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Title:Witness and Testimony
Author: Violsva
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 11763
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Verse: ACD books
Author's summary: Men of certain dispositions should not take up residence with consulting detectives. Having done so anyway, Watson is finally forced to face the consequences. Not quite the consequences he expected, however.

Reccer's comments:
Another coming out story, but with a convincing murder mystery and a lot of suspense. Watson is a suspect, Holmes defends him, but how much has he deduced about what really happened? Lestrade is dense, Watson is nervous, and Holmes is...Holmes. "Watson," he said, “that’s Courvoisier. Kindly don’t use it for dyeing the rug."

Oh, wait. I almost forgot the red-hot finish.
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Title: The Emerald Band
Author: Firerose
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (as Rache/The Limping Doctor)
Length: 27882
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Verse: ACD books/A Study in Emerald - Neil Gaiman/HP Lovecraft Cthulu Mythos
Author's summary:
How can I describe the sight that so unmanned my imperturbable friend? That caused the giant of a baronet to faint dead away? I could say Drago’s green-soaked body would no longer haunt my dreams—or if it did, it would be but a pleasant respite from the horror of that thing.

Rache & his faithful doctor investigate the murder of Julia Stoner in the 'Study in Emerald' universe, but the deeper they delve into the Roylott family history, the darker things become

Reccer's comments:
This is a fic set in the Emerald-verse, which is itself an inspired fusion of the Doyle Canon and HP Lovecraft's Cthulu Mythos, which is then crossed back over with The Speckled Band. You don't really need to have read any of them to get the gist of what's going on in this suspenseful story, but you should anyway. (ahem)
Rache and his loyal sidekick, the Limping Doctor, set out to solve the murder of Miss Julia Stonor, while trying to elude capture by Moriarty as chief agent for the Great Old Ones, who rule Albion. From there on, the familiar events of the Speckled Band play out against a background of Lovecraftian horror.
In order not to spoil the intricate plot - which is a good one - I won't summarise more, except to say that there's a secret passage, a classic locked-room mystery with a distinct supernatural twist, a crew of sinister Indian fakirs, and lurking beneath it all, an awful sense of primordial, unspeakable evil.
Firerose manages to juggle all these elements into a coherent whole and produce a corker of a casefic that's hard to put down But you may not want to read it late at night when you are alone in the house.
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Title: Antidote (link goes to tumblr)
Artist: anotherwellkeptsecret
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 1 mini-comic
Rating: Unrated, SFW
Warnings: None
Verse: ACD
Author's summary: None given. First line: In the dim light of a foggy November day, I chanced upon a package addressed to Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

Reccer's comments: Based on the Adventure of the Dying Detective, this is the comic equivalent of a one-shot missing scene that packs the punch of a full-blown story, and as such is an absolute delight. The facial expressions in this little comic are everything. I just love the tenderness and sweet emotion, paired with a modicum of angst and a hint of eroticism.


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