcendent. Sherlock's character arc is stupendously well-written, as are his alternate history with a terrifying Moriarty and his growing relationship with John, and the OCs and secondary characters are vibrant and fully fleshed-out. It's a living, breathing world of its own, and a pretty astonishing feat of storytelling. It's hard to properly praise this story without sounding hyperbolic, but if you've never read it, or have been waiting for it to be completed, now's your chance. It deserves every bit of its fandom fame.
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Title:Watson's Folly
Author: Diana Williams
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Warnings: AU-Historical,Alpha/Omega
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary:John Watson, the new Earl of Saughton, is madly in love with the beautiful Mary Morstan. But he has returned from the Peninsular War to find his family on the brink of ruin and his ancestral home mortgaged to the hilt. He has little choice when he is introduced to Mycroft Holmes, a civil servant of apparently unlimited wealth and no social ambitions for himself - but with his eyes firmly fixed on a suitable match for his only brother, the unorthodox and irascible Omega Sherlock Holmes. Can John forget the woman he loved and find happiness with a man so very different from his lost love?
Reccer's comments:This story was amazing from start to finish. She did a lot of research into that time period and you could tell. I found her characters engaging just brilliant. She has such a way with words...This story was a delight and such a fun ride. I will want to come back and re read this gem over again. So many lines were perfect I loved this one of so many..... Sherlock had lifted his head and there was an amused look on his face as he stared at his husband. "John, I am quite aware that you are a good and moral man, and that your words and thoughts on that matter are genuine. You are my moral compass, a fixed point in a changing age."

Her Sherlock is amazing and a little bit reckless but her John's such a gentleman and caring doctor, until the need to deliver a brutal beat down arises. :))))))))) They make the best team together as always.

Here is a link to the entire series The Watsons of Saughton
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Title:Bury The Bells
Author: unknownsister
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary:AU set after WWI in 1922. John is adrift in a loveless marriage. He takes a holiday to the country and meets a difficult patient. The spark that ignites between them might relight John's life or burn it to the ground.
Reccer's comments:This story was stunning and brilliant through out until the ending. What a glorious time period this was and it flowed beautifully. She had such a way with words, the flow of the story was perfect. This story was exquisite and all the little details made it come to life.

This fic was a delicious slow burn and I do looooooove those. All the secondary characters were lovely. Mrs. Hudson was the sweetest.

One of my favorite moments well one of so many is the turning point in chapter 9: "They watch each other closely, the scared doctor and the quiet detective. John's hand hovers between them, paused in indecision like his brain. Sherlock, eyes still locked with John's, reaches up to encircle John's wrist, slow and careful. His fingers are warm against John's pulse point and the contact soothes him more than he thinks it has any right to. “John.” John makes a quiet noise in the back of his throat, almost a question. “Mm?” “Let's go home.”

*happy sighs* If you have never read this you should you will love it soooooooo much.

Fic Rec:

Oct. 4th, 2016 07:20 pm
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Title: The Pillar upon Which England Rests
Author: DiscordantWords
Pairing: Sherlock/John, Gen
Length: 27038
Rating: Mature
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: They have all saved him, at one time or another, in different ways, these people Sherlock Holmes has come to call friends. But she was the first.

Reccer's comments: How to begin? She can still see him, so painfully young, pale in the Florida sun, with a beet red stripe of sunburn across the bridge of his nose. Frank had favored Hawaiian print shirts, had just about insisted on them for anyone who worked for him in any capacity, and hadn't Sherlock just looked thunderous in those garish prints? She wishes, not for the first time, that she had a photograph. But that's the thing about living. You don't always know which moments are the significant ones until they're long gone.

