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Welcome to the comm!

221B Recs is a community for reccing fan works based on any and all incarnations of Sherlock Holmes, from the original books by ACD to the new BBC and CBS shows.

We hope you enjoy the recs posted here! If you'd like to participate by reccing something, you need to be a member and to sign up to rec. 221B Recs works on a monthly cycle, so if you sign up you commit to posting recs for one month. More information on this, as well as our rules, can be found below.

(Please note that this is not a comm for asking for recommendations!

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This is the place to post any and all questions/suggestions. I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible.

FYI, the former post with questions is here. New questions to the old post may not be seen.
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Title: бонус (Bonus)
Author: [personal profile] gardnerhill
Pairing: None
Length: 396 words
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None apply
Verse: My Dearly Beloved Detective
Author's summary: Freedom can reside in a simple change of clothes.

Reccer's comments: My Dearly Beloved Detective has a female Holmes (Shirley) and a female Watson (Jane) -- one of only a tiny handful of Holmesian 'verses with this configuration. This focuses on Jane, and how she practices at presenting more traditionally male, along with musings on male presentation as protection in sexist Edwardian London.
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Title: Sacre Coeur
Author: Mamaorion
Pairing: Sherlock/John
Length: 127158 words (including appendices; actual story is around 95,000 words)
Rating: Mature
Verse: Sherlock BBC

Author's summary: Memories return. Old secrets are unearthed. Seven years of hidden love ignite. Who is behind the mind control, and how far back does it reach into Sherlock's past?

This multi-chapter patchwork fixit fic diverts from the path at season three and turns season 4 into a collage. This was the Johnlock I wanted. May it be healing for you, too.

Reccer's comments: This is marvelous storytelling, with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It re-imagines Season 3 in a whole new light, and therefore Season 4 -- well. I don't want to give away too much. But the tale involves memory loss, secret organizations, and a backstory that includes Sherrinford as the third Holmes sibling (and what a delightful, if flawed, character he is.) Mary is a marvelous villain here, done in a way that I wish the show would have done. There are flashbacks to Sherlock's teenage years, where *everything* begins, and connects neatly with all the events in canon up to, and partially inclusive of, Series 3.

And of course, at the heart of it all is the love between Sherlock and John.
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Title: (untitled single line-art drawing of Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson)
Artist: [ profile] ainosgarden
Pairing: Sherlock & Joan
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None
Verse: Elementary
Artist's summary: I know this is a bit late, but…

Happy Valentine’s Day to platonic life partners as well!

A single-line drawing of Joan and Sherlock from Elementary.

Reccer's comments: It's a very simple single-line art drawing. I like how Sherlock is sitting more "properly" with a single leg crossed in the loveseat, contrasting with Joan sitting with both legs crossed on the loveseat.
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Title: Operant Conditioning
Author: [personal profile] gardnerhill
Pairing: None
Length: 637 words
Rating: Gen
Warnings: None apply
Verse: Elementary
Author's summary: Joan Watson teaches some people the concept of cause and effect.

Reccer's comments: Joan comes up with a plan so cunning to curb her neighbourhood of misogynist (including fat shaming and transmisogyny) behaviour, not even Blackadder would have thought of it. But then he isn't a woman who is subject to this stuff. ;) Anyway! Joan doing creative problem solving with a little help from her friends is a WIN!
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Title: Partner, Friend, Pillow
Author: [personal profile] gardnerhill
Pairing: Sherlock & Jon
Length: 551 words
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Author chose not to use warnings
Verse: Watson and Holmes comics
Author's summary: Jon Watson is sleep-deprived as a medical intern – and that’s not counting the extra hours he puts in.

Reccer's comments: A little slice of life featuring Jon Watson trying to sneak in a little sleep while on a case with Sherlock...who makes for a good human pillow.

(I saw nothing to warn for.)


Sep. 1st, 2017 12:23 pm
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Hope you're all high and dry -- and if not, at least safe and cared for.

