Apr. 7th, 2017

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Hello everyone,

first of all, I'm sorry I have been absent from the comm for so long. RL has taken over the last two years and so I left mod duties to Unovis' capable hands.
As I won't be returning to the Holmes fandom or fandom life anytime soon I think and following LJ's new terms of service - which we were all so graciously given the opportunity to sign - more changes are in order:

As of tonight Unovis is now the full owner of this comm. I'll be deleting my LJ account in a month or so as I have no desire to stay under the new conditions. (If anybody wants to contact me for some reason you still can do so during April via pm.)

Unovis will be making more important changes concerning the comm which she'll inform you all about soon. Stay tuned!! ;)

All that's left for me to say is "Thank you!"
Thank you to everyone who posted recs here and so gave life to the community! I have always been the silent observer type in fandom, so I was very nervous about opening this comm way back when and it always made me smile to think that people found it useful.

And thank you to Unovis, and all other helpers, who kept it going in my absence!



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