[livejournal.com profile] snarryfool's recent rec of a Mrs. Hudson-centric reminded me of this heart-wrenching story. The Fall has just happened, and in a bid to comfort a distraught John Watson (and herself), Mrs. Hudson tells the story of how she met Sherlock Holmes. The story moves flawlessly between the past and the present as Mrs. Hudson spins the tale of a young and terribly lonely Sherlock and how they ended up saving each other. Hello, new headcanon! This is an intense, emotional read, bittersweet and melancholy, with one of the best characterizations of Mrs. Hudson I've read.

This is tagged Sherlock/John, but there is no overt romance here, just Mrs. Hudson's observations of the two and their mutual pining. I left it tagged as such, to follow the author.
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Title: The Other Tenant
Author: tweedisgood
Pairing: Holmes/Watson
Length: 6,134
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Verse: ACD
Author's summary: “The Doctor made no mention of the other tenants of Baker Street when he began to write about Mr Holmes and his cases.” The Landlady, however, has quite a few things to say about one of them.
Reccer's comments: Are you as slackjawed with amazement as I am, to discover that there's a fic by tweedisgood that hasn't been recced here already? So. Tweed is one of the preeminent writers in ACD 'verse, with superb command of the idiom, of the characters' voices, and of the scientific, sociological, and ethical preoccupations of the era. This fic, a 2012 Holmestice gift for the lucky [livejournal.com profile] coloredink, takes up some events at 221b as seen by Mrs. Hudson.

If you give Mrs. H's position and role some thought, it becomes apparent that she must be more than a maundering ninny; after all, she's the sole owner of a respectable property in the heart of London, and there's no Mr. Hudson in view. In "The Other Tenant," Mrs. H turns her eye on the relationship between Holmes and Watson, on Holmes's loneliness, on the Victorian interest in eugenics, and ultimately on the meaning of marriage and love. The moment in which Holmes takes her into his confidence -- the risk and the trust that moment represents -- just breaks me every time.


When the Doctor and Mr Holmes took residence in the Spring of 1881, I had already let the ground floor to an oculist (who never seemed to have any patients) and the single set of rooms across the landing on the second floor. He had seemed respectable, reliable and sober, quite the ideal tenant, Mr Barnaby Forbes. So, in many respects, he proved to be; but as there is more to life than bread, so there is more to a harmonious house than neatly stacked crockery and a man who cleans his own boots. I came slowly to discover that I had unwittingly let a snake into the nest.

Read on the AO3.
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Title: Mrs. Hudson's Guide to Care and Control of Household Pests (When to Call a Professional)

Author: [livejournal.com profile] vulgarweed
Pairing: Mrs Hudson/Sherlock/Irene
Length: about 7,800 words
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: The ageing housing stock of central London is picturesque but delicate, and often harbours destructive pests who wreak havoc on the fragile structures. If such damage is spotted, building owners and managers are advised to contact a skilled professional who is well-versed in the control of vandalous creatures.

Reccer's comments: How about some lovely, genial porn that’s also quite unexpectedly and insanely steamy to round off this August month?

Mrs Hudson knows exactly who to engage to deal with the pest who’s been shooting her wall. Putting it on the rent is one way of teaching him a lesson but there are other, ultimately more pleasurable and effective methods to teach your wayward tenant a lesson.

This fic is both wonderfully funny and wonderfully hot. One minute you’re howling with laughter and the next…

Well, you know.

Just go and enjoy it!
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Title: Lepidoptera
Author: Saki101
Pairings: John/Sherlock
Length: 17,950
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Verse: BBC Sherlock and the world of A Midsummer Night's Dream
Author's Summary: Mike introduces John to Mrs Hudson, who has a room to let. Sherlock resides in Regent's Park when he's in London. It's only a short flight to Baker Street.

A stand-alone AU of the Sherlock universe crossed with A Midsummer Night's Dream written for the Spook-Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2015 in response to the prompt: dark faeries.

Author's Warning: Strange things ahead (blood-drinking moths, for example)

Reccer's Content Note: The drawing of blood (see "Author's Warning") plays an important role in the magic and sensuality here. If blood-drinking moths don't squick you then I think you're good to go even if bloodplay does.