Welcome to our reccers for the month, [personal profile] pipmer1 and [personal profile] venusinthenight . Looking forward to your always interesting recs!

Our thanks as well to  [personal profile] vulgarweed  and [personal profile] dogandmonkeyshow  for your August posts, which brought us some new and fascinating works. Thank you for helping to keep this comm alive.

We're still accepting reccers for September and for any later month. You can sign up here and General Information is here. Experienced and new reccers or members are all welcome. You only need to make four recs a month, for works created for any version of Sherlock Holmes, as fic, art, vids, podfic, or meta.

Please spread the word about the new comm location!
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Title: Piecroft Chronicles (Locked to AO3 users)
Author: iwantthatcoat
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Sherlock Holmes/Sherlock Holmes
Length: A Practical Affair, 19,114 words; Flowers and a Fruitbasket, 5,339 words.
Rating: Explicit
Verse: Sherlock BBC

A Practical Affair (aka Piecroft Won’t Let Me Bring the Lottery Tickets: A Tale of Self-Love)
Author's summary: Sherlock has the same ridiculously high standards for himself in his new sex life with John as he does elsewhere in his personal and professional life. He lacks experience, and though he knows John won't care one bit, Sherlock still does. Fortunately, there is someone who understands exactly what he needs to do and why...and he won't even have to explain himself. Which is a good thing, because Mycroft won't let him. It would break timetravel regulations, after all. A Timetravel Selfcest Fic.

Reccer's comments: This story’s premise could have been just a simple ground for hot PWP (Sherlock is insecure about his lack of sexual experience now that he’s got together with John, so he goes back in time to meet his younger self and get sexual experience with his preself) and that would have been more than fine. But the author digs in to really explore the feelings and ethical challenges, and it turns into a deeply emotional story about memory, lack of memory, self-love, self-knowledge, and hard choices.

Bratty, desperate, lonely, honest university-age preself!Sherlock is so compelling here, as an amoral moral center. The interrogation he does of the older Sherlock is absolutely gripping. The prolonged sexual explorations between older Sherlock and his younger self are intensely erotic, made all the more so by their sharp, clear-eyed analytical edge - and by the unexpected emotional vulnerability both versions find themselves feeling. The relationship between the Sherlocks takes full control of the story, and it’s an amazingly skillful dance of arousal and gut-punch.

Flowers and a Fruitbasket

Author's Summary: From A Practical Affair: "If it were the following year, I just might have deleted this information, but for now, you can thank the good folk at the College of Medicine for not noticing the non-medical student sitting in on their Thursday morning lectures on body systems."

"God yes, thank you," he stammered. "I'll send them flowers."

Sherlock, true to his word, has sent the Department Chair some flowers upon his return to the present-- a reward for allowing his past self to have audited some very helpful anatomy lessons. Imagine his surprise to see an email from his preself requesting he head back in time yet again, and to bring that doctor he wasn't allowed to so much as hint at the existance of with him. (What beats timetravel selfcest? A timetravel selfcest threesome! Coming soon in the third instalment of the Piecroft Chronicles ) But first things first... what does he tell John? Part Two of the trilogy.

Reccer's comments: The extremely hot and satisfying second tale brings John and Sherlock together at last. Bit-not-good Sherlock hadn’t been planning to tell John what he’s done - but telling a selectively edited and artfully embellished version of the truth turns out to be better than letting John think Sherlock had practiced on someone else. It’s hot, it’s complex, and it’s a little bit bittersweet as these two awkward, damaged men still fall short of perfect bliss - it’s good to see John being able to see through Sherlock’s deflections, in a loving way. Did I mention it’s hot?


MODS may I have a tag for pairing: sherlock holmes/sherlock holmes?
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Title: To His Watson Going to Bed
Author: Okapi
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 2042
Rating: NC-17/Explicit
Verse: ACD books
Author's summary: Holmes recites poetry while Watson undresses. PWP. Poetry + prose.

