Apr. 8th, 2017

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Title: Haircut
Author: HiddenLacuna
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 3025
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: None
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: "Sherlock, you need a haircut," John says. "You're beginning to look like Jonathan Creek."

Reccer's comments: The one where John gives Sherlock a haircut and they both get off from it. Hello, hair kink! Sherlock Holmes loves his hair. I mean, he really loves it. As we discover, so does John Watson. The Jonathan Creek reference hooked me right fromt the start (google him if you're not familiar and you'll see what John means). Sherlock actually has a deeply personal reason for prizing his long curls; it's a meaningful insight into his character and gives some depth to his vanity. Allowing John to cut his hair is a big moment for Sherlock and one they ultimately don't waste.

"Lock's locks," John mutters to himself, and immediately cringes. Oh Christ, that was out loud. He freezes and braces for the inevitable onslaught of vitriol and an exhortation not to use such stupid things as nicknames when referring to the great and terrible Sherlock Holmes.

It doesn't come.

I remember reading this years ago (it's a post-S2 story) and was so happy to come across it again recently. This is an incredibly hot, funny, and even a little sweet first time for our boys. 
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Hi, all.

As you probably know, the recent changes in the LJ user agreement have prompted many users and communities to look for other homes--especially users and communities with free speech concerns, with LGBTQ and other identities, and those producing and consuming (and reviewing!) works we love. There is always the possibility of a journal being deleted by LJ authorities, but the risk seems higher now.

I'm proposing backing up the contents of this community and moving it to Dreamwidth. On Dreamwidth, the community would retain all posts and comments and tags from the LJ comm up to point of the backup.

The LJ comm would be closed to comments and posts originating on LJ. It's possible that cross-posts from Dreamwidth would be posted here. Anyone would still be able to read posts, however, and we can resume posting links on Tumblr.

This community depends vitally on participation by its members. Although it is possible for active LJ users to comment on Dreamwidth using OpenID, it's best that our reccers have DW accounts and join the new comm there. You would also need a Dreamwidth account to subscribe and be notified of updates.

Currently we have about 950 members and are watched by about 1400. We have an active pool of a few dozen reccers. I'd like to hear from you, the members, the readers, the reccers, about this proposal to move. Having reliable reccers on DW would greatly improve our success in a new home.

Thanks to you all --


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