Reccer's Comments: Ah, I don't have words for how beautiful and strange and spooky and original this story is. Something I love about Saki101's work as a whole is how the writer takes a theme (maybe the theme) of BBC Sherlock -- how John accepts, as if it were perfectly normal to do so, Sherlock in all his unusual splendor, or splendid unusualness -- and explores that theme in varied and richly delineated settings. There's so much art in Saki101's stories, and I mean that in every sense of the word "art."

Also, before I get too lit-crit and hoity-toity here, let me add, hastily, that this story is also funny (note the excellent dry Mycroft in the excerpt below) and sexy and, oh, just magic.

An Excerpt:

“Bored,” Sherlock growled from a branch high above Mycroft’s head.

Mycroft drew a thorn across a flattened rose petal. He pressed a fresh leaf over the fine design left behind, and rolled the two into a scroll.

“Bored,” Sherlock repeated, dropping down a branch. It swayed as he landed, glossy leaves rustling. He reached for a cluster of berries.

Mycroft tied a strand of bark around the scroll and held it up. From under a root, a beetle scuttled. It stood on its hind legs, clasped the roll to its abdomen and buzzed away.

“So soon after the uproar in the theatre?” Mycroft asked. He sucked the rose flesh off the tip of the thorn. “You might try to be a little more discreet.”

Sherlock chuckled. “What’s more discreet than one more fairy among the fairies?” He slipped down several branches, disturbing not a leaf.

“One that doesn’t fly about a theatre that has no roof,” Mycroft replied. “’Inexplicable stagecraft wizardry’, ‘Midsummer magic stronger in the autumn’, ‘An evening of enchantment’, or words to that effect headlined the media coverage, which was far more extensive than a post-season charity performance should have garnered. You will note a certain trend in their word choices.”

Read on the AO3.

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Title: Public, Private, Secret
Author: 221b_careful_what_you_wish_for
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 14,000 words
Rating: Mature
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: To the outside world, Sherlock and John are just friends. In private, they're much, much more. They've agreed to keep their relationship a secret to protect John's daughter, but it's not going to be as simple as they hoped.

(Or, bittersweet, hot, angsty, secret-relationship-while-coming-to-terms-with-emotional-baggage johnlock with parentlock as a background.)

Reccer's comments: This is a companion piece to the story Coming of Age, which is told from John's daughter's POV. In my opinion this story stands just fine on its own, although "Coming of Age" will provide additional context. In fact, if you're someone who generally doesn't care for parentlock it may be just your cup of tea, because Olivia doesn't have much of a physical presence in this one. The story's focus is on Sherlock and John, and how they navigate the minefield of a secret relationship that spans several years, and told from their points of view.

I like the sense of inevitability that we feel throughout this story. It's series 3 compliant, and at the start we find John as a single parent to six-year old Olivia. There's a lot of pining and yearning going on, and it doesn't help that John is initially firmly resistant to entering into a romantic relationship with Sherlock. But of course it happens that the two of them just can't stay away from each other for long. The angst is bumped up a notch just from the very fact they decide to keep their relationship 'private and secret'- from everybody, not just Olivia, and for a variety of reasons. Several years pass - over a decade - before a conversation happens that teaches them they had nothing to fear after all.

A lovely story that ends with Retirementlock, I hope you enjoy!
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Title: Often Inconvenient
Author: [livejournal.com profile] gardnerhill
Pairing: Mrs. Hudson & Jon Watson
Length: 543 words
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Creator chose not to use warnings
Verse: Watson and Holmes
Author's summary: “I have often found it inconvenient [to be a black man] in America.” – Bert Williams

Reccer's comments: For those unfamiliar with Watson and Holmes, it's a comic book series that features the title characters as black/African-American men solving crimes and living at 221B Baker Street in Harlem. You can buy it digitally on Comixology.