Reccer's comments:

This is a multilayered PWP that unfolds like a complicated puzzle-box with nesting dolls inside, both in form and meaning.

There is a poem within the text, modeled on John Donne’s unbelievably steamy To His Mistress Going to Bed. The text of the story itself is a sextuple 221B-drabble (221 words, last one must begin with B). There are puns and plays on words and canon references and nods to the author’s other stories (not necessary to have read those).

And for all its cleverness, it never feels forced and the seams don’t show. The relationship between Holmes and Watson - the affection, the prickliness, the banter, the desire between them that has a three-dimensional lived-in quality, their lustful, appreciative ways with each others’ bodies and minds, is beautifully drawn.

And the poem itself. The lushness and lustiness of it is both elegant and filthy and it recalls Donne beautifully - like a glimpse of reddened ready genitals between parted silk. Holmes’s recitation building to its climax literally left me breathless; I could hear its rhythm so clearly.

If you have the slightest hint of a logophilia kink, do not pass up this one.

Excerpt: I coughed.
Holmes looked up.
I raised an eyebrow as if to ask, ‘Is there more?’
He shot me a hard look that said, ‘I’d be as dull as most of the criminal class of London if there wasn’t!’
And thank goodness, it was Holmes doing the reciting for once the poetry resumed, I was far too gone to do anything but leak and tremble, grip the furnishings and forget to breathe.

You and me both, Watson. Chapter one is the story with the poem integrated, chapter 2 is the poem left alone to stand up by itself.
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Title: Green Grow the Rushes, O!
Author: AJHall
Length: 11,901 words
Rating: T and up
Relationship(s): John Watson/Sarah Sawyer
CharactersAuthor's summary: "The people asserting loudest that a marriage must be about to happen are the ones who’d be personally devastated if it did."

John and Sarah travel to North Yorkshire to attend Sarah’s nephew’s christening, and discover Sarah’s family seem to think this family celebration is only the precursor to another one. It’s not only Sarah’s family who may be harbouring strange ideas; Sherlock has gone incommunicado in Oxford, a city with which he has had a love/hate relationship since he was sent down from the University in his second year.

Universe: BBC Sherlock

Reccer's comments below the cut )
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Title: The Magnificent Division
Author: gardnerhill
Pairing: Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade
Length: 9,186
Rating: Teen
Verse: BBC + Elementary, also crossover with Cabin Pressure and a stealth Doctor Who nod
Author's summary:If you want something talked about, get a man. If you want something done, get a woman.

Reccer's comments: Lestrade doesn’t know where to turn when his partner Mycroft Holmes is kidnapped and Sherlock is under house arrest - until a very steely and competent Mrs. Hudson hooks him up with well, a monstrous regiment of women, all with terrifying personal skill sets (and who have a special and hilarious method of subduing male opponents). Well, females: not all the members of this brilliant strike team are human, technically. There’s an American doctor, a charter plane owner, a team leader who drives like James Bond, a tough police officer who works for a mysterious black-ops agency, a cadaver expert, a ruler among her own species (and her followers too),and a not-really-dead assassin and mom.

This is a cracking good adventure tale, fast-paced and thrilling and very funny, and with a lot of wise things to say about women, emotional labor, and ways of devaluing and underestimating women’s strengths both subtle and obvious.

Lestrade gets his Mycroft back alive and he also learns some valuable lessons from his experience as the secondary character in someone else’s action story.

The story focuses mostly on the rescue mission and the teamwork - but the little emotional sting between two women and a child at the end still burns a bit when the tale is done.

Excerpt: Martha Hudson hugged Greg as he got up to go. “He’s a reptile. But he’s your reptile. We’ll find him.”

Mycroft had once called him a goldfish. Goldfish, reptile – they were a proper menagerie weren’t they?

Greg realised that he was actually exhausted enough to sleep properly now. He pondered the whirl the night had been as he gave the cabbie the address and sat back. Six of them all together – seven if you counted the Queen. And his job in the team of commandos was to make the sandwiches and worry about his missing lover.

