Feb. 26th, 2017

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Title: backdrifts
Author: notablyindigo
Pairing: Gen
Length: 1411
Rating: G
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: "I understand that now. I accept it. I know what it means."
inspired by the final scene of ‘the female of the species’, and the theme of repair

Reccer's comments: A welcome exploration of Watson's tendency to withdraw following trauma, from Sherlock's perspective. After Andrew's death, Sherlock considers Watson's past experiences and his own failure to intervene when she struggled to recover after being kidnapped at the end of season 2. He knows what he would do differently — what he wants to do differently now — but her decision to move back to the brownstone doesn't necessarily make it any easier.
amindamazed: breathe deep and let go of things (elementary)
[personal profile] amindamazed
Title: A Handsome and Generous People
Author: sanguinity
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes & Doctor Wt'sn; background Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 7519
Rating: Teen
Warnings: N/A
Verse: Sherlock Holmes in the 23rd Century
Author's summary:
“Watson,” Holmes said, reaching up to clasp my wrist.

“I’m sorry, old chap,” I said, giving him my hand. “It’s only Wt’sn.”

Reccer's comments: All the details you need to know about this adaptation (which is distinct from the 22nd Century one) are provided in the notes; don't let lack of familiarity stop you from reading this story. It's a particular kind of hiatus tale in which Holmes really had no control over his separation from Watson (pesky timewarp). Here he has an able and admirable new companion, Doctor Wt'sn from the Rigel system, who both helps him come to terms with that loss and encourages him not to give up on finding a solution. Not without some mixed feelings, as Wt'sn observes Holmes' grieving process and the ways he is and isn't a substitute partner. As sanguinity also notes, "this is simply a story about being the wrong Watson." The result is bittersweet, somewhat more for Holmes' sake than for Wt'sn whose own agency is fully intact.

As a bonus, this fic offers yet another explanation for the chronological inconsistencies and absurd plots that pop-up in the canon stories.

excerpt )

ps: if you're interested in the smaller corners of Holmes fandom, do visit the More Holmes collection on AO3, created to make it easier to find fanworks outside ACD, BBC, Elementary, House, and the Ritchie films.


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