Anyhoo, with a black Holmes and black Watson in NYC, they would be bound to run into racial profiling, to be arrested for doing something while black, even as they work with a police force that is most notorious for it. gardnerhill's short fic imagines such an incident as Watson arrives at the apartment to find a note waiting for him.
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Title: Bee Yourself (also on AO3)
Author: [livejournal.com profile] gardnerhill
Pairing: Sherlock & Joan, Ms. Hudson
Length: 8300+ words
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Crack. Also, bees.
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: Things get Kafkaesque around the brownstone.

Reccer's comments: One of the standouts for me from this round of [livejournal.com profile] holmestice, which is currently posting. This is one of those fics where someone takes a cracky premise -- in this case, Joan Watson waking up one day as a queen bee -- and gives it a serious treatment. It's a situation that's also complicated by the fact she and Sherlock are in the midst of a case! Also: excellent Ms. Hudson content!

(edited to add the author after the Holmestice author/artist reveal.)
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Title: Your Want is Bigger Than You
Author: PhoenixFalls
Pairing: Ms. Hudson/Joan Watson, Ms. Hudson/OC
Length: 6000
Rating: Gen
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: Marthe has been keeping secrets from Joan. Joan never would have guessed this.

Reccer's comments: A thoughtful exploration of Joan's friendship with Ms Hudson (Marthe), set soon after the end of season 2. Here, Joan isn't alone to process the aftermath of her kidnapping and Sherlock's absence, and while she suspects Sherlock asked Marthe to spy on her while he was away, their friendship quickly becomes their own. Joan confronts some of her own misguided thinking about Marthe and her work as a muse. She eventually meets Marthe's new partner, Manami, who has a beautifully insightful perspective on the nature of relationships, possessiveness, and sharing (in addition to an utterly unexpected personal history that I won't spoil but is so perfectly delightful it's the reason to read this fic).
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Title: Not your housekeeper, dear!
Artist: wisesnail
Pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: “Not your housekeeper, dear!” <3 I love Una Stubbs’ Mrs Hudson!

Reccer's comments: This is such a wonderful portrait of Mrs. Hudson. I love the bright pinks and reds and purples streaming up and around her, and that near-smile peeking out as she rests her head on her hand in a relaxed, insouciant pose. Her bright spirit, warmth, and humor shine through here.
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Author: hyacinth_sky747
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 3,155
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: Lestrade deals with the aftermath of the fall.

Reccer's comments: Told from Lestrade's POV, this is his story of how he had his own fall after Sherlock's. It was written well before S3 aired, so it's not remotely canon, but the opening scene with Sherlock's return is one of the most moving I've read. We see Lestrade struggle with guilt and forgiveness over his role in the fall and we learn how he perceives his friendships with both Sherlock and John. This is Lestrade's story, but he is incredibly insightful when it comes to Sherlock and John's evolving relationship and we are witness to that through his eyes. Mary has a slight presence here; her departure falls more in line with ACD canon. I love everything this author has written and this is no exception. It's intense, sad, maybe even a little grim in spots when we see Lestrade at his lowest, but there is a thread of hope and optimism throughout. When Lestrade bursts into tears at the end, after John asks him an important question, I want to as well. Just a very lovely, moving story.
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Title: Afterswarm
Author: whitedatura
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 10591 words
Rating: Teen
Verse: BBC
Author's summary: John has seen Sherlock do a lot of odd things over the years, but Sherlock having a genuine conversation with a bee might be the oddest. (Or: the one where Sherlock communicates with bees, John questions his sanity, and Mrs Hudson gets a new computer.)

Reccer's comments: This sweet, delicate fic has its own unique take on Sherlock and bees.  The characterizations in this are lovely, as is the way their relationship develops, with John being understanding and curious while Sherlock works through the reality of trusting John with his biggest secret.  This is a warm and gentle fic, with a lot of affection and humor, and it's a comfort and delight to read.


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