He smiled a little. So this is what it feels like to be The Girl in an action film.
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Title: A Gift for Rosie
Author: redbuttonhole
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/Eurus Holmes, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson, Mummy Holmes/Uncle Rudy
Length: 3,652
Rating: Mature
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author Summary: Mycroft, by the way, advised me not to tell you anything of this affair beyond the bare minimum. He seems to think you'll react badly, and I can't help but grant that he is probably correct... But you're family now, John. It's time you learned exactly what that means.

Content Warning: Infidelity, Incest (off-stage, between consenting adult siblings. Not involving Rosie!)

Reccer's comments: Eurus Holmes is a divisive character for sure - but she presents a lot of great opportunities for fic writers. And as soon as we saw Musgrave Hall in all its Gothic glory, stories that play on Gothic literature tropes started to seem natural - even in the supernatural or unnatural.

(This story also fills in some major gaps in various characters' motivations from the series, IMO.)

This is an epistolary fic, Sherlock writing a letter to his partner John, letting him in on all the family secrets - as so often in Gothic lit, that family secret happens to be a history of incest: consensual incest between adult siblings, often with the intention of producing a super-super genius instead of just a regular run-of-the-mill genius. Eurus is the product of such a union.

The letter proceeds with such straightforward, elegantly written logic and subtle appeals to emotion that the slowly dawning horrific conclusion the reader is coming to about Sherlock’s special project almost seems perfectly fine. Sherlock’s matter-of-fact emotional honesty is touching and kept me so riveted I welcomed the slow derailment of reason.

And the denouement reminded me of a certain pivotal, shattering line of dialogue from the climax of Watchmen.

MODS: May I have a tag for pairing: sherlock holmes/eurus holmes and pairing: mummy holmes/uncle rudy
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Title: Curse of the Were-Tuna
Author: WhoGroovesOn
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 46,916
Rating: Explicit
Verse: Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: John couldn’t help but feel as though the large tuna beyond the glass was staring at him, which was weird because it’s not like fish had eyelids, they always seemed to be staring at things.

Reccer's comments: The author says this isn't crack, but I think it's a shining gem of the crackfic genre - a premise that seems ridiculous on the surface treated with absolute commitment, until it becomes vivid and real. Take the plunge into this splashy tale of piscine lycanthropy and you'll never see a fishtank quite the same way again.

When wounded army vet John Watson applies for a job as an aquarium security guard, he has no idea what’s about to happen after dark.

This underrated author has a spectacular sense of worldbuilding, and this fic is suspenseful, sexy, vivid, hilarious and surprisingly touching. The plot twists come fast and furious, and I especially love this very inventive version of Moriarty and Moran (who are both female in this story). Fishnappings! Sushi-related threats! Weird and eldritch magic!

Also, it’s set in the London Aquarium and was written long before any pivotal scenes occurred there on the show.

Excerpt: Mycroft was the one who became the killjoy for the tuna pair. A few days after the discovery of their morse code capabilities Mycroft appeared at the window of their tank. Dressed formally as usual, umbrella and all, he sat down facing the glass and proceeded to unfold the paper under his arm.

After floating by a few times trying to read the news, Sherlock darted to John, fin flicking a short message, S - T - O - P / C - O - D - E.

The urgent message made John want to see what Sherlock had read on the paper and managed to catch Mycroft before he folded it away. There on the offered page was a small article questioning “Are Sea Life’s Fish Intelligent?” Below was a little black and white picture of their tank and, sure enough, the black shapes of John and Sherlock within. The paper itself was one of those silly “Are aliens cavorting amongst my sheep?!” types, but still, the fact that someone had written in to say they’d seen the fish at the aquarium doing code and talking to each other in an intelligent manner was unsettling. And who knew who else would see it and start watching a little closer.

MODS: may I have tags for fem!moriarty and fem!sebastian moran, please?
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Title: The Bee Grove (locked to AO3 members)
Author: Random_Nexus
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Length: 14,128
Rating: Teen
Warnings: Discussion of suicide (not H or W)
Verse: ACD books
Author's summary: Watson travels to Kent to attend the funeral of an estranged friend from his past who committed suicide. Certain things transpire to make Watson wonder if his inappropriate love for Holmes could possibly be requited. After drinking a bit too much on the train home, he drafts a letter to Holmes revealing all, but isn't sure he will ever have the courage to potentially ruin everything by giving it to Holmes. Of course, things go terribly awry, and it will take a timely intervention by Mycroft Holmes to set things back on track.

Reccer's comments: This is a beautifully constructed, bittersweet story about lost opportunities, and found ones. Watson takes a short trip to attend the funeral of an old army buddy, and the emotional journey is a much longer, more grueling, and rewarding one as his friend posthumously persuades him to not waste chances. Watson reads his old friend’s heartbreaking suicide note, and is inspired to write a dangerously honest secret letter of his own - that seems to go missing.

Although the reader knows nothing terrible has happened or will happen, the tension and suspense is nonetheless real. In addition, Mycroft plays a delightful role and the relationship between the brothers is so effectively drawn in just a few paragraphs. This story has a beautiful, patient, leisurely style that encourages full immersion in the nuances of emotions, and the satisfying payoff is especially effective in its well-chosen setting. If it’s romance feels you want, this will give you a good buzz (sorry sorry).


Time passed with terrible slowness and Watson didn’t want to go to his club or any of the places he might have gone on an average day, certain he would miss Holmes’ return should he be gone even a handful of minutes—that’s how these circumstances went, in real life as well as farcical plays and lurid yellow-backed novels, wasn’t it? The protagonist waits and waits until he can wait no more, steps out for but a moment and, lo! The person he was waiting for only then deigns to appear.

“Not on my watch, by heaven,” Watson grumbled under his breath as he stared down onto Baker Street through the sitting room window, the sunset a painter’s dream of colour beyond the rooftops to which Watson could not give due appreciation.
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Title: London Incarnate
Author: silverpard
Length: 3368 words
Rating: G
Author's summary: There is London the City, and there is London Incarnate. Sherlock Holmes is important to both.

Reccer's comments below the cut )
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Title: Nostoi
Author: sanguinity
Length: 20,973 words
Rating: T and up
Author's summary: Holmes wants to see the last European pterodactyl safely home. Watson wants to see Holmes happy again.
Universe: New Russian Holmes (2013) / The Lost World (Doyle)

Reccer's comments below the cut )
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Title: The Reality of Waking
Author:: Chancy_Lurking
Pairing: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson/Mary Watson
Length: 12,459
Rating: Mature
Warnings: drug use (non-consensual), hallucinations, dissociation
Verse:Sherlock BBC
Author's summary: "Sherlock means to stand, but he feels like he’s outside himself, like he exists just slightly above his own body. He looks down and the floor is mud, then cobble stone, then it’s the roof he jumped from, then it’s the carpet in the Watson’s apartment."

(Sherlock gets trapped in a drug-induced fantasy that is scarily close to his real life.)

Reccer's comments: I’m having a hard time describing this lovely and haunting re-imagining of S4, because it’s so exquisitely constructed with its twisty reveals and lyrical prose style, that too much plot summary feels like a blunt instrument.

But in short: Sherlock is abducted and drugged, kept in a dream world for a month - and then John and Mary help him sort out what is real and what is not, and what real-world action he has to take. Sherlock is still stoned, dissociating, and vulnerable; Eurus is still manipulative and terrifying - and yet so many other things are so beautifully altered, finally fitting into place as a story about family, both biological and chosen. For all of her monstrously selfish motives, Eurus is ultimately a figure of pity here in her loneliness, and Sherlock breaks through all that in a more believable, ringing-true way than he did on the show, IMO. The author isn’t too worried about spoilers in tagging it Happy Ending, for which I’m glad. It’s a polyamorous Johnlockary happy ending, with Sherlock feeling content and fulfilled at last in the embrace of his found family, and that does my heart so very good.
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Hot, wet summer days, at least here in the tropics. Happy August, everyone!

Welcome to [personal profile] dogandmonkeyshow and [personal profile] vulgarweed  (waving hello!) our reccers for the month!

Our thanks to [personal profile] ancientreader  for a sterling job as reccer for July. Thank you for helping to keep this comm alive.

We're still accepting reccers for August and for any later month. You can sign up here and General Information is here. Experienced and new reccers or members are all welcome. You only need to make four recs a month, for works created for any version of Sherlock Holmes, as fic, art, vids, podfic, or meta.

Please spread the word about the new comm location!
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Title: The Sun Is but a Morning Star
Author: krabapple
Pairing: John/Sherlock; a moment of incidental John/Irene
Length: 10K words
Rating: PG-13, I'd say.
Warnings: mentions of offstage sexual assault
Author's summary:
“You’re trying to tell me Sherlock is alive.” The way John says it, it’s an accusation.
                                 “No, I am telling you Sherlock is alive,” Irene says.

Reccer's Remarks: This hiatus/reunion fic has fewer than 9000 hits, which sounds like a lot now but for a terrific story posted in the fandom's heyday is shockingly low. A brisk, clear, exact narrative voice; the characterization spot on -- bear in mind when "Morning Star" was written, of course; an Irene who's sexy and competent and who, if not exactly moral, has a sense of obligation; and a beautifully sharp-edged, believable reunion and declaration scene.

I reread this, making sure it was as good as I remembered it being (yes, and then some), and ... well, chalk up one for the it-might-have-beens of S3. Damn, but this would have been a great first episode.


John comes home to find Irene Adler sitting on the sofa reading The Guardian.
“Jesus fuck.” He drops the Tesco bag, and the milk hits the floor with a vague thump.
Irene looks up, “Honey, you’re home!”

Read on the AO3.

(Mod: What would you think of a bamf!Irene tag? Her badassery is a prominent feature of the fic; but maybe that's too rare to qualify as a trope.)

ETA: I have no idea what gives with the formatting here. It looks fine when I open the entry to edit, and also in preview. Sorry for ugly post!)

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Title: A Symphony of Chemical Reactions (link to fic)
Author: what_alchemy
Reader: cellar_door
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Length and File Size: 22:28, 21.6MB, mp3

Reccer's Remarks: So, I am not in general a fan of audiobooks, and therefore not of podfics, either, but cellar_door does full justice to the voice of this fic and adds some lovely touches of their own. (The music!) I promise you have never laughed so hard at hearing someone say "fire extinguisher."

AO3 link here.
Direct download here.

Fic rec:

Jul. 27th, 2017 04:08 pm
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[personal profile] ancientreader
Title: A Symphony of Chemical Reactions
Author: what_alchemy
Length: 2351 words
'Verse: BBC
Pairing: John/Sherlock
Rating: G
Author's summary: Cooking’s just chemistry and time management.

Reccer's remarks: Oh hey! Another one from the "How on earth has this never been recced before?" department. And it was a Holmestice present for our very own [personal profile] unovis . Sherlock prepares supper for John, with attendant research and predictable results. Empty bladder before reading. Do not attempt to consume anything, whether solid or liquid. Note this was posted in 2012, so considerable water has passed under the bridge, but I submit that anyone incapable of being delighted by this story is incapable of being delighted, full stop.

In the cupboards: half a loaf of brown bread gone stale, tins of beans and sponge and soup, taxidermy owl, millet flour, melted sweets, mousetraps, desiccated clementines.

Fridge contents: snout of wild boar, aloe plant, blackcurrant preserves, empty milk carton, thin-sliced roast beef (by smell, too old for consumption; not too old to repurpose into mould cultures), apple juice, HP sauce, leftover beans, squirrel scalp